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How To Earn Sustainable Rewards For Going About Your Normal Day

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Want to be in Bagboard's secret new testing tribe? Test their innovative bag that saves plastic and earn yourself rewards from sustainable brands. It's a win win.

Georgina Wilson-Powell 19 February 2020

Bagboard, the innovative reusable smart bag and sustainable rewards scheme, is calling for sustainably minded shoppers like you to be in their secret testing tribe.

What is Bagboard?

Bagboard is an innovative rewards system that centres round reusing a paper bag that host adverts from sustainable brands. It’s rolling out in London later this year and pebble readers can be one of the first to try it out.

Shoppers using Bagboard

Reuse your Bagboard with your everyday shopping and earn rewards for money off sustainable brands

Bags of style that save you money

Bagboard is partnering with planet friendly brands to create eco-friendly paper bags that help get rid of single use plastic bags. They’re free, carbon positive and the idea is you reuse them everyday, which is what drives your reward points.

Each bag comes with a QR code, link it to the Bagboard app on your phone and get saving. 

The more you use it and the more journeys you log with your bag, the more you have to spend in rewards (called conscious coins) with conscious brands and services. Sounds good right?

Bagboard uses geolocation data to map and verify where your smart bag has been and how many people might have seen the advert on it while you’ve been out and about. But rest assured that your data isn’t for sale to any third parties and it never will be.

Help reduce single use plastic in the oceans

As well as you ditching plastic for paper bags in London, Bagboard are directing some of their revenue to Plastic Bank to help offset your plastic footprint. 

This social enterprise has set up 165 plastic waste collection centres in Indonesia, Philippines and Haiti with over 4,300 waste collectors who help stop single use plastic waste getting into the ocean and breaking down into microplastics. They earn a fair wage and can swap plastic waste for things their community needs like healthcare or education programmes.

What Are Microplastics And Why Are They Harmful?

Woman taking pic of Bagboard bag
“Each bag comes with a QR code, link it to the Bagboard app on your phone and get saving”

Where can I spend my conscious coins?

All of Bagboard’s advertisers will offer discounts but the app is also building a conscious shopping marketplace, where you can spend all of your rewards. 

Sign up to be one of the secret tester tribe this spring (scroll down to find the link) and you’ll be the first to know.

Think this is a brilliant idea? This is how to get involved

An app is about to drop from Bagboard (there’s nothing physical to waste don’t worry) and over the next few weeks their secret tester tribe will be the first to try it out before it launches across London later in the year.

Join Bagboard’s secret testing tribe here

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Meet Bagboard, the new sustainable reward scheme, that’s about to make shopping sustainably easier and more affordable. And it helps save the planet too.

Sign up to be part of their secret beta testing tribe