The New Natural Soundscapes Podcast. Listen To Our Planet on

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The New Natural Soundscapes Podcast. Listen To Our Planet on


Listen to the natural world around the globe with this unique new podcast.

Romally Coverdale

Wed 20 Apr 2022 aims to protect and regenerate natural ecosystems from around the world, while simultaneously reconnecting people with nature.

In celebration of Earth Day 2022, is launching a free weekly podcast and audible map of soundscapes recorded worldwide.

Also understood as 'biophony', these natural soundscapes are handcrafted by professional sound recordists and soundscape ecologists, to provide listeners an opportunity to listen to ecosystems from around the world.

image of the website, including the map and words that say 'Listening to the earth is listening to ourselves'

Each recording is detailed by the habitat and additional notes, as well as the location.

So, this isn't your typical spoken podcasts, but instead hour long treks into natural soundscapes - as opposed to their shorter 2-3 minute clips. Listen to

parrots flying in Amazonian rainforest
“Reconnect with nature and listen to the ecosystems that are being threatened”

Take a moment and delve into the natural soundscape of Brazilian creeks or Sri Lankan forests, listening to over 400 hundred rare soundscapes from 84 countries.

It is scientifically proven that the sounds of the natural world help to decrease stress, improve immunity and boost our moods.

green bird on branch

The podcasts support 15 grassroots reforestations non-profits

These soundscapes are working to do more than just improve our cognitive health, is using this event to support 15 grassroots reforestation non-profits.

Supporting charities like the International Tree Foundation and Eden Reforestation Projects, listeners are given the opportunity to donate to the local grassroots of where the recordings are to help protect the landscapes and environments that sound so wonderful.

Whether it’s mindful listening or curiosity that spurs you, listen to the sounds of our planet each week.

Find across all podcast platforms (like Apple podcasts, Spotify, etc.).

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