December LUST LIST: 24 Brands For An Eco Christmas

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December LUST LIST: 24 Brands For An Eco Christmas


Still in need of some eco-friendly Christmas gift ideas? Or are you just after some sustainable staples to keep this season one of slow fashion, green gadgets and other ethical products?

This selection includes collections from top ethical clothing brands, the most sustainable beer you could conceive of and cushion covers that will brighten up your living room through the grey days.

Have you fully embraced the Christmas spirit now? You have our full sustainable support. Read on to find Christmas cards that contribute to a truly good cause, incredible vegan cocoa and warm Christmassy candles.

Phoebe Young

Thu 5 Dec 2019

Woman standing by fireplace

Ethical Fashion, Jenerous

The festive season is when we eat too much, drink too much and waste too much but new ethical fashion brand Jenerous, will stop you adding a party dress to the guilt list. Specialising in occasion wear (with matching kidswear as well), this new label proves sustainable can be special as these dresses are hand block printed in India, from responsibly sourced organic cotton in Fairtrade Indian factories that take care of their garment workers. Your new party dress will also arrive in 100% compostable packaging. 

Sparkling Water Maker, Soda Stream

Not all kinds of Christmas sparkles are ethical, but SodaStream’s are as sustainable as they come. Do you know someone who struggles to stay hydrated, is weary of tap water and finds fizzy drinks addictive? The new Spirit Gold sparkling water maker is the Christmas solution. It will also drastically cut down your plastic waste, since each machine has the potential to substitute thousands of single-use bottles without using any electricity. You can infuse your fizz with juice, fresh fruit or some of SodaStream’s very own flavours. 

woman walking with horse

Sustainable Clothing, TAMGA Designs

TAMGA Designs are known for their stunning hand-drawn prints, buttery soft fabric and flattering cuts that are made from the world’s best sustainable materials. They have just released their newest sustainable and ethically-made collection, Wildwood. The feminine silhouettes are designed sustainably to minimise fabric waste and flatter different body types without compromising on style. TAMGA even shares the water, waste and emissions impact of every garment they sell on their website. 

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woman wearing striped top

T-shirts, The Natural Edition

The Natural Edition creates some of the softest GOTS certified organic cotton T-shirts, tops and little black dresses you’ll find online. Simple, well designed basics that are ethically made sit at the heart of The Natural Edition. Switching from a regular T-shirt to an organic cotton one means it uses 91% less water, 46% less greenhouse gases and is better for everyone involved, including our planet. This is #EverydayActivism that has an impact.

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boxer shorts hanging from branch

Men's Underwear, He Must

For men who are fed-up with fast fashion and the formulaic butch branding that goes with boxers, this is a Must buy. He Must are a brand who celebrate straightforward, sustainable style and who live by a straightforward sustainable philosophy: ‘He Must not screw the world’. Their boxers are fashioned from 96% modal fabric. It is softer than cotton, it breathes better and it uses 20 times less water to produce. He Must buttons are also crafted from natural Corozo and their packaging, which contains no plastic, is 100% recyclable. 

bottle of beer on counter

Beer, Small Beer

Refreshing and innovative, Small Beer harks back to a historical era where water was not a safe staple. This beer is brewed with a low ABV. That’s why the lager lends itself to a long lunch, or an evening with friends before an early start you have to feel fresh for. Rendered using 100% renewable energy, the brands labels, boxes and business cards are all 100% recycled. The carefully crafted concoction not only drinks up far less water than your usual beer, but the company clean their factory with recovered heat and water as well.

chair with cushions

Cushion Covers, Vibert-Stokes

Add a burst of vibrant colour to your home with a Vibert-Stokes cushion cover. Vibert-Stokes use eco-friendly fabrics like Tencel and Linen to make their covers, which are far from flimsy. With double-stitched seams and high quality haberdashery these pieces will be lying in your lounge for years. They will keep it bright too, because the digital printing technique used ensures the tropical inspired images fail to fade. Liven up your eco-life with these lovely covers. 

woman standing against a wall

T-shirts, Loskey

Loskey is the lost key to that elusive collection of sustainable, staple T-shirts. This female-focussed capsule clothing brand is centred around the economic empowerment of women through education. Made from GOTS certified organic cotton, the fibre in these T’s is eco friendly and free from toxins, as are the workers who help to make them. Even the tags are formed from sustainable paper, devised using elephant and rhino dung. Each piece is packaged in 100% recycled cardboard. 

woman looking over her shoulder

Clothing, Moborr

Moborr make clothes with timeless, statement silhouettes. In line with this brand’s bold ethos of making the world better, their sustainability is as outstanding as their style. The elegant, beautiful collection is breathable and biodegradable. Moborr see their material as their super hero, since it is handcrafted out of 100% organic, rainfed cotton. The pastel palette is achieved with plant-based dyes, while hangers, hooks and packaging are plastic free. 

Trainers, Mizzle

Can’t stand it when the rain wants to compromise your style? Join the Allbirds cult. Their new collection, Mizzle, will protect you from the drizzle. By using bio-TPU, sustainable Merino wool and FSC-certified rubber, this brand have made their soft sneakers water resistant, durable and wearable whatever the weather. Stay comfy, cosy and on trend next time the clouds unleash their torrents. Paddle in the puddles without meddling with the planet in Mizzles.

Christmas Cards, The Connection At St Martin​s

Shopping from The Connection at St Martins is a means of empowering the hundreds of people struggling to live on the streets of London. These Christmas cards have been crafted by St Martin’s clients, in the charity’s art room. They feature festive designs and each pack you purchase will come in a beautifully presented box. When you buy them, you will not only be bringing the makers more business. It will help the charity to keep therapeutic art available to the homeless next year.

Man holding snowboard behind him

Snowboards, Jones

Jones have built an ‘eco performance’ board that carves sustainability into the 2020 ski season. Designed for men and women, The Flagship is environmentally friendly across the board (literally). Its recycled edges are perfect for piercing and gripping the peak and its topsheet is fashioned from flax and protected with plant-based resin. It has a recycled core made from FSC certified wood. This board is precise instead of plasticky, it’s green and it’s mean! You will get the freeride of your life with this eco-friendly product, which has the float and flex to tackle any terrain. 

Woman stretching arm behind head

Jewellery, Unearth

Ethical elegance is what Unearth are all about. The beautiful bracelets, brooches, earrings and necklaces that make their eco edit meet one or more of their three planet-friendly pillars: social development, economic development and environmental protection. The materials that make up their magnificent collection include fair-mined or recycled precious metals, natural resins and reclaimed wood.  Wear their pieces proudly and don’t worry about waste, since they are mostly handcrafted and made to order.

Kimchi, Bottlebrush

Boost your microbiome with a Bottlebrush jar of traditional Korean Kimchi, which has a contemporary twist. Standard ingredients have been swapped for cucumber, pak choi and coriander to get your gut geared up for great digestion. This fermented food is packed full of detoxifying enzymes, probiotics and prebiotics to help balance your blood pressure, moderate your mood and spice up your supper. The low carbon footprint and minimal waste of the fermentation process means you'll be helping your stomach sustainability.

cups of hot chocolate and beans

Hot Chocolate, Calm Cocoa

Take a pew, take a pause, take a breath and connect with Calm Cocoa. Their flaked, fine quality single origin dark chocolate is full of flavour. Sipping on a steaming mug of this is a surefire way to take a sensory stroll out of stress and into mindful meditation. Calm Cocoa’s Christmas range is full of robust aromas like Gingery Jamaica and Spicy Dark Equador. The chocolate in these beautiful brews is sustainably sourced from craft makers in Madagascar. With packaging that is recyclable, compostable and biodegradable, you won’t have to worry about the environmental impact when you indulge.

Cosmetics, LUSH

Heralded for their heady fragrances and stalwart sustainability, LUSH have taken things a step further for the festive season. The soaps, scrubs and other staples in their Christmas collection will not bear a label listing their natural, nourishing ingredients. You can look up what’s in your lather with the Lush Lens feature on the Lush Labs app. That means less paper and packaging for the planet this year. This Santa’s grotto gift set is full of foamy fancies in the form of presents, candy canes and Christmas sleighs. Soak in a bath full of handmade, against animal testing and traceable suds.

Bottle of oil

Rapeseed Oils, Charlie And Ivy's

Infuse your food with some Christmassy condiments from the wilds of the Yorkshire Wolds. Charlie and Ivy’s Rapeseed oils are cold pressed to perfection just once. This process means that less heat and no horrible chemicals are used to extract the oils from the seeds. Optimum flavour is a further favourable side effect. If the seeds don’t come from their own farm, they are from fellow trusted local growers. A sustainable Christmas box contains mini bottles of beautiful bread dipping oils infused with ingredients like Oregano and balsamic and delectable dressings like luxurious Lemon & Poppyseed.

bag of organges

Recycled Bags, Onya

Stylish, sustainable and part of a circular manufacture system, Onya are carrying social and environmental standards to the next level. Not only are their bags and food wraps 100% recyclable, they are made from recycled materials like rPet, a substance built from plastic water bottles. Perfect for taking to the local zero waste shop. 1% of sales from their bags, bottles and bulk foods is funnelled into environmental not-for-profits. Onya’s range extends to colourful sandwich wraps, backpacks and bottles to help us all go plastic free more easily.

Girl in woods

Sewing Pattern, Selkie Patterns

We’re not stitching you up, stylish and sustainable sewing pattern partners, Selkie Patterns, have just developed a new design. The Lin pattern is for a versatile, vintage inspired jumpsuit. This piece hugs in on certain features and flows out on others for a flattering and comfortable fit. Suitable for any season and optimal for any occasion, The Lin can be dressed down for a day in the office or up for a date afterwards. You can pick the length of the legs, the style of the sleeves and most importantly the eco friendly fabric to suit your person and your principles. 

candle and some holly

Candles, Conscious House

Candles make Christmas cosy and festive, but few are as kind as Conscious House. This brand's Chai blend burns with sustainable soy and plant-based essential oils. Spices like Cardamom and Clove create the Christmassy aroma, and ginger generates the wonderfully woody base notes. These candles are hand-poured in small special batches. They come with a cotton wick, are encased in a glass container and sealed with a stainless steel lid. All the packaging is 100% recyclable so the planet will enjoy some therapy as you savour the scent.

nuts coming out of basket

Christmas Nuts, Liberation Foods

Nuts are the ideal Christmas nibble and Liberation Foods, the first farmer-owned nut company, have a new festive, Fairtrade range. Have a kind crunch on their Fairtrade Chocolate Caramelised Cashews with Cranberries. Available under the Tesco finest range, this merry mixture consists of the supreme sweet to zesty to creamy combination. The caramelised cashews, coated in decadent dark chocolate really set off the Christmas cranberries. Their misted and marbled finish will make keep your festive spread ethical and extra fancy. These nuts are organically grown and parcelled in recyclable packaging. They create better quality of life for farmers from Cameroon to Costa Rica.

Plastic Free Tea, Tea Pigs

Everything about the Tea Pigs temples is totally plastic free. They build their bags and their string from sustainable cornstarch. Their labels are pure paper and plant-based vegetable ink. Even their packets are produced from wood pulp and FSC cardboard. This is why these Pigs were the first tea brand to proudly bear of the plastic free trust mark. It empowers us consumers to pick an ethical cuppa. Sip a heady herbal for a hangover, or a snoozy lavender to send you to sleep.

Streetwear, Gundi

Progressive and planet conscious, Gundi celebrates the outspoken South Asian 'Womxn'. Their handmade and hand embroidered streetwear inspired styles support womxn and trasngender womxn who sew them sustainably in India. Their clothes are constructed using ancient artisanal crafts and will last a lifetime. They are fighting the eco-foe, fast fashion, by building small batches of clothing at a time. Not only does this honour the human cost of their creation, but it keeps alive the traditional Zardozi techniques that mass produced products cannot compete with.

bag of products

Skincare, Warrior Botanicals

Warrior Botanicals hand make all their herbal products in small batches to follow in the footsteps of folk tradition. Only seasonal plants are used to honour the cycles of both planet and people. They are natural, local and sustainably sourced from the rich culture of West Cork where these Warriors work. This helps bolster biodiversity and your health, because zero preservatives or synthetics will sully your skin. Find serums, oils and powders and balms for your whole body, in balance with nature.

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