Hit The Beach: 6 Best Ethical Men’s Swimwear Brands

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Hit The Beach: 6 Best Ethical Men’s Swimwear Brands


Eco fashion is a little skimpy in the menswear department, but it need not only be trees who have green trunks.

Still, men’s swimwear is starting to swim upstream. Take your trunks up an ethical notch by buying from some of the best sustainable swimwear brands for men, from Riz to Volcom.

Georgina Wilson-Powell

Fri 26 Jul 2019

Why should words like organic, sustainable, eco-friendly and ethically made be any more attached to womenswear than menswear? It makes no difference whether you paddle in plastic polluted shorelines wearing shorts or a bikini. Everyone wants to take to the tropics when the heatwave hits, just as everyone is affected by climate change.

Brilliant brands, like Riz, are catering for the myriad men who want to hit the beach and surf, sunbathe and swim in ethical style.

Many are made by guys who are realising boyhood ambitions of making the sports they love a major part of their lives. They recognise that if you want to enjoy the ocean and the planet they must be protected, not polluted. Therefore, this tally of ethically made swimwear for men will attract any guy who is after comfort, action, style and sustainability.

6 Best Ethical Men’s Swimwear Brands

1. Riz

Riz work closely with the Marine Conservation Society. Not only do they partner with them for beach clean ups, but for every pair of shorts they sell, they put £1 towards efforts to protect our marine environment.

Most of their products are made from 100% ‘rizcycled’ and ‘rizcycleable’ material. Riz are so into their ‘xcycles’ that once you have worn out an old pair of trunks you can take them back. The brand will rizcycle them, and offer you a 25% discount on your new pair.

Whilst this is textbook ‘sustainability’, Riz share pebble’s reservations about the word. They feel it is too general and that is why they are so dedicated to making their supply chain totally cyclical. Complete your own salty summer circle by sporting a pair of their shorts to your nearest beach clean up...then rinse and repeat.

Buy Riz here.

Read about how Riz boardshorts rocked onto the sustainable stage five years ago.

A man sitting in Riz boardshorts

Riz's eco-friendly boardshorts are some of the best in the market

2. Vanilla Sand

Vanilla Sand make their men's swimwear locally in Brazil and Portugal. The control this gives them over their supply chain means that they know what goes into their products and whose hands they pass through.

Their beautiful and fast growing ethical menswear range is made from materials that are light on your skin and light on your planet.

Made from 100% recycled ocean plastic and recycled polyester, these swimming shorts will keep you, and the earth, cooler and more comfortable this summer. Their trademark fabric designs are based on the ocean that they help to protect.

Buy Vanilla Sand's recycled plastic swimming trunks here.

Man sitting on car bonnet wearing board shorts

Vanilla Sand make men's and women's ethical swimwear

3. Bluebuck

Finding the plastic pandemic upsetting? Try upcycling the Bluebuck way. Bluebuck's eco-friendly swimming trunks are certified SEAQUAL. That means they are made from upcycled marine waste.

SEAQUAL is an organisation that collaborates with fishermen and small charities to clean up our oceans. Together, they work to remove the plastic waste littering our sea bed. The non-biodegradable debris collected is a mixture of plastic bottles and plastic packaging. It is sorted, cleaned and recycled, before being transformed into a yarn. This is spun in Spain and woven into fabric in Portugal.

Even the net used for the inside lining is made entirely from SEAQUAL recycled polyester. Bluebuck value comfort as well as beach cleanups, so their recycled plastic swimming shorts are soft and adjustable.

Buy Bluebuck's eco-friendly men's swimwear here.

man pulling boat rope wearing swimming trunks

Recycled plastic bottles make up Bluebuck's mens swimming trunks

4. Naeco

They may be 100% made from the plastic stuff, but Naeco men’s luxury swim shorts are soft, luxurious and durable. 

One pair of these recycled plastic trunks are made from approximately 15 plastic bottles. The idea behind Naeco's eco trunks is as ocean oriented as their fabric. The designs on offer include: Sea blue, reef red, ink black… are you connecting the sandy eco dots here? 

Handmade in the UK by master craftsmen, these sustainable men's swimming trunks are bold on the eye and adapted to fit perfectly to your body. Ethically sourced and manufactured, it’s a swim-swim situation.

Buy Naeco's recycled plastic swimming trunks here.

Bright blue swimming trunks

New men's swimwear brand Naeco is made from 100% recycled plastic

5. Picture Organic

The ethically made boardshorts made by Picture Organic are as fresh as the fellows who created them. Lifelong friends, Jeremy, Julian and Vincent all hit consecutive walls in their professional lives and decided to join forces to build a brand.

Because it revolves around the sports they most love it makes sense that, as winter sports worshippers, their sustainable swimming trunks are made out of old ski jackets! They're created for men who like to keep active and want to shop consciously, they are made from quick drying 4d recycled fabric.

Buy Picture Organic's sustainable swimming trunks here to go straight from surfing to seaside strolling in comfortable, eco-friendly ease.

man walking along path carrying surfboard wearing hat, rain coat and board shorts

Picture Organic's recycled swimming shorts keep things casual

6. Volcom

Volcom was a company created out of a vision to do what you love in life. This concept is behind all of their activewear, as well as their ambition to ensure there is a world left to be active in.

Volcom have designed a men’s swimwear range in line with sustainable practices. Their products are built in compliance with the highest global, social and chemical regulatory practices. Plus they have generated over a half million dollars for their non-profit partners and other community initiatives. They are increasing both the amount of recycled material and organic cotton in their men's swimwear. Comfy, whacky and eco-friendly, ride the waves with Volcom. 

Buy Volcom's organic cotton swim trunks here.

3 men's bottom halves wearing board shorts

Get some eco variety into your summer wardrobe with Volcom swimwear

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