Dried Flowers: Your Complete Guide To 2022's Biggest Floral Trend

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Dried Flowers: Your Complete Guide To 2022's Biggest Floral Trend


Dried flowers are a big homewares trend for 2022. But why choose dried flowers over fresh, how to care for them and how can you dry flowers yourself?

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Tenielle Jordison

Fri 25 Feb 2022

Flowers are a universal symbol of love, beauty, and happier weather, but have you ever considered opting for dried flowers over fresh ones?

The floral industry isn’t the most eco-friendly, but dried flowers provide a solution that means we don’t have to stop enjoying what Mother Nature has to offer.

Dried flowers offer all of the same benefits and beauty as a fresh bouquet with the bonus of less harm to the environment, as you're not changing the blooms every week and reducing your packaging impact.

A bouquet of yellow dried flowers.

Here's everything you need to know about dried flowers

Scroll down as to find the answers to these key questions when it comes to dried flowers.

  • Why are dried flowers better?
  • How long do dried flowers last?
  • What are the best flowers to dry?
  • How to dry flowers yourself
  • How to store dried flowers
  • How to clean dried flowers
  • How to repurpose dried flowers
pin with a range of dried flowers underneath

Why are dried flowers better?

Only a small percentage of the flowers purchased in the UK are native.

The majority of the colourful bunches you see in the shops are imported from other countries, notably the Netherlands and Kenya.

The carbon emissions involved in farming these flowers and then transporting them are huge.

Imported flowers could even have a carbon footprint of over 30kg.

Not only this, pesticides and other harmful chemicals are used to grow flowers and keep them fresh in transportation.

The workers involved in farming are also exposed to these substances.

This is why dried flowers are a better option.

So in short, dried flowers:

  • last longer
  • don’t need damaging chemicals to keep them fresh
  • can be repurposed and reused multiple times
Single stem dried flowers in a variety of colours.
"Pesticides and other harmful chemicals are used to grow flowers and keep them fresh in transportation"

The benefits of dried flowers

Dried flowers have some key benefits over fresh flowers, if you're keen on having lots of blooms at home. Dried flowers have:

  • Have a longer lifespan
  • Need to be bought less frequently
  • Don't need harmful chemicals
  • Create less pollution because of less transportation
A variety of neutral-coloured dried flowers

How long do dried flowers last?

Dried flowers last longer than any bunch of fresh flowers.

Dried flowers are preserved, so they don’t have moisture in them that can lead to mould and decay.

This means they can last anywhere from one to three years.

Fresh flowers in comparison typically last a week to 10 days before they get thrown away and replaced.

You can have dried flowers in your home for a long time, so they can turn into a staple decorative piece in any room.

What are the best flowers to dry?

Unfortunately, not every flower is suitable to be dried.

Luckily, there are many beautiful ones that are perfect to preserve.

10 of the best flowers to dry

  • Amaranth
  • Baby’s breath
  • Coneflower
  • Hydrangea
  • Lavender
  • Roses
  • Poppies
  • Pansies
  • Celosia
  • Yarrow

This list is far from extensive, and a lot of finding the best flowers to dry comes down to trial and error.

There’s no harm in trying to dry out the flowers you have, so you can always try and see which ones work best.

Scroll down to find out how to do this.

Brown and pink dried flowers and foliage
“Finding the best flowers to dry comes down to trial and error”

How to dry flowers

There are a few methods for drying flowers, but these are a few of the best eco-friendly ways to do it.

Before trying any of these methods, remove any excess foliage such as lots of leaves and extra stems from your flowers.

Drying flowers, Method 1: Air drying

  1. Use a rubber band or string to tie the flowers together in a bouquet.
  2. Hang your bouquet upside down in a dark and dry space with good circulation, such as a garage.
  3. Leave for two to three weeks to dry.
Artwork made from single dried flowers

Drying flowers, Method 2: Silica sand

  1. Place your flowers in a container large enough.
  2. Cover the flowers in silica sand, which will absorb the moisture from the flowers.
  3. Leave for one to two weeks to dry.

Method 3: Pressing

  1. Place the flowers in a folded piece of newspaper, which will absorb the moisture.
  2. Place inside a heavy book, somewhere between the middle and the back.
  3. Place other heavy books on top to press down on the flowers.
  4. Leave for two to three weeks until the pages fall flat and flowers are pressed dry.

Whichever method you use, once your flowers are dry, you can use unscented hairspray to create a protective layer.

How to store dried flowers

Once you have your DIY dried flowers - or bought them from a dried flower florist like these ones, and you want to put your dried flowers away for safe-keeping, it’s important to store them properly so they don’t get damaged.

The best way to store dried flowers is in a material that will absorb any moisture and keep them dry.

Old newspapers are perfect for this.

Keep them somewhere dry. If they get wet, it could lead to mould and decay of the petals.

You should also make sure to keep dried flowers away from direct exposure to sunlight and heat so that the colours don’t fade and the petals don’t become brittle and fall apart.

Most importantly, keep dried flowers in a room with good air circulation to preserve their state.

A bouquet of red dried flowers tied with ribbon

How to clean dried flowers

Dried flowers are low-maintenance, especially compared to fresh flowers which need watering and flower food.

But it doesn’t come as a surprise that they can become dusty, especially if they’re sitting in the same spot for a few years.

Dried flowers already have muted colours because of their lack of moisture, so to maintain the hues they do have it’s important to clean them.

It’s simple to clean dusty dried flowers, simply with a feather duster. Use it lightly to not damage the petals.

You can also use a hairdryer on a light and cool setting. Hold it away at arm’s length so that there isn’t too much air pressure to break the petals off the stems.

"Dried flowers already have muted colours because of their lack of moisture, so to maintain the hues they do have it’s important to clean them"

How to repurpose dried flowers

The joy of dried flowers lasting so long is that once you want to change up your arrangement, you can reuse the flowers elsewhere.

Dried flowers can be used for a variety of bouquets, but they can also be used for decorative pieces.

You can put them in picture frames, in envelopes for the next person to enjoy, or even use them in cosmetics like bath bombs, exfoliators, or face masks.

Dried flowers are versatile, last for a long time, and are better for our planet than fresh flowers.

Also check out pebble’s recommendations for where to buy dried flowers.

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