January LUST LIST: 13 Brands To Jumpstart Your 2020

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January LUST LIST: 13 Brands To Jumpstart Your 2020


Do some of your New Year's resolutions centre around sustainability? January is the perfect time to let go of old habits and products that are not in line with your ethical principles and replace them with more eco alternatives.

These brands will help you stick to your green goals. Want to cut back on food waste? We've got an app for that, and a lunch box.

If it's your health you're focussing on, then try some mushroom lattes and herbal teas full of healing properties.

If you don't go in for resolutions and clean slates, we've got you covered too. Christmas may be over, but it's still chilly outside! Warming vegan hot chocolate, soft snug rugs and candles will see you through to the spring.

Phoebe Young

Thu 9 Jan 2020

Little girl lying on pillow under rug

Rugs, Hug Rug

This winter we’re getting cosy with Hug Rug, who create luxurious doormats, rugs, throws and more in their zero to landfill factory in Yorkshire. We’re big fans of these guys because they create super soft rugs and throws out of recycled plastic bottles. They also use biodegradable packaging, cardboard hangers and vegetable dyes.

Hand over big saucepan

Food Waste App, Food Drop

Food Drop is a new app that ensures unsold food goes to local charities rather than going to waste. Charities use the app to collect unsold food from local outlets. When charities are unable to pick up the food they need, anyone can use the app to volunteer and help them with the collection.

Tin of leaves and cup of tea

Herbal Teas, Herbaceous Blends

They’ve cut the caffeine and put a plug in the over-packaging to build a beautiful herbal brew. This Herbaceous Blends tea is out to cure coffee addiction and plastic pollution, in a single cup. Tucked up in minimal reusable and recyclable tins, these teas come in a variety of fragrant flavours. 

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jar on chopping board with salt and lemon slices

Sea Salt, Dorset Sea Salt

Proud past winners of the Seed Fund’s Annual Prize, Dorset Sea Salt are giving the sustainable food scene a generous sprinkling of seasoning. These Dorset-based producers have a new range of flavoured sea salts. Harvested by hand from the Jurassic coast, this mineral rich salt is boiled in small batches using biomass, wind and solar energy. 

woman's mid section wearing fishnet tights

Fishnet Tights, Heist

Heist promise that their underwear is as comfortable for the consumer as it is for the planet. The Fishnet is their first recycled product. It is stretchy, soft and so sustainable. Hand-sewn and strong, this stylish number is made from over 86% sustainable pre-consumer recycled waste. 

two lunch boxes with fruit and veg

Lunch Box, Hemming and Wills

A packed lunch is the planet-friendly punch to take away food that comes covered in plastic packaging. Hemming and Wills are making it even more eco. My CleverBox is the ingenious invention that helps you to pack another layer of healthy helpings into your lunch. It is ethically made in India by a forward-thinking, family run business who value fair and safe trade.

Candles make a relaxing addition to your home and self-care routine. Here are our top picks for divine-smelling ethical and sustainable candles.

Non-toxic Candles, VOYA

They’re softly scented, they create a cosy atmosphere, they help you to recharge and relax. Most importantly seaweed brand VOYA's candles expose you to no nasties in the process. Natural ingredients is what VOYA vouch for. With a long-lasting burn time, they not only light up your living room, but boast therapeutic benefits.

Girl wearing white t-shirt

Cotton T-shirts, Origin Africa

Cotton garments bearing unique designs and formed from environmentally friendly fabric. Origin Africa clothing comes straight from artisans in countries like Mali and Ethiopia. These T-shirts and sweatshirts come in unisex styles, that will make your outfit as original as it is ethical. 

Mug with cream on top and sparkler

Vegan Hot Chocolate, Divine Chocolate

Chilly January days call for warming hot chocolate, and Divine has some of the finest and fairest of them all. The new vegan Winter Warming Spiced Hot Chocolate is full of comforting flavours like ginger and cinnamon. They're free from cruelty and guaranteed to keep you cosy.

baked earth steps with small bottle

Skincare, Inka Berber Botanicals

Sourced from the Moroccan Atlas Mountains, Inka Berber Botanicals will get your winter skin brimming with life. Bottled in the UK, this skincare brand believes in using only simple, sustainable pure products in their potions. You’ll find no fillers in these formulas, which draw on ancient beauty traditions and aromatherapy.

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Hand holding jar

Soy Candles, Subluceo

This brands vegan values are, literally, on fire. Subluceo candles are mindfully crafted to support your self care routine, using 100% natural soy wax. Certified by PETA, they are perfectly pure and cruelty free. If candles weren’t wintery already, these ones crackle when they burn. 

carton and cookies on table

Chocolate Oat Drink, Oatly

Drink it hot or chug it chilled, Oat Drink Chocolate Deluxe will be delicious either way. Oatly have made a vegan milk that is creamier, dreamier and kinder than their original. This one contains loads more UTZ certified cocoa but lots less sugar. 

packet and scoop

Mushroom Latte, Vivo Life

Mix a little mushroom magic (not that kind), and some heady herbs (not those ones), into your hot plant milk. Each of Vivo Lifes’ vegan Adaptogen Mushroom Lattes comes with its own particular properties to help you either rest and relax or get up and go. 

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