10 Best Eco-Friendly Phone Cases For 2022

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10 Best Eco-Friendly Phone Cases For 2022


Look after your phone and the planet with pebble's guide to the best eco-friendly cases.

From planting trees to fighting plastic waste (and protecting your smartphone, of course!), here are our best-rated eco phone cases of 2022.

Francesca Brooking

Thu 31 Mar 2022

Eco-friendly smartphones are yet to exist but while we wait for that day to come, the best thing we can do is protect our phones to make sure they last as long as possible.

So why not protect the planet at the same time with an eco-friendly phone case?

Why do we need eco-friendly phone cases?

Most phone cases are made from plastic.

In fact, over one billion plastic phone cases are sold every year.

Even more cases are continually being made to keep up with the latest phone models and trends.

The problem is when a case breaks, a trend ends or we upgrade our phones, they're thrown away.

Billions of plastic items are thrown out every year, resulting in plastic that ends up being dumped in landfills, incinerated or left to pollute fragile ecosystems.

The mounting plastic pollution is taking a serious toll on the environment and plastic phone cases are only adding to the problem.

What pebble looks for in an eco phone case

  • Biodegradable / compostable or at the very least recyclable
  • Proven to protect phones from drops and scratches
  • Made from sustainable / recycled / ethically sourced materials
  • Available to purchase in the UK
  • Attractive designs that look good on the phone
  • What the brand is doing to be more eco-friendly

10 Best Eco-Friendly Phone Cases As Rated By pebble

woman looking at a phone in a pink case

1. Best plastic free phone case: reboxed

reboxed make choosing eco-friendly phone cases super simple and stylish.

Suitable for most iPhone and Samsung models, their brightly coloured range of cases are made from plant-based polymers and reclaimed wheat fibres.

Not a hint of plastic in sight. Plus, they’re fully compostable.

Slim and smooth to touch, reboxed phone cases keep your phone safe from knocks, drops and bumps with their durable and hard-wearing design.

What’s more, they plant a tree for every case sold and 1% of profits are donated to environmental organisations (pebble also does this).

These phone cases are also wireless charging compatible and delivered in plastic free packaging.

pebble’s verdict:

Pros: Multiple colours | Fully compostable | Plastic free | Secure to hold | plant-based phone case

Cons: Only suitable for iPhone and Samsung Galaxy

Selection of Reboxed eco phone cases

reboxed phone cases are completely compostable

2. Best range of eco-friendly phone cases: Pela

Pela have quite literally made a case for the environment.

The makers of the “world’s first 100% compostable phone case” are determined to turn the tide against plastic waste.

Their goal is to remove 1 billion pounds of plastic from the waste stream by 2028.

Pela’s cases are made from plant-based materials that can be returned to nature at the end of their life cycle.

There’s a whole range of phone case colours and styles to choose from to suit most iPhone and android models.

pebble’s particular favourite is the Inspired By Nature collection with pretty bee cases, turtles, pink mountains and forests. You can also shop cases inspired by mindfulness and clear cases for something simple.

Pela are also certified Climate Neutral and 1% For the Planet members.

pebble’s verdict:

Pros: Suitable for iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Huawei and Google Pixel | Biggest range of eco styles | Good grip | Free of lead, BPA and Phthalates

Cons: Expensive

Woman holding two Pela phone cases

Pela have a variety of cases to suit a range of phone models

3. Best biodegradable phone case: Wave

Wave invite you to wave goodbye to plastic phone cases that get binned when you update to a newer model.

Their stylish cases are made from wheat straw and they’re completely biodegradable.

These cases have an ultra-thin design that fits perfectly to your phone.

The slightly matte finish of the materials helps you keep a good grip, but if the worst does happen, the sturdy cases offer 360-degree protection.

All cases are delivered in 100% recycled cardboard packaging.

The brand also supports Surfers Against Sewage in their fight against single-use plastic.

pebble’s verdict:

Pros: Reasonably priced | Biodegradable | Fast and free delivery

Cons: Only suitable for iPhone and Samsung | Some lighter colours may discolour

Wave case in turquoise being held up

Wave want you to wave goodbye to plastic phone cases

4. Best drop-proof phone case: CASETiFY

CASETiFY offer the world’s first customisable compostable phone case.

The material is made from a blend of bamboo and starches made from natural resources to create a sturdy eco-friendly phone case that protects your tech against scratches and bumps.

In fact, they’re military-grade 4ft drop proof.

pebble loves that once the case reaches the end of its life, it breaks down into carbon dioxide, water and other naturally occurring minerals. Absolutely zero toxins are left behind.

Customise your case with any of CASETiFY’s curated list of fonts. No chemicals or toxins are used here either.

Another reason to get behind the brand?

They plant a tree in partnership with for every compostable case sold.

You can also recycle your old phone cases with their RECASETiFY scheme.

pebble’s verdict:

Pros: Good range of styles | Customisable | Military-grade drop-proof | Zero toxins | Biodegradable

Cons: Expensive | Only suitable for iPhone and Samsung Galaxy

Two colouful eco phone cases

CASETiFY offer the world's first customisable compostable phone case

5. Best aesthetic phone case: Tech21

Tech21’s phone cases aren’t only eco-friendly but they also make the back of your phone look like a work of art.

There are some seriously beautiful Eco Art cases and more simple styles to choose from.

All phone cases in the range are made from biodegradable materials that leave no trace of microplastics, chemicals or residue behind.

Composite materials include the likes of cork and wood filler to create a sturdy case that meets Tech21's high standards.

The brand’s stunning aesthetic designs have been created by independent designers that have taken inspiration from the modern world.

Each artwork has a strong environmental or nature-inspired theme which you can take with you wherever you go.

pebble’s verdict:

Pros: Seriously beautiful designs | Biodegradable materials | Good drop protection

Cons: Expensive | Material has been known to flake | Only suitable for iPhone 12 models

Two Tech21 eco phone cases

Tech21 use independent artists to make their cases look like art

6. Most unique phone case: MMORE

Tech is not usually associated with nature but MMORE are determined to change that. They allow you to take a little reminder of nature wherever you go with their organic phone cases handmade from real plants.

Choose from a selection of gorgeous hand-carved FSC wood-backed cases.

Or feel the power of plants with cases made from dried lavender, roses or even organic arabica coffee beans.

Not only do these cases have real plant components, but they smell like them too. Think freshly brewed coffee, roses bushes and lavender fields.

Once the scent wears off (usually after a few months), you can buy a spray for it which keeps the scent for at least a week at a time.

The material frame holding the case together is polyurethane which is entirely recyclable.

Once the case reaches its end of life, you can send it back to them using their recycling programme.

If you want to go even more sustainable, browse their range of biodegradable phone cases made from flax.

pebble’s verdict:

Pros: Unique styles | Good grip | Recyclable | Made from sustainably sourced materials

Cons: Not all are biodegradable | Only suitable for Samsung, Huawei and iPhone models | Expensive

Hand holding pressed lavender phone case

MMORE's phone cases give you a reminder of nature wherever you go

7. Best recycled plastic phone case: Ocean75

Passionate about protecting our seas? Ocean75 are too.

Their affordable phone cases are made from recycled ocean plastic, most commonly starting life as fishing nets.

In fact, 46% of global ocean plastic is discarded fishing nets.

Ocean75 recycle these plastic nets in Scandinavia to make a new material that’s durable, sustainable and recyclable.

The recycled phone cases are then made in the United Kingdom with an ocean-inspired design and a range of colours to choose from.

Ocean75 phone cases are durable and fit your phone like a glove so you can feel confident that they will keep it safe.

The cases can also be widely recycled, or better still, send them back to Ocean75 and they will recycle the material into a brand new case.

For every case purchased, Ocean75 donate £1 to one of five ocean conservation charities and you can choose which one it goes to.

pebble’s verdict:

Pros: Cleans up ocean plastic | Feels strong and durable | Affordable

Cons: Not biodegradable | Hard contact or buy from brand directly | No lip to protect the screen

Two recycled plastic phone cases

Ocean75 make phone cases out of discarded fishing nets

8. Best antibacterial phone case: Loam & Lore

Hailing from Devon, family-run Loam & Lore offer a range of fun and eco-friendly phone cases in the UK.

Choose from a real wood-backed range featuring walnut and bamboo complete with wheat straw and biodegradable BPAT and TPU. Every case is different due to unique wood-grain structures.

Loam & Lore also offer sustainable antibacterial phone cases. A handy essential in the current climate. The biodegradable material has a zinc and silver ion coating which can break down 85% of common bacteria in 15 minutes.

All phone cases are slim and smooth to touch, offering shock-absorbing face down protection.

They take just 3-6 months to break down on a compost heap. What’s more, Loam & Lore plant a tree for every purchase.

pebble’s verdict:

Pros: Compostable | Shock-absorbing | Plastic free | Reasonably priced

Cons: Suitable for iPhone, Samsung Note and Huawei models only

Blue eco-friendly phone case on graffiti

Family-run Loam & Lore offer eco-friendly antibacterial phone cases

9. Best shock-absorbing phone case: Eplanita

Eplanita are all about helping you achieve a zero-waste lifestyle whether it’s in your kitchen or on your phone.

Their sleek-looking phone cases are made from a blend of wheat straw and biodegradable TPU that break down in commercial compost.

These sustainable phone cases have been tested to ensure durability and resilience. The TPU material is shock-absorbent and offers anti-drop protection.

The case is also raised around the camera and front edges to prevent shattering. If you’re unsure, Eplanita have a 12-month warranty on all eco phone covers.

pebble’s verdict:

Pros: Great shock absorption | Biodegradable | Reasonably priced

Cons: Can attract dirt | Only suitable for iPhone, Samsung and Huawei models

Stand in Eplanita phone case with orange flowers

Eplanita encourage you to lead a zero waste lifestyle

10. Best personalised phone case: Najture

Najture add a unique touch to their compostable phone covers by inviting you to personalise them with your name or statement.

What pebble loves most about these cases is that the material is composed of starches from harvest waste.

Components include the likes of soil, rice, soybeans, wheat and onions.

Once used, the case can be broken down in an industrial composting facility.

Najture cases offer a high protection guaranteed.

Their ultra-slim design has impact resistance and optimal screen protection.

Plus, for every product you buy, Najture plant a tree in partnership with One Tree Planted. A big win for this environmentally-friendly phone case!

You can also recycle your old phone cases from any brand through their recycle scheme and get a 15% discount in return.

pebble’s verdict:

Pros: Customisable | Sustainably sourced materials | Compostable

Cons: Expensive | Not many colours | Only suitable for iPhone models

Eco phone case by tree

Najture's compostable phone cases are customisable

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