Holiday essentials: 7 eco friendly swaps for your going away kit

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Holiday essentials: 7 eco friendly swaps for your going away kit


All together now, 'We're all going on a summer holiday...'
Whether your holiday is to Brighton or Bali, we can all support more sustainable brands when it comes to doing our packing. Here's some of our favourites this summer.

Georgina Wilson-Powell

Thu 14 Jun 2018

7 eco friendly swaps for your summer holiday

From sunglasses to self-tan, all your holiday essentials are here - they're just from brands who are trying to do their bit for the planet. Small and large, established and brand new, widen your shopping horizons.

Genevieve Sweeney makes locally produced knitted cotton T-shirts

T-shirt, Genevieve Sweeney

Thought knitwear was just for winter? Think again. Genevieve Sweeney, one of the UK's most exciting knitwear designers. has launched a knitted cotton T-shirt range, in collaboration with British illustrator Joe La Placa. Everything is designed and made in the UK to showcase how low impact knitwear can be.

Third Oak make sustainable flip flops

Flip flops, Third Oak

Choose a flip flop that works harder for the planet. Third Oak's range of flip-flops are 100% recyclable and biodegradable, meaning they don't add to our growing plastic problem. Made in the USA, these are vegan friendly, cruelty-free shoes that you can send back to the brand when you're done for them to recycle.

Stacii Bags are a sustainable beach bag swap

Beach bag, Stacii

We are loving new ethical bag brand Stacii's take on the easy going beach bag. Inspired by farmers' bags, these are hard-wearing, sling it on style sacks in beautiful colours. Handmade with cotton by Palaung hilltribe women in the rice terraces and majestic Thai hills, these are everyday bags that will get better with age.

Juno Skincare is a green holiday essential

Face oil, Juno Skincare

We love a good travel size product and Juno Skincare's 100% natural and raw face oils and spritzers are just the tonic. They come in small glass vials, that will fit in even the smallest case and best of all you only need a tiny bit. The Eau de Parfume's feels fresh and uplifting, just like a bracing walk in the brand's home of Brighton.

Pala's sustainable sunglasses are a green holiday essential

Sunglasses, PALA

Pala certainly live up to our stylish, sustainable ethos. These gorgeous sunnies give grants directly to eyecare projects in Africa and employ African artisans to weave the sunglasses' cases. There's a huge range for guys n' girls (we're loving the huge 50s cat eyes, Maha).

Green People's self tan is a Holiday Essentials

Self Tan Lotion, Green People

Want a summer glow without heading abroad? Green People's Self Tan Lotion is free from artificial fragrances, parabens or harsh additives. Instead it relies on organic plant oils to create an easy to apply, easy on the skin tan that is quick drying and long lasting. Bring the beach look to you.

Tretorn's summer rain jacket is a holiday essential

Rain jacket, Tretorn

Summer not living up to your expectations? Take cover with Tretorn's new rain jacket, made from ghost fishing nets recovered from the sea. Of course, it's Swedish - the slick minimal design hides some clever tech - it's wind and rain proof but lightweight enough for a summer walk. Perfect for hiking by the sea.

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