The Florists With The Best Dried Flowers In The UK

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The Florists With The Best Dried Flowers In The UK


Rather than decorating with flowers that will last only a week, here is pebble’s expert list of where you can buy dried flowers that last longer.

Georgina Wilson-Powell

Wed 27 Apr 2022

Who doesn’t love having a nice bunch of flowers to brighten up any occasion?

The only issue is the floral industry can often be wasteful.

What's wrong with fresh flowers?

  • The majority of fresh flowers bought in the UK are imported, and the transportation of them releases a large amount of carbon emissions.
  • Farming fresh flowers also involves harmful chemicals to help them grow and stay fresh.
  • Fresh flowers then only last for around 10 days, resulting in more frequent purchase.

Dried flowers are an eco-friendly solution. They last much longer and are just as beautiful as fresh flowers.

Our expert team at pebble has compiled a list of the best dried flowers florists in the UK so that you can find the perfect dried flower bouquet, from a wedding to sending a gift.

6 Florists With The Best Dried Flowers In The UK

Floral dried wreath of flowers against a blue and grey background

1. Mahal Kita Flowers

Mahal Kita, meaning ‘I love you’ in Filipino, is a flower studio located in Margate.

Founder Antony Burger is passionate about celebrating the love of his parents through his beautiful floral creations.

His luxury fresh and dried flowers are adaptable to any occasion, as the florist aims to bring celebrations to life.

Their dried flower collection ranges from festive wreaths, to centrepieces and house bouquets with pops of bright colours.

Mahal Kita have nailed elaborate floral displays too and pride themselves for using sustainable installation methods.

Delivery is available in Thanet, Kent, and London, with a starting price of £40.

Shop Mahal Kita Flowers.

A vase of colourful pink and tan dried foliage from Mahal Kita

Mahal Kita's elaborate foral arrangements make beautiful centrepieces

2. Martins Dried Flowers

A family-run business, Martins Dried Flowers offer beautiful dried flowers for affordable prices.

Founders, Anthony and Carolyn Martin have specialised in dried flowers over the past 20 years. Their son and daughter-in-law also help out with keeping the business running from the family’s dairy farm in Shropshire.

They offer a range of native foliage, ranging from dried lavender flowers, to poppy heads, and wheat. The floristry also has exotic dried flowers like cane coil and cane cone which have intricate detailing and shapes.

Delivery is available across the UK and you can enquire for international shipping. Starting price is £1.61.

Shop Martins Dried Flowers.

Two images. Left hand side of dried flowers. Right of dried wheat

Martins Dried Flowers offer beautiful bouquets at an affordable price

3. The Great British Florist

Based on a farm in Herefordshire, founder Heather Gorringe and her team are dedicated to sustainable floristry.

They only farm the flowers they need to ensure none are cut to then go to waste. This also means each bouquet is unique because they use whichever flowers are available.

The dried flowers on offer include door wreaths, bouquets, bunches, garlands, and special arrangements for weddings and funerals.

Even though no two arrangements are identical, each of The Great British Florist’s creations are elegant and eye-catching.

Delivery is available across the UK with a starting price of £7.50.

Shop the Great British Florist.

A dried flower buttonhol against a white background from Great British Florist

Great British Florist do a range of dried flower arrangements for different events

4. Home and Dried

Another family business, Home and Dried, are dedicated to providing long-lasting and versatile floral creations.

Their low maintenance and gorgeous flowers are curated to fit any home aesthetic, and their Instagram provides some styling tips for this.

Their dried flowers also come in bouquets designed for different seasons, with their Autumn range having pops of orange and light pinks for Spring.

The florist also offers single stem pampas, cotton stems, and eucalyptus among others, so that you can make your own dried flower display.

Delivery is available across the UK, with a starting price of £12.99.

Shop Home and Dried.

A blue vase of dried flowers sitting on wooden steps from Home and Dried

Home and Dried creates beautiful and long-lasting dried flower arrangements

5. Olive and the Bumblebee

Olive and the Bumblebee is a mother-daughter duo hand-making gorgeous dried flower wreaths, garlands, and bouquets in their workshop in Kent.

Mother, Jane, has previous experience as former Head Gardener and trained at the Royal Horticultural Society. This is reflected in the stunning arrangements she makes with her daughter, Jo.

Their flowers, which include dahlias, lavender, nigella, and many more, are available in a wide variety of colours and themes to match the aesthetic of different events.

This includes different shaped dried flower wreaths, from circular to heart-shaped.

Delivery is available across the UK, with a starting price of £22.

Shop Olive and the Bumblebee.

A wreath of colourful dried flowers on a blue and grey wall

Decorate your home with statement dried flower wreaths from Olive and Bumblebee

6. Bees and Butterflies Flowers

Sarrah Garrod is a Durham-based dried flower florist who offers a wide range of eye-catching flower arrangements.

Her team of flower experts create bespoke dried flower wreaths, bouquets, hat boxes, and bunches to match exactly what their clients are looking for.

The dried flower arrangements come in a range of sizes and colours, and are made for occasions all-year round. They also offer other dried foliage and single stems, such as pampas.

Bees and Butterflies particularly specialise in elegant floral arrangements for weddings.

Delivery is available in select areas across the UK, with the option of collection from Hawthorn. Starting price from £2.50.

Shop Bees and Butterflies Flowers.

Dried floral arrangement in a bouquet

Get your dried foliage and flowers from Bees and Butterflies Flowers

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