10 Easy Eco-Friendly Christmas Decorations To Make At Home

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10 Easy Eco-Friendly Christmas Decorations To Make At Home


It’s that time of year again and we all need cheering up, especially this year.

But you don't need to shop like crazy. Here on pebble, we have 10 easy eco-friendly Christmas decorations you can make at home.

Molly Waring-Moore

Fri 6 Aug 2021

This Christmas, go for a natural, zero-waste theme with your decorations and table settings, rather than buying them new.

From scraps of fabric to using things found in your kitchen, these bright, beautiful - and most importantly - eco-friendly Christmas decorations will make anyone smile.

Take a look and get inspired by these Christmas craft ideas.

DIY Christmas: 10 Easy And Eco-Friendly Decorations To Make This Year

dried orange festive wreath on a wooden board

Festive Dried Citrus Garland

We love that this super simple DIY decoration makes your home smell just like Christmas with a touch of Scandi style added in.

Most of what you need can be found in your kitchen making it an effortless decoration too.

Hang these garlands on your tree or around your house - the choice is yours!

Learn how to make it here.

Popcorn Tree Garland

This popcorn garland looks super pretty and is so easy to make. We recommend saving a bowl of popcorn to snack on while you make these eco Christmas decorations.

Make this DIY decoration festive by adding cranberries for a pop of colour. Dried cranberries will make it last a little longer.

Use this garland instead of tinsel around your home or on your tree.

Check out the full guide here.

5 easy DIY christmas decorations

Now here's a great excuse for making more popcorn

Make Your Own Printed Wrapping Paper

Reduce the huge amount of Christmas wrapping paper waste, and make your own this year.

You can either save newspaper throughout December and use it to artfully wrap your gifts with twine and sprigs of holly.

Or buy some recycled parcel paper and stamp it with fun designs using potato stamps and vegetable inks.

Your loved ones are guaranteed to love the unique and personalised touches to your gift wrapping this year. And it's sustainable!

Here's how to do it.

brown wrapping paper wrapped present with string

Fabric Wrap Your Gifts

Reduce the huge amount of wrapping paper waste and learn the Japanese art of furoshiki. This tradition involves wrapping your gifts in fabric rather than throwaway paper.

Choose your favourite sustainable cloth - FabRap does some seriously beautiful ones.

Or go even more zero-waste and reuse scraps of fabric you have at home. You just need to make sure your fabric is in the shape of a square for it to work.

The best part is your loved ones can reuse the fabric themselves, making it a wrapping technique that keeps on giving!

Learn how to fabric wrap your gifts here.

fabric wrapped gift on blue background

Give like the Japanese and use scraps of fabric to wrap up your gifts

Natural Place Settings

If these decorations and wrapping weren’t enough to impress, here’s how you can really up the game with a zero-waste, festive place setting.

These homemade Christmas decorations give your table a natural flourish. Make each place setting unique with seasonal foraged items. We love holly and rosemary.

You can add dried berries for colour or get your guests ready for Christmas dinner with divine smelling cinnamon sticks, dried sliced oranges and sage leaves.

Follow these steps to make these natural place settings.

top down view of natural place setting on a green board

These elegant place settings give you Christmas table a natural flourish

Origami Stars

Origami stars are a fun and creative way to decorate your home.

You can hang these DIY paper Christmas decorations on your tree, stick them on the windows, make them into garlands or add them to your place settings.

You can make these pretty stars out of upcycled paper you have lying around the house whether it's old newspaper, sheet music or battered up books.

Each one is completely unique too!

Read the full description of how to make them here.

Recycled paper stars origami for a plastic free Christmas

Make origami stars out of upcycled paper you have at home

Twig Stars

Yep, we can't get enough of stars this year. These plastic free, zero waste Christmas decorations are made from twigs, string and just a bit of creativity - that's it!

These stars are super easy to make and look so pretty on the Christmas tree or as part of your eco-friendly Christmas table decorations.

You could even pop them up on the fireplace if you have one.

We recommend dyeing your string with natural dyes in advance to give it enough time to dry.

Full details can be found here.

Twig stars for a plastic free Christmas

Experiment with different colours and natural dyes on the string

Newspaper Christmas Cards

Have some scrap odds and ends after your origami stars? Some colourful string leftover from your twig stars? Keep them for easy DIY Christmas cards!

They're so simple to make but are guaranteed to stand out with their fun rustic look. You can make them for your friends and family or stick up your creations at home - why not.

Play around with Christmassy shapes and see what you come up with!

Learn how to make these DIY Christmas cards here.

Recycled newspaper Christmas cards for a plastic free Christmas

These DIY Christmas cards will certainly stand out on the mantlepiece

DIY Christmas Wreath

Instead of getting a shop-bought Christmas wreath, why not make your own?

We have five creative ways for you to make your own Christmas wreath at home.

They’re easy, they’re eco and they’re a great excuse for a day of boozy, cosy Christmas crafting.

The cherries on top of this Christmas cake are that these ethical Christmas decorations will either last for years or will break down in the compost.

Here are five Christmas wreath ideas for you to try.

Wreath with berries and orange slices

Make your own Christmas wreath at home - it's easy!

DIY Christmas Tree

Now you've got your Christmas wreaths, cards, wrapping paper and decorations all sorted, why not take it a step further and make your own Christmas tree?

This is a unique way to upcycle old items around the house and your tree will certainly stand out. It'll be a zero-waste Christmas tree too!

There's no wrong or right way to make a DIY Christmas tree. You can keep it simple by making a pile of books in a tree shape. Or you could tie sticks together with the smallest size at the top descending to bigger sizes further down.

Adorn your creation with festive garlands and decorations - perhaps some of the tree ornaments mentioned above.

Here are some more sustainable Christmas tree tips.

A DIY Christmas tree made of sticks

Don't stop at home made Christmas decorations. Make a zero-waste tree too

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