Here comes the sun: Shine on with these bright interior design trends for spring

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Here comes the sun: Shine on with these bright interior design trends for spring


Winter may be hanging on by its fingernails but we're looking forward to brighter days and a spring full of vibrant colours. We've partnered with Artisan Lifestyle on some rustic, sustainable interior design ideas that will disperse any remaining winter gloom.

Georgina Wilson-Powell

Sun 4 Mar 2018

In anticipation of summer days and relaxed afternoons in the sun, Artisan Lifestyle highlights this season’s vibrant and sustainable home décor trends. Newly launched, and filled with vigour and a passion for authentic ethical homeware design from Africa, Artisan Lifestyle promotes stylishly handmade artisan decor and design trends that are committed to the use of natural, recycled or reclaimed materials.

Sustainable interior design ideas for Spring by Artisan Lifestyle

This striking Coral Bush range is inspired by succulents and their hardened beauty and has been printed by skilled artisans using authentic hand printing techniques

Plump for hand printed fabrics  

Hand printed fabrics offer an opportunity to select limited edition designs, as a way of adding personalised style and colour to your interior space. Hand printed fabrics are created with skill and care and are exclusive pieces of handcrafted artwork. 

At Artisan Lifestyle our fabrics are made from cotton and linen based cloths, which are custom dyed to a unique colour palette and our printing is done by hand using flatbed screen printing techniques. We focus on selecting bold and beautiful prints specifically designed to complement our product range.  

The Coral Bush is a fine South African shrub with drooping branches that produce masses of crimson flowers from African spring until autumn. The range is available as a table runner, placemats, napkins and cushion covers, all on 100% cotton.  

Handmade textured placemats add an ethical homewares touch

These stylish yellow placements add a natural element, and a pop of colour, to any table setting

Go for handwoven textures

Adding texture to your interior is a great way to add character and depth. At Artisan Lifestyle we love to add texture through our handwoven products, which are created by skilled artisan woman in the rural Kingdom of Swaziland. 

All of our handwoven designs are handcrafted using dried Lutindzi grass, a grass indigenous to Swaziland, which is harvested after the summer rains when the grass is seen growing in abundance. This grass is celebrated for its durability and strength and is sun-dried before being intricately woven into an array of beautiful and sustainable home décor products.  

Our intricately handwoven lampshade is also created using Lutindzi grass and then coloured with eco-friendly dyes.  We adore the striking lighting pattern cast when this lampshade is lit, it's an eco-friendly masterpiece. The placemats are also made of the same grass and crafted into a beautiful and durable artefact for your home.

Recycled glassware is an ethical homewares trend for spring 2018

These crooked stem wine glasses are wonderfully playful and truly unique

Choose recycled glassware

Sustainability and recycling go hand in hand and at Artisan Lifestyle all of our glassware designs are made using 100% recycled glass collected from waste bottles and jars.  

Disused engine oil is used to fuel the large furnaces operated in the glass blowing process. And it is yesterday’s local newspaper which shapes and protects all packaged glassware orders.  

Our wine coolers are a combination of style and inspirational design. Fill the internal pocket with ice, decant your favourite wine into the body of the wine cooler and you have a refreshingly chilled and completely undiluted glass of wine. You’ll never need an ice bucket again. Cheers!

Sustainable interior design trends for spring

It'll soon be summer...we can't wait for long weekend lunches outside in the sunshine

At Artisan Lifestyle we admire the art and soul that artisans use in their trade and we are inspired by those artisans who endeavour to take their craft one step further by caring for their environment. 

In an age of convenience, where the art of handcraft is often absent, we are excited by the challenge to find innovation and creativity and to be able to highlight the beauty of handmade artisan products.  Artisan Lifestyle is about authenticity in the home. All of our products are created from organic materials and a genuinely skilled hand.  

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