Looking good: 7 ethical sunglasses brands that are worth your money

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Summer's almost here, we promise. And summer needs sunglasses. But there's no reason in 2019 why your sunglasses can't also be sustainable, be recyclable and help the planet. 

Georgina Wilson-Powell 2 May 2019


From fast growing bamboo to funding sight restoring programmes, these ethical sunglasses brands make it easy to move beyond just buying something because it looks good. That's not enough for us any more and we think you feel the same. Cheers to a sustainable summer.


The ethical sunglasses brand that gives back. Pala donates a pair of spectacles to those in need through African vision centres with every pair of sunnies sold. Their aim is to put people and the planet first in their sustainable production, so both the glasses and the cases are made from recycled and bio-based acetate in a range of colours. We love the MERIA frames in coral for that classic cat-eye look that'll work with any outfit.  

Pala are running an IndieGoGo campaign until 20 May 2019 to fund more sustainable styles and an outreach programme in Ethiopia. Check it out here.

Pala make ethical sunglasses that give back

Pala donate spectacles to people in need every time you buy their ethical sunnies


See the world differently in a pair of Tens' eco-friendly sunglasses. They’ll drench your world in rich, warm tones to make you feel that little bit better about the environment around you. But it’s not just all filter, Tens use both plant-based and 100% biodegradable acetate from wood pulp and natural cotton fibres to help make the world a better place. Choose the Bailey biodegradable frames for that retro look with chic gold accents.

Tens ethical sunglasses

Biodegradable acetate looks bloody goody in Tens' filtered world


'Intercepted from oceans, redesigned for adventures,’ Waterhaul’s sustainable sunglasses range is produced from 100% recycled fishing nets with recyclable mineral glass lenses. 

Frames, like the Kynance style, are unisex, completely recycled and recyclable and built for adventures. The understated, minimal design of the Kynance frames make them a perfect everyday choice, no matter where you travel to. They’re also covered by a ‘Recycle and Replace’ lifetime guarantee. Any damaged frame components go back into their recycling loop. 

Waterhaul ethical sunglasses from recycled plastics

New brand Waterhaul create upcycled ethical sunglasses from ghost fishing nets


Natural, light and strong, Bambooka are handmade using a species of giant bamboo. It grows so fast that its carbon dioxide absorption far outperforms wood. 

Each pair of sustainable wooden sunglasses sold provides an eye test and vision correction in five African countries and supports 'PEPE', a charity which seeks to help people identify and meet their own needs by teaching basic life skills. We love the Sahara style, inspired by the sand dunes in ‘The Great Desert’ in Africa.

Ethical sunglasses made from bamboo

Giant bamboo makes these wooden sunglasses that also give back

Peep Eyewear

Mixing yesterday’s designs with today’s modern lens,Peep Eyewear are your go-to for vintage sunglasses. Peep source stand-out vintage frames and restore them to their former glory. If you’re looking for those special, stand out details, check out their unique range. Not only are they sustainable but each pair plants a tree to help offset your carbon footprint.

Ethical sunglasses from Peep Eyewear

Upcycled counts as sustainable when it comes to vintage frames from Peep


Launched exclusively into Liberty's of London later this month, MONC champion a responsible design cycle to make eco-chic sunnies that could have stepped off any catwalk. Designed in London and made by Italian artisans, the brand is heralds a return to craftsmanship, care and transparent supply chains while using high quality materials that are built to last. These aren't fashion frames but unisex styles that should last a lifetime.

Ethical sunglasses from Monc

Pick up MONC's Conscious Collection, pictured here, from the end of May


w.r.yuma combines hands-on craftsmanship with next gen technology to bring you 3D printed recycled eyewear. Their products are designed and produced in-house on demand to reduce the size of their factory space. They make sustainable sunglasses from waste and then recycle them again at the end of their life, truly embracing a circular economy. Get your hands on their limited series of the Cephei style which are made from 100% recycled car dashboards.

Read our interview with w.r.yuma here.

Wr yuma upcycled ethical sunglasses

w.r.yuma's Cephei is made from 100% recycled car dashboards

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Ethical Sunglasses That Are Worth Your Money

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