How to be sustainable-ish with Jen Gale


pebblefest talk: How to be sustainable-ish with Jen Gale

Georgina Wilson-Powell 31 January 2019

How to be sustainable-ish with Jen Gale

One of our favourite eco-people, vlogger, blogger and community host Jen Gale will inspire you to becoming more sustainable-ish even if you're on a tight budget or have children.

She says: "I spent a year buying nothing new with my young family and for me this was a real wake up call. It made me lift my head and look around, away from the constant demands to buy new stuff, to upgrade, I saw the mess we were making of the planet. And it terrified me.

But it also taught me that our choices matter. That as just one pretty ordinary family (obviously with exceptionally talented and wonderful kids) we could create change.

Each time we make a different, more conscious, more thoughtful choice, about what we buy, or what we don’t buy (choosing to re-use or repair instead) we're actively choosing a more sustainable lifestyle and creating ripples of change."

Her first book will be published by Bloomsbury next year so this is a very special sneak peek of her tried and tested tricks for buying nothing, buying less, mending, making and generally being a star #everydayactivist.

Put your burning questions to her and leave feeling empowered to do more by doing less. Join us in Flat Iron Square's Alpine Lodge for this exciting talk.

Click here for Jen's simple tips on how to beat plastic pollution at home.

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