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February LUST LIST: 11 eco-friendly essentials for you and your home

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February LUST LIST: 11 eco-friendly essentials for you and your home


The weather might not be improving but we guarantee your mood will improve with these fantastic eco-friendly homewares and ethical fashion for girls and guys. Discover new sustainable brands and fall in love again with heritage businesses that are supporting local artisans.

Alice Pritchard

Wed 14 Feb 2018

Artisan leather travel bags from Lewes Road

Travel bag, Lewes Road

Combining a love of fashion and travel and the environment, Lewes Road make beautiful recycled leather bags that will see you on weekend breaks for years to come. Made in an eco-conscious way with recycled leather and organic cotton, these bags are things of beauty that celebrate new adventures and spending time in nature.

Vegan trainers from ethical shoe brand Po-Zu

Trainers, Po-Zu

The vegan shoe rebellion continues with Po-Zu's new unisex high tops featuring the star of the Last Jedi, Porg. Made from organic cotton and FSC Fairtrade certified rubber, these guys will give you a spring in your step even if you're no Jedi. Available from April (they also come as a low-rider version), put your order in now.

Organic bedding, Ecosophy

The organic cotton bedding revolution continues with Ecosophy's soft and smooth 100% organic and fair trade cotton duvet sets. The cotton comes from small organic farms and is turned into bed linen at GOTS certified factory, both in India. There was never a better time to get into bed.

East African Trading Company Skinny Bangles

Skinny bangles, East African Trading Company

Why have one bangle if you can have lots? The East Africa Trading Company works with Ugandan artisans to create luxury items out of cow horn, which is usually burnt as waste. The brand has established a workshop of 40 artisans and feeds funds back into conservation to help the unique Ankole cow.

National Trust Anna Lambert homewares collection

Cushion, National Trust

Add a touch of the handwoven to your homewares, The National Trust's new Anna Lambert collection combines a subtle geometric feel with colours inspired by the Cornish coast. The cushion is made with 100% wool on a handloom and 100% goes to conservation projects.

Ethically produced organic cotton sweatshirt from Idioma

Men's sweatshirt, Idioma

Despite spring being on the way, it's still snuggly sweatshirt time. Idioma's new unisex collection is inspired by the qurstion 'Where next?' Idioma's T-shirts and sweatshirts are made with organic cotton in India and then embroidered in the UK. This is slow fashion that'll be a fast favourite.

Greeb lamp made from elements that can be recycled

Lamp, Greeb

New British design studio Greeb have been hard at working creating the perfect lamp, one that doesn't cause any waste when you're done with it. This beautiful wooden curve serves up a warm glow, plus it's made from waste products and nothing is joined permanently, meaning it can be dismantled and recycled or reused. Clever.

Ethical fashion dress from Thought Clothing

Dress, Thought Clothing

We love this simple dress that works as well over jeans as it does on its own from Thought Clothing. Made from bamboo and organic cotton it's as comfy as it is stylish and makes dressing in this cold weather a dream. Layer with a chunky mustard cardi and you're away.

Coffee logs made from compressed coffee grounds

Coffee logs, Bio Bean

Fuel your fire with these awesome Coffee Logs from Bio Bean - guess what they're made of? These flammable faves are made from recycled coffee grounds and they burner hotter and longer than wood. Amazingly, 25 cups of coffee grounds are compressed into one log.

Ethically made Coasters from Ethihub

Coasters, Ethihub

Ethihub collect fairly made, ethically made homewares and accessories - we love these coasters made from unused newspaper and organic dyes by a women's co-op in rural India. 

Pulp made lights from Artisan Lifestyle

Lights, Artisan Lifestyle

Take the zero waste approach to home decor. These gorgeous lights are made from pulped waste paper and come with soft shades of copper or gold inside. The clusters come in different lengths with a hessian cord, from new ethical interiors brand Artisan Lifestyle.

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