Summer Skincare: 5 Of The Best Beauty Essentials

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Summer Skincare: 5 Of The Best Beauty Essentials


Basking in the summer sun means we need to protect our skin a little bit more. Find out the best beauty products to help you achieve your summer glow.

Romally Coverdale

Fri 5 Aug 2022

The best sun cream - UpCircle

The best sun cream - UpCircle

Stay plastic-free and protected this summer with UpCircle's SPF 25 sun cream.

Buy here!
The best aftersun - KinKind

The best aftersun - KinKind

Soothe and moisturise sun-touched skin with KinKind's aftersun bar.

Buy here!
The best glow - Evolve Organic

The best glow - Evolve Organic

Bring out your natural shine with Evolve Organic's Climate Veil Tinted SPF20.

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For fresh armpits - nuud

For fresh armpits - nuud

Stay smelling fresh this summer with plastic-free and strong deodorant that doesn't irritate skin!

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The best body oil - Bloom & Blossom

The best body oil - Bloom & Blossom

Embrace Bloom & Blossom's Pyjamarama Dry Body Oil to instantly moisturise dry skin.

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Summer holidays abroad or at home, our skin needs a little more TLC in the heat - and we have just the selection for you.

All the of the products pebble has curated here are great summer skincare essentials, but can also be used all year round!

From the best sustainable beauty brands to date, we have got the skincare must-haves for this summer.

model laying on sandy beach smiling

Make sure you’re staying hydrated inside and out with these essentials.

Beauty Essentials: 5 Of The Best Summer Skincare Products

UpCircle Spf packaging in hand

1. The best SPF moisturiser: UpCircle

UpCircle is the UK’s number one by-product beauty brand and pioneer of the ‘by-product beauty’ trend.

Their latest release of their vegan SPF 25 Mineral Sunscreen is a one-of-a-kind, plastic-free and refillable mineral sunscreen that protects the skin against harmful UVA and UVB rays and pollution.

Formulated with the highest quality of zinc oxide and vitamin E, the handmade sunscreen blends seamlessly into the skin and is suitable for everyone above the age of three months.

That’s not all as UpCircle offers a ‘Return, Refill, Reuse’ scheme which offers 20% off RRP, meaning that no product or packaging goes to waste.

Incredibly hydrating, fuelled by antioxidants, the SPF 25 Mineral Sunscreen helps protect and improve skin health making it a must have this summer.

For £24.99 for 60ml. View on UpCircle.

KinKind's after sun bar on white background surrounded by slices of aloe vera

2. The best aftersun: KinKind

Skin needs extra moisture after being exposed to the sun, especially if the SPF fails. Luckily KinKind have released their new SOOTHE ME Aloe Vera Aftersun Lotion bar to help soothe and nourish skin.

Packed with super ingredients like shea butter and cocoa butter to lock in moisture, and of course, soothing aloe vera to help calm the skin.

To apply, warm the bar in your hands until slightly melted, stroke the bar on the body and massage into the skin.

Best used after a bath or a shower, the lotion bar is an easily portable and plastic-free body moisturiser, making it an essential this summer.

For £7.50. View on Kinkind.

model smiling while touching face

3. For the best glow: Evolve Organic

Evolve Organic’s Climate Veil Tinted SPF20 delivers reef-safe protection against UVA and UVB rays while making skin appear luminous.

Providing a slight tint to help you glow, this lightweight moisturiser is ideal for daily use as an extra step to help protect against sun damage.

Formulated with hyaluronic acid, polyphenol-rich Lingonberry stem cells and mineral-based zinc oxide, this skin tint has got you protected.

There is also a delicious, gentle coconut fragrance that helps make the sun-kissed look feel more tropical.

For £28.00. View on Counter Culture

Limited time offer: use code ‘SummerPebble10’ for 10% off sitewide. Offer ends 30/09/22.

model striking a pose showing off armpits

4. Best for fresh armpits - nuud

Summer heat does often mean sweat, but getting through a lot of deodorant often means creating a lot of waste. Not with nuud.

Their easily portable deodorant tubes do more than just reduce waste with their bioplastic packaging, but also reduce the amount of deodorant you need to buy.

nuud’s vegan formula is super concentrated, so a pea-sized amount does plenty without clogging pores, delivering an average of three days of fresh armpits.

Despite being a cream-based deodorant, nuud doesn’t leave any white stains on clothes, and has the bare minimum ingredients to reduce irritation.

It’s formulated without parabens, aluminium, salts, or cheap perfume, meaning it’s less likely to irritate skin.

Nuud is clearly a great option for all armpits this summer.

From £12.95. View on nuud

model touching shoulder while standing in a towel

5. The best body oil - Bloom & Blossom

Bloom & Blossom's Pjyamarama Dry Body Oil is a beautifully rich body oil that instantly absorbs into the skin.

Formulated with Frankincense, Moringa Seed Oil and Evening Primrose Oil, this 99% naturally derived body oil makes for an essential step in night-time routine.

The oil instantly making skin moisturised without any oily residue, and is best put on in the evenings for maximum absorption,

Simply spray and watch as it quickly moisturises skin and calms both body and mind.

For £22.00. View on Counter Culture

Limited time offer: use code ‘SummerPebble10’ for 10% off sitewide. Offer ends 30/09/22.

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