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Eco Christmas Stocking Gift Guide: 11 Ideas Under £16

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Eco Christmas Stocking Gift Guide: 11 Ideas Under £16


Eco Christmas gifts don't have to cost the earth. If you're looking for plastic free or ethical gift ideas for smaller presents, check out this stocking gift guide.

Georgina Wilson-Powell

Thu 22 Oct 2020

The pebble Eco Christmas Stocking Gift Guide

1. Bouncy Castle Triangle Earrings, £14.50

Jewellery brand Stellen have a fun and unique style that you would never guess are made from waste materials, and we challenge anyone not to feel jolly in their bright and uplifting pieces. Inspired by previously listed brand Elvis & Kresse, Stellen takes materials destined for landfill and turns them into something beautiful.

From a collaboration with bag company Wyatt and Jack, these cheerful Triangle Earrings are made from bouncy castle PVC and vinyl PVC off-cuts sent to them by the brand. Two contrasting triangle shapes hang from some sterling silver hoops, and are available in a variety of eye-catching colours.

Upcycled triangle earrings from stellen

Colourful, upcycled earrings will brighten anyone's Christmas

2. The Beauty Box, £13.99

Did you know that make-up wipes, those things we whip out, scrub our faces with and then dispose of in less than a minute take a whopping 100 years to break down in landfill?!

Single-use toiletries cause havoc on our environment, but that’s what Mooju are here to fix this Christmas.

This gift box gives make-up lovers a simple solution to a more sustainable method of cleansing at the end of the day. The kit contains 21 luxuriously soft rounds in three different sizes, made with a blend of bamboo and cotton fleece, with a cotton wash bag and bamboo headband.

reusable make up wipes

Mooju's reusable cleansing wipes will be welcomed by any plastic free lovers

3. Organic Dry Shampoo, £14

Beauty brand Kitenest believes that conscious cosmetics won’t just save the planet, but they’ll make you feel great, too (and who doesn’t love that rare pleasure that also comes guilt-free?!) All of their products are cruelty free and handmade in the UK, using 100% natural ingredients. This Dry Shampoo doesn't use a single drop of water and cleans hair within 60 seconds!

We’re not sure who wouldn’t love this wonder product. The Organic Dry Shampoo is a mix of plant powders, clays and a lavish blend of grapefruit and lime essential oils. Just some of it’s many superpowers include being completely plastic-free, vegan and free of nasties like toxins and parabens.

Organic dry shampoo in a tin

Organic beauty brand Kitenest pride themselves on being plastic free and handmade in the UK

4. Handmade Key Ring, £15.75

For a great stocking filler or secret santa, check out Elvis & Kresse’s handmade key ring. Another piece from the fire-hose collection, this budget-friendly option is made with red or yellow hose or matt black printing blanket. Just as you’d expect it’s heavy-duty, with robust construction, water resistance and a wipe-clean finish.

You can choose a personalised option achieved with laser etching, and each one features carefully hand-painted edges. This unique item not only breathes new life into a previously life-saving material, but you can also let your recipient know that 50% of profits go to The Fire Fighters Charity.

leather key ring being made

Get this upcycled key ring personalised for your loved one

5. Large Washbag, £15

The ‘last minute gift’ debacle isn’t just a nightmare when you have no clue what to get for someone (like getting that person for secret santa that you spoke to maybe once), but it can end up in damaging environmental choices too. Good Things are here to help with an offering sustainably and ethically made unique gift ideas.

We love this handmade linen washbag made by Fairtrade manufacturer Neema Crafts, which is screen-printed with this beautiful blue zig-zag design. There’s plenty of space for your toiletries, and the waterproof lining ensures that any spills or leaks won’t ruin the fabric.

linen washbag from good things gifts

Even the humble washbag can be made good for the planet

6. Fresh Pod Kit, £14

Did you know that the annual value of food wasted globally is approximately $1 trillion, weighing about 1.3 billion tonnes?! Food waste is damaging but sometimes it feels unavoidable. Fresh Pod are here to change that, with their 12 month kit that’s proven to extend the life of your fruit & veg.

The little pod works by controlling the amount of ethylene gas, the stuff that’s released from your produce, in your fridge or fruit bowl. You can even use it to keep flowers fresher for longer, too. And you read that right, that’s £14 for a whole year.

Fresh Pod is a great gift for people who want to reduce their food waste

7. Handmade Brass Bracelet, £9.95

You won’t have a problem finding the perfect gift for loved ones from the sustainable home and lifestyle brand La Juniper. Their gorgeous collection of products include well-being ranges, kitchenware, stationery, textiles and home decor, among a range of thoughtfully designed gifts such as jewellery and fragrance.

We think this elegantly simple brass bracelet would make a beautiful Christmas gift for any jewellery lover, offering the wearer plenty of versatility. The piece is handmade by women in the Flowering Desert Project based in Tamil Nadu, India, using traditional jewellery techniques, and supports positive employment and training opportunities for disadvantaged women.

brass bangles from La Juniper

We love these brass bangles made by Indian artisans

8. Condiments Gift Set, £12

pebble favourites and pioneers of the anti-food waste movement, Rubies In The Rubble, have launched a Christmas relish gift set that cleverly uses surplus fruit and veg to reimagine everyone's favourite festive relishes, which save between 1 and 8 pieces of fruit and veg per jar.

It includes a Pear & Fig, Chilli Onion and Classic Apple relish, which are all vegan-friendly, GM and gluten free and have a low carbon footprint, having been made from surplus British fruit and veg.

Get 20% off any Rubies In The Rubble products before 31 Dec 2020 with the code PEBBLE20.

rubies in the rubble relish gift set

Fight food waste this Christmas with Rubies In The Rubble's great tasting gift

9. Mini geo planter, £12.50

Sustainable homeware brand Priormade also produce a collection of handcrafted vessels. This more budget-friendly option is ideal to be used as a little planter, but has a range of potential uses like desk tidies or herb containers.

This Mini Geo Vessel is adorable. The container is made from layers of sustainable and responsibly sourced plywood, produced with minimal waste and natural finishes. Like the lighting there are 17 colours to choose from in a range of tones from brights to neutrals, and if you want to complete the gift you can even add a perfectly-sized plant from their assortment here.

upcycled wooden geo planter

Priormade upcycle wood into gorgeous geo planters

10. Plastic Free Body Wash, £12

Ksoni take a different approach to plastic free haircare, with aluminium cans and tins for their delicious smelling, all natural body wash. The rejuvenating body wash comes in a can which you crack open and use the bespoke biodegradable reusable lid to open and shut the can as you use it.

As well as being vegan, Ksoni's unisex body wash is infused with essential oils such as frankincense and bergamot, while jojoba oil is used to balance and soothe the skin. Use the Jivati range for a restorative shower experience.

body wash surrounded by green plants

Ksoni's plastic free shampoo will be an ethical stocking star this Christmas

11. Tea Cube, £3.99

As the temperature starts to drop, get ready to initiate full-on hibernation mode with teapigs new limited edition winter teas.Available in four festive flavours; gluhwein, spiced pear, chocolate orange and gingerbread, these are the perfect addition to any tea lover’s collection.

As well as being packed with warming spices and all natural ingredients, all four blends are completely caffeine-free and housed in plastic-free packaging (yep, even the inner ‘plastic’ looking bag is made from wood pulp!). At £3.99 a pack, we think they make a great stocking filler – the only trouble is deciding which flavour to go for!

cardboard cubes of teapigs tea

Give the gift of plastic free tea this winter

12. Body Scrub Gift Set, £13.85

Looking for a plastic free present this Christmas? Look no further! Online zero waste and plastic free store, EarthBits, has this fab body scrub gift set.

It contains a vegan friendly, handmade lavendar soap (with essential oil and lavender buds) and soap bag that gently exofilates dead skin cells as well as a loofah. It comes in Christmas eco-wrapping made with brown recyclable box and raffia wood wool. Everything is 100% natural. organic and made in the UK.

plastic free body scrub set

Choose a plastic free body scrub gift set from EarthBits

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