DIY Wellness: 3 Easy Foraged Herb Recipes

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DIY Wellness: 3 Easy Foraged Herb Recipes


These gorgeous DIY wellness recipes from Hackney Herbal are super easy and perfect for foraging beginners. Give them a go!

Georgina Wilson-Powell

Wed 19 Aug 2020

The easiest way to make your skincare sustainable is to make it yourself.

These DIY wellness (for inside and outside) recipes rely on foraged herbs and come from Hackney Herbal's new Herbal Journal.

The Herbal Journal is a downloadable guide that covers herbs, teas, recipes and remedies as well as how to forage for these herbs, grow them and look after them.

dried herbs hanging up in a garden

Hackney Herbal is a social enterprise that teaches people how to incorporate herbs into their lives for improved health and wellbeing in the form of recipes, skincare and natural remedies, and nature connection - with all profits reinvested into free community activities in Hackney.

Founder Natalie Mady tells us more:

pebble: What are the handiest ingredients to have at home to make your own skincare?
Natalie Mady: My go to ingredients are calendula flowers for making infused oil, lavender essential oil and some beeswax which you can combine to make a multi-purpose balm.

Oats are also a lovely ingredient to incorporate into scrubs and soaks and make a lovely gentle cleanser as well as being good for dry skin.

What foraged ingredients can most people find in cities to make their own recipes?

The city is full of herbs so you can do so much even if you don't have a garden. During summer many green spaces are packed with herbs like mallow, yarrow, mugwort and St John's wort. You can use these to make teas but also infuse them into oils or simply add them into the bath for a simple herbal soak.

Natalie Mady founder of Hackney Herbal
“The first thing I made was a lip balm using olive oil infused with calendula flowers”

What was the first recipe you made and how has making your own skincare changed your life?
The first thing I made was a lip balm using olive oil infused with calendula flowers. It's so simple to make and all you need is the flowers, oil and beeswax but makes something super effective for lips and skin.

What can people expect from this ebook?
The Herbal Journal is a collection of seasonal recipes, activities and tips for incorporating more herbs into your life. It's a celebration of herbs, teas, remedies, recipes, self care, gardening and nature connection. As a team we have written about some of our favourite summer time plants and how to use them for health and wellbeing, as well as pleasure and enjoyment.

What advice do you have for a DIY skincare novice or someone who is a bit nervous at having a go?
Give it a go! Start with simple recipes like wax-based balms where all you have to do is melt the ingredients together.

Bath soaks are also a really quick and easy thing to make. All you need is some bath salts.

I like using epsom salt, any dried herbs (you can even use a herbal tea bag) and some essential oil to make a lovely relaxing soak.

Dried herbs hanging up in a garden

DIY Wellness: 3 Easy Foraged Herb Recipes

How To Make A Solar Infused Herbal Oil

Close up of a jar of solar infused dry ingredients
“Give your DIY skincare or beauty recipes an extra boost by infusing your oils with dried herbs”
hands mixing essentials oils with coffee grounds
“Raid your kitchens and repurpose waste ingredients for this super simple exfoliating coffee ground body scrub”
Plate of lemon verbana and lime blossom
“This soothing cordial with lemon verbena and lime blossom is super easy to make and tastes delicious!”

Hackney Herbal's Herbal Journal is available to download for £8.

Let us know what you think in the comments below. Have you tried one of these recipes? Let us know!

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