10 Favourite Ethical Jewellery Brands For Valentine's Day

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10 Favourite Ethical Jewellery Brands For Valentine's Day


Need some Valentine's Day gift inspiration? Here are our favourite ethical jewellery brands they will love.

Francesca Brooking

Tue 26 Jan 2021

The jewellery industry has had its fair share of ethical conflicts. From exploitation to environmental damage caused by sourcing precious materials, it has a lot to do to clean up its act.

Luckily, ethical jewellery brands have made the process so much easier. These pioneers prove that beautiful jewellery doesn’t have to come at a sacrifice.

What we love most about these brands is that ethics isn’t just reserved for one category. You can find luxury engagement rings, statement pieces and budget basics for any occasion.

10 Favourite Ethical Jewellery Brands For Valentine's Day

Man and woman's hands with rings on

1. Loren Lewis Cole

If you’re after a modern heirloom in the making, Loren Lewis Cole’s ethical jewellery rebels against fast and disposable fashion in favour of top-quality style that lasts.

The brand offers both fine and demi-fine jewellery for those wanting to invest in contemporary pieces at a mid-market price. Each unique item is made in England from eco silver and Fairtrade gold.

Much of Loren’s inspiration comes from her extensive work alongside goldsmiths in Asia and Africa. As a result, her designs are modern, bold and imbued in meaning.

Two gold triangle-shaped earrings

Loren Lewis Cole's jewellery collections are made from eco silver and Fairtrade gold

2. Kimaï

Want diamonds that don’t cost the Earth? Kimaï proves that fine jewellery can be transparent and sustainable with their lab-grown diamonds and ‘recycle, not resource’ philosophy.

By creating lab-grown diamonds that are physically and chemically identical to the mined versions, Kimaï cuts out the middlemen and proves that we can avoid the harmful effects of mining on the environment.

Each piece of jewellery is made to order so nothing is wasted. What’s more, their 18k gold is 100% recycled to protect the finite amount of precious metal left.

Two images in one. The left of a woman wearing an earring and necklace. The right of a woman's wrist wearing a bracelet and ring on her finger.

Kimaï uses lab-grown diamonds so no mining is involved in their jewellery

3. Leo + Lumi

For simple, timeless jewellery, look no further than Leo + Lumi. The brand focuses on minimalist everyday basics that withstand the test of time.

All items are made from solid 14k gold and sustainable HPHT diamonds which have the same physical and chemical properties as naturally grown versions. No mining involved.

What we love about Leo + Lumi is that each piece offers you the freedom to style it how you wish, whether it’s worn alone, stacked or layered.

Man and woman's hands with rings on

All items are made from 14k gold and sustainable HPHT diamonds at Leo + Lumi

4. Natalie Perry Jewellery

Natalie Perry creates everyday luxury jewellery with a Bohemian twist. Each piece is made in Natalie’s studio in London using recycled gold and silver, Fairtrade gold and responsibly sourced gemstones.

Inspired by her time in India working as a designer for one of Jaipur’s leading diamond jewellery houses, each piece is beautifully intricate and invites you to take a closer look.

In addition to Indian influences, Natalie’s signature style incorporates her love of textiles, ancient jewellery and the natural world.

Two gold flower-shaped studs

Natalie Perry incorporates Indian influences into her sustainable jewellery collections

5. Ella Stern

Ella Stern is committed to making her jewellery as sustainable as possible. She uses recycled precious metals throughout her designs and works with a London-based casting specialist who does the same.

Her ethical jewellery pieces are designed to make a statement. Much of her influences are taken from abstract sculpture and Modernist and Biomorphic movements.

Every piece of jewellery is crafted by Ella herself and she uses traditional silver-smithing techniques throughout her collections. Stocked at Zero Living.

A gold necklace with a pendant

Ella Stern uses recycled precious metals throughout her designs

6. HK Jewellery

HK Jewellery wants to raise awareness of the ethical implications of the jewellery industry, and they were the first jewellers in the world to be both licensed to sell Fairtrade gold and audited by the Responsible Jewellery Council.

The brand is dedicated to finding the most responsible source for their materials, whilst ensuring that each piece of jewellery is of the utmost quality.

HK Jewellery believes that perfect jewellery starts with impeccable ethical credentials. It has a number of useful resources on topics such as conflict diamonds, ethical gemstones and Fairtrade gold in developing countries for customers who want to get informed.

Two silver earrings and a silver necklace

You can find a number of resources on jewellery ethics at HK Jewellery

7. Seekd

Seekd is the go-to marketplace for ethically made jewellery and accessories. The platform showcases designers who are on a mission to create positive shopping choices for their customers.

Every designer has been handpicked by Seekd. A favourite is Untold Jewellery who uses ethically sourced materials to support the wellbeing of miners and producers in the supply chain.

Earring dangling from a woman's ear

Seekd is a go-to marketplace for ethical jewellery and accessories

8. Lebrusan Studio

Lebrusan Studio founder, Arabel Lebrusan was one of the first jewellers in the UK to adopt Fairtrade gold in her designs and she’s been a key anti-exploitation advocate in the industry ever since.

All precious metals and gemstones used at Lebrusan Studio are sustainably and ethically sourced. What’s more, the brand celebrates traditional craftsmanship and culture behind each piece of jewellery.

Her filigree jewellery collection supports artisans in small Spanish towns where jewellery-making is a valued craft that’s passed down from one generation to the next.

Gold ring with a jewel

Lebrusan Studio's filigree collection supports artisans in small Spanish towns

9. Red Hill Design

Red Hill Design is a nod to the environment in more ways than one.

Each piece of jewellery is ethically made using precious metals such as Sterling silver cast in Staffordshire, and hallmarked silver and gold. All gemstones are responsibly sourced and packaging is 100% plastic-free and recyclable.

Every Redhill Design piece is inspired by nature and you can easily spot elements of plants seeds, lichen, bark and texture throughout her work. Each piece is natural, ethical and beautifully unique.

A display of silver bangles and cuffs

Each unique piece is inspired by nature at Red Hill Design

10. Gillis Flowers

For those who love the unconventional, Gillis Flowers offers jewellery that is one of a kind. The brand specialises in creating beautifully crafted gifts, accessories and jewellery from old books and sheet music.

We can’t get enough of this origami jewellery collection which is reassuringly durable and water-resistant.

One particular favourite is the small rose stud earrings made from paper taken from a vintage book. Each pair of earrings is entirely unique due to being individually hand-folded and strengthened with several coats of varnish.

Recycled paper earrings

We can’t get enough of this origami jewellery collection which is reassuringly durable and water-resistant

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