Good As Gold: 11 Ethical Jewellery Ideas For Christmas

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Good As Gold: 11 Ethical Jewellery Ideas For Christmas


While it might be pretty, not all jewellery is ethically made. We look at some great ideas if you do want to give jewellery this Christmas, that use Fair mined, Fairtrade or recycled metals and responsibly sourced stones.

Georgina Wilson-Powell

Tue 19 Nov 2019

Looking for something special, but still sustainable for Christmas? Look no further. We have worked with Harriet Kelsall Jewellery to pull together amazing pieces of ethical jewellery that anyone would love to find under the Christmas tree this year. 

Scroll down and start leaving your list for Father Christmas out where people can see it.

11 Ethical Jewellery Ideas For Christmas

silver curl ethically made necklace

Necklace, £245

Recycled silver and gold is where it's at this Christmas and every eco-minded gift giver knows it. This dainty recycled solid Sterling silver curl necklace from Harriet Kelsall Bespoke Jewellery, has been set with a brilliant diamond to make it stand out on every outfit. Inspired by nature, the pendant is 9mm across and comes on an 8 inch chain.

gemstone tiny bracelet

Bracelet, £1,215

If you've been really, really good for Father Christmas, he might consider this stunning bracelet from Lark & Berry. They create all of their jewellery with lab grown diamonds and gems, which are chemically identical to mined ones but don't have as high a price tag or environmental impact. This Multi-Coloured Bracelet comes in 14K yellow gold and features emeralds, yellow and purple sapphires.

Woman with lots of gold rings

Ring, £140

Gold rings aren't just for married folks. Catch Rhys' delicate recycled 9 carat rose gold D ring is for anyone who wants to rock some minimal bling on their fingers. Treat yourself, a friend, or yes your other half this Christmas with a ring that doesn't have to be the ring. Catch Rhys is a British made jewellery brand that focuses on honestly priced, simple gold jewellery that you won't grow out of.

Brass and silver bangles

Bracelet, £195

Emma Aitchison's 'Polluted Bracelet' looks a lot nicer than it sounds! This impressive ethical jeweller is inspired by our impact on the environment and this bangle with moving recycled brass silver hoops is reflective of plastic in the ocean. The hoops are linked together by ripple beads which have been handformed. Each piece is made as sustainably as possible and her studio offsets its carbon emissions. Available on Unearth Store.

ethical gold stud earrings

Earrings, £425

If you liked the curl necklace above, check out these studs from the same collection. Harriet Kelsall Bespoke Jewellery makes them in 9ct Fairtrade rose gold (pictured), recycled solid Sterling silver and gold. The studs sit around 9mm across the front and will add an ethical elegance to whatever you're wearing. Kick off 2020 with an eco-chic addition to your jewellery box

Woman wearing gold circle pendant

Necklace, £69

Take the sun with you wherever you go in 2020 with RAW Copenhagen's handcrafted and hammered circle pendant. It comes in Sterling silver or 24 karat gold plated Sterling silver. This Danish inspired minimal jewellery brand gives 10% of its profits to charity, everything is beautifully wrapped up in recycled packaging and is a fabulous addition to your everyday ethical jewellery box. Layer it up with other necklaces for a boho look.

reyclec gold leaf stud earrings

Petal studs, £295

Ethical gold lover and jewellery designer, Natalie Perry's tiny leaf studs make a small but stunning statement of your commitment to ethical jewellery. Update your stud game with these intricate leaves made from recycled gold and .015ct brilliant cut white diamonds. They'll make your everyday look even more excellent.

Ethical jewellery Harriet Kelsall

Necklace, £495

Delicate yet miminal, this Paisley necklace from Harriet Kelsall Bespoke Jewellery, will be your 2020 go to. The trio of falling leaves design is simple but stylish and the Fairtrade 9 carat yellow gold pendant sits perfectly with an organic black or white cotton T-shirt. Want a really big treat? Match it with the Paisley earrings from the same collection below.

Faitrade gold bracelet

Bracelet, £345

Over at EC One, one of the only B Corp certified jewellers in the UK, there's this Diamond Flower Bracelet in 9ct recycled gold with a fully-traceable rose-cut grey diamond. It's perfect to brighten up a pale winter wrist and subtle enough that you can layer up other pieces around it. 

Crescent moon silver necklace

Necklace, £1,257

If you love someone to the moon and back, this stunning number might be the ethically sourced necklace for you. 18 carat fair mined gold is set with a sprinkling of ethically sourced diamonds or coloured stones, Swedish ethical jewellers, Hargreaves, will create your own crescent moon, unique to you. The moon is pleasingly reassuring to hold and wear and is inspired by a clear sky over the Swedish coast.

Harriet Kelsall ethical gold earrings.

Earrings, £395

These delicate paisley drop earrings from Harriet Kelsall Bespoke Jewellery look like falling autumn leaves and add a touch of chic to any winter outfit. Made from 9ct Fairtrade gold, they sit flat on your ear and are made by one of the UK's most high profile ethical jewellery designers, Harriet Kelsall. 

What does ethical jewellery mean?

Just as you can buy ethical fashion and food, ethical jewellery means that people and the planet aren't harmed in the making of the jewellery.

“Being "ethical" hasn't always been easy in the jewellery industry, however, with a combination of lobbying by concerned organisations like us and pressure from customers who genuinely want more ethical options, things are changing," says Harriet Kelsall. 

"Ethical choices are all about doing the right thing, making a difference and having the knowledge to get behind the headlines and find out what is actually happening on the ground.”

Here are five key things to look out:

1.) Fairtrade or fair mined gold or silver. Read more here: Going for (Fairtrade) gold: It’s time to care how your bling is born

2.) Gem stones have been responsibly sourced and the jeweller knows where they have come from. Transparent supply chains are key here.

3.) If the gold or silver isn't Fairtrade or fair mined, then it's recycled rather than using virgin mined precious metal.

4.) Look for transparent supply chains and ethical jewellers keen to show off their sources and suppliers.

5.)  It's not just about the products. Opt for jewellery studios that carbon offset their emissions, make the jewellery locally to  you, use recycled or plastic free packaging or donate a percentage of profits to charities.

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