8 Best Sustainable Underwear Brands To Love

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8 Best Sustainable Underwear Brands To Love


Looking for eco-friendly smalls? pebble has rounded up the best

sustainable underwear brands that are good for you and the planet.

Romally Coverdale

Mon 24 Jan 2022

Underwear has become a keen target with consumers encouraging brands to look at sustainable alternatives to cotton and nylon.

Many brands have met this challenge, changing their ranges to use eco-materials such as bamboo which is increasingly popular, plus seaweed, organic cotton, hemp and Modal.

The pebble team have rounded up 8 brands that do ethical underwear right.

Quick links to our favourite sustainable underwear brands

What materials are used in ethical underwear?

Underwear can be slightly more complicated than other ethical fashion products due to the fact that we wear it every day.

It also has contact with many intimate parts of the human body, meaning not only does it need to be durable and long-lasting but also comfortable, safe and protective.

Here are some of the typical materials used in making sustainable underwear.


Bamboo has become a sustainable alternative for many brands because it is fast growing - up to four feet in a day, there are no need for pesticides and generates from its own roots meaning little human intervention is needed.

It can be turned into material relatively quickly avoiding chemicals and as a plant releases 35% more oxygen in the air compared to other plants (fibre2fashion, 2014).

Popular within fashion because of its antibacterial properties and softness when worn, many brands are adding it to their range.


Hemp is another plant-based material that is gentle on the earth. It requires minimal water and used very little land to cultivate, so less is more right?

It also returns 60-70% of the nutrients it takes from soil which is impressive compared to other plant-based materials.

Due to these factors and many more, it has become a firm favourite in the fashion industry as it creates soft, eco-material which is versatile and can be used in a range of different garments.

Organic Cotton

Organic cotton eliminates the use of toxic chemicals, lowering its impact on the planet and on the farmers that produce it, so it's both ethical and environmentally positive.

It produces a fabric that is soft and durable, widely used within the textile industry supported by figures showing that in 2018/19, there was a 31% increase in organic cotton production showing its popularity.

8 Best Sustainable Underwear Brands To Love

1. Pantee

Pantee is a figure-hugging, sustainable underwear brand made from reworked t-shirts keeping them out of landfill.

Selling a selection of bras and briefs with a great variety of sizes, boosting self-confidence and comfy style, it's easy to see why they're so popular.

When you purchase from Pantee, they planet a tree too.

2. Amaella

The options are endless when using Amaella as they are an online shop offering a range of international brands to offer chic statement pieces.

3. Magit the label

Hemp underwear has never been more popular. Acting as a sustainable alternative to cotton, it's a material Magit The Label love and use for their eco underwear.

Their briefs and bralettes come in three different colours and they’re affordable.

Hemp is antimicrobial to protect your skin and breathable, which is especially important when we wear underwear every day.

4. YOU underwear

Standing for ‘Your Own Underwear’, YOU uses organic cotton which is Fairtrade, PETA-Approved vegan and GOTS approved meaning you can wear this underwear with confidence in the decision you made to protect the environment.

Plus each pair also gives a pair to someone in need.

With women, men and girls ranges available in a wide variety of colours and patterns, there’s something for everybody.

5. JoJoe

JoJoe are a female underwear brand where style and sustainability work together.

They use recycled microfibres for their lingerie to avoid products heading to landfill and only use SEDEX approved manufacturers so their production process is ethical and environmental at the same time keeping in line with their values.

Their designs are sexy, colourful and charming with a selection of colours to go for.

6. Alexander Clementine

Ever heard of underwear made from seaweed and wood pulp? Well, now you have.

Alexander Clementine sells underwear ranging from thongs to briefs, bras to bralettes in modern, feminine styles.

The products are handmade in London, there are no sweatshops used, allowing the brand to stick to their ethical and sustainable values.

Not only is seaweed a sustainable material but it also provides vitamins and minerals which will absorb into your skin making you not only look good, but feel amazing too.

7. Boody

With Australian roots, Boody underwear delivers relaxed, caring and durable female bras, briefs to male trunks and boxers in a palette of pastel shades, perfect for everyday wear.

Made from bamboo, the material supports both you and the environment.

Their transparent production process allows you to see their zero waste manufacturing so you know there’s no greenwashing here.

8. Bluebuck

Men’s underwear brand Bluebuck connects the sea, sky and earth, to help you be at one with your surroundings.

They use organic cotton, the factories they use are powered by renewable energy, they don’t transport via planes and they make comfy undies that will last and avoid landfill.

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