Get Involved: April's Lockdown LUST LIST

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Get Involved: April's Lockdown LUST LIST


April's LUST LIST has the latest eco products to help you get through the lockdown. Look good in your living room, style out the latest pieces of slow fashion and stay as healthy as you can with these ethical creams, soaps and essential oils.

Phoebe Young

Wed 8 Apr 2020

Staying home is tough, but our LUST LIST is full of the sustainable brands that will help you stay happy, healthy and occupied this April.

Make sure your space is as homely and comfy as possible with some chic ethical homewares, some eco friendly wood for your fire and the prettiest beeswax wraps to keep your supplies fresh.

Is your skin struggling with all the hand washing and cleaning? We've got the best vegan and natural skincare products to get it supple and strong.

Mental health is so important in these times too, so keep your spirits up with a block of ethical chocolate, a bottle of vegan nail varnish or a chemical free face mask.

Woman doing the splits

Period Underwear, Modibodi

Looking to ditch the plastic from your period? Modibodi underwear absorbs. Period. Whether for time of the month, to help soak up perspiration or anything else, Modibodi is designed to help. The comfy underwear range is made from natural fibres and comes in shapes and sizes to suit absolutely every body, at whatever stage of life you’re at.

Get an exclusive discount on Modibodi here.

Box of wraps

Beeswax Wraps, Pretty Bee Fresh

Say goodbye to plastic and hello to beeswax wraps from British makers Pretty Bee Fresh. Antibacterial and reusable, they are the best alternative to plastic wrap. From a last night’s leftovers to half a lemon, they keep food fresh and are the perfect addition to your waste free kitchen.

Get 40% off Pretty Bee Fresh here.

person zipping up their rain jacket

Rain Jacket, Finisterre

Wrapping you and the planet in protection, the Rainbird Jacket by Finisterre is the ultimate piece of ethical outdoor wear. Fully waterproof and available for men and women, this versatile garment will help your body breathe as well as keep you warm and dry. It is made from Ecocircle™ closed-loop 100% recycled polyester.

Woman dancing wearing headphones

Headphones, House Of Marley

Move to the beat of fine tuned sustainability with the latest House Of Marley Positive Vibration XL Headphones. Their memory foam format makes for the comfiest way to sway to your songs. They are built from materials like FSC certified wood and recyclable aluminium and boast 24 hour battery life.

woman touching face

Vegan Eye Cream, Organic Apoteke

Open your eyes to the organic, vegan power of this planet-friendly product. The Organic Apoteke Rejuvenating Eye Cream will diminish the darkness and lessen the fine lines around your eyes, that lead to you looking a little too wise. Hydrating antioxidants and regenerative oils will soften, smooth and firm with natural nurture.

woman wearing bra and cardigan

Underwear, Fruity Booty

Produced predominantly from surplus fabrics, this limited edition line of intimates by London based brand Fruity Booty are made for real beautiful bodies. The artisans who create this underwear use their years of experience to form fabulous and fine quality pieces, from fragments that would have otherwise wound up in landfill.

Girl wearing white T-shirt

T-shirt, SABINNA

Let’s circle in on a sustainable wardrobe staple. The Stronger Together white T-shirt by female-led, London-based contemporary fashion brand SABINNA is ethically made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton. This this cool, conscious T is 100% recyclable and can ultimately sent back and recycled to complete the stylish circle

bottles and boxes lying on stones

Aromatherapy Essential oils, Tisserand Aromatherapy and The National Geographic

The sweet, stress free smell of sustainability is in the air thanks to Tisserand Aromatherapy’s collaboration with The National Geographic. Inspired by the natural world, their pure essential oils come in 100% PCR plastic bottles, fully recyclable packaging, reusable washbags, and FSC cardboard.

chocolate bar, beans and spoons

Vegan Chocolate, Nomo

Nomo is the new chocolate on the block, with the creamy cruelty free credentials to make them enjoyable for everyone. Fully vegan and free from dairy, gluten, eggs and nuts but still sweet and indulgent, these bars are bursting with taste but will keep you feeling tip top too.

Shampoo bar, Faith In Nature

Shampoo Bars, Faith In Nature

Free from sulfates and silicones and jam packed with gentle oils and cleansers, Faith In Nature have mixed some moisturising magic into their shampoo bars. They make a lovely lather that really cleanses your scalp, supports its natural PH and doesn’t hurt the planet in the process.

pancakes and strawberries

Vegan Yoghurt, MozzaRisella

Intolerances can yank yoghurt off the breakfast table for so many. MozzaRisella have the sweet solution! Yo-ger is the first ever yoghurt generated from organic permaculture-farmed and germinated brown rice. This makes it fully vegan and free from soya, gluten and nuts.

Bottle of nail varnish on page of writing

Vegan Nail Varnish, Cienna Rose

Give your look a glossy, cruelty free and planet-friendly flourish with this vegan nail polish by Cienna Rose. It contains neither animal products nor nasty chemicals and is blended with nourishing natural ingredients for strong healthy nails, like Vitamin E and Lemongrass.

Three tubes

Face Masks, Faace

Want to make your nights in a bit more nurturing? Give Faace a go. This new vegan beauty brand makes its face masks in the UK from 100% cruelty free, ethically sourced and pure plant-powered produce. They are free from all nasties and there’s a formula for every version of your face.

Woman wearing dress

Ethical Womenswear, CHAPEL COLLECTION

Ethereal and elegant, CHAPEL COLLECTION is a fashion brand that showcases the artistry of India and South East Asia. It consists of garments made by young designers in these countries, as well as in house styles inspired by them. Every piece is made from all natural fibres and honours a traditional craft like loom, block printing and embroidery.

hessian bag

Solid Fuel, Kindwood

Sitting in front of a roaring fire feels so right! Kindwood is the solid fuel company that cuts waste and captures carbon. It uses 100% renewable energy to process its wood, which is locally sourced from sustainably managed woodlands. Captured waste heat is used to dry the logs.

Bag on someone's lap

Vegan Handbags, Luxtra

Cool and cruelty free, these beautiful vegan bags have a crunchy, sweet secret. Luxtra actually make them from 30% apples, and everything else in them is bio-based! Their ‘frumat’ fabric is the freshest, fruitiest and most sustainable vegan leather alternative out there, and the effect is so sophisticated.

Woman wearing yellow eggs

Sewing Patterns, Homer + Howells

Top quality tailoring and sleek silhouettes stitched together with sustainability. Scottish pattern design house, Homer + Howells, have the digital and downloadable patterns and tutorials to help you make your own clothes at home. Created by industry experts, they'll help you reconcile your passion for fashion with your eco-friendly ideals.

5 simple ways to make your clothes to last longer

Back plates on white material

Homewares, Caralarga

Keen to get your home looking chic and coordinated but want to keep it all eco too? Caralarga have a homewares collection that will transform your kitchen or dining room table into a stylish and sustainable centrepiece. Their simple, understated table runners, placemats and napkins hold on to the natural texture that these artisanal textiles have come from.

can next to soap dispenser

Refillable Soaps, KanKan

Being cooped up doesn’t mean conceding to un-eco habits. KanKan are kicking their legs up about their soaps, which will banish single-use plastic from your bathroom. Any can of their 100% natural hand, body or baby wash will fill your returnable and reusable ‘forever bottle’, and can then be recycled.

Girl wearing red bckpack

Backpacks, Ucon Acrobatics

Sleek and minimalist, but bright and bold, these backpacks by Ucon Acrobatics are perfect for when you next need to stock up (responsibly!) from the shops. Their Stealth Series is formed from PET fabric made of ocean plastics, which is strong, long-lasting. These bags are PETA approved as well as fully weatherproof and water resistant, right down to the zips.

Bottles of oil, with nuts, herbs and cucumber

Night Face Oil, Solo Skin London

Is all this extra washing making your skin dry? Solo Skin London is fragrance-free, natural, organic, cruelty free and suited to dry and sensitive skin. Their night face oil will soothe your skin, help you sleep and replenish your body’s surface with pure plant powers.

Hands On: The Best Natural And Organic Hand Creams Available Online

Bottle of washing up liquid with buttercup

Biodegradable Laundry Detergent, Ecover

Clothes shopping is off the cards for a little while, so we need to take care of the garments we’ve got! Ecover’s plant-based, biodegradable laundry detergents have been crafted to care for your clothes. The powerful enzymes help revive colours, keep up brightness and banish bobbles.

The Big Green Clean: 10 Eco-friendly Cleaning Brands To Swap To This Spring

Girl standing in front of blossoming trees

T-shirts, PANGAIA

Does limited access to the outdoors make you appreciate it more? Sport your support for the outside world with PANGAIA’s 7 Coloured T-shirts Inspired By Mother Nature. They are vegan, made from sustainable seaweed fibre and GOTS certified cotton, and dyed using very low water.

Tube of toothpaste

Vegan Toothpaste, Spotlight Oral Care

When trips to the dentist aren’t an option, we need to keep our gnashers nice and nurtured. Spotlight Oral Care has the dental range that will keep the planet as pearly as your teeth. Toxin, plastic and palm oil free, this vegan toothpaste is full of natural, active ingredients.

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