June LUST LIST: Our eco-edit of this month's favourite things

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June LUST LIST: Our eco-edit of this month's favourite things


Summer's well and truly here, but come rain or shine, there are endless eco-friendly brands starting out out there.

From handbags to bar snacks, these are some of our favourite new products to enjoy this month.

Alice Pritchard

Thu 14 Jun 2018

Ethical candles made from oil waste at Lusophile

Candle, Lusophile

We’re loving these gorgeous candles from The Greatest Candle Company, available at Lusophile. Each candle uses recycled waste oils (including ones from the kitchen - did you know we tip 90% of cooking oil down the drain) but these gorgeous fragranced flames burn slowly and cleanly. They come in scents like Fig Leaf and Darjeeling Flower.

Ethical jewellery platform Seekd has launched

Ethical jewellery, Seekd

New ethical accessories platform Seekd brings an ever changing curated roster of collections from designers who are using ethical, sustainable, Fairtrade materials and supporting social enterprises and traditional artisans through their work. Shop for clutch bags, statement necklaces, summery earrings and get ready to give the credit card a work out.

Organic Magic Coconut Oil, Dr Bronners

Organic Magic Coconut Oil, Dr Bronners

Dr Bronner's cult product, the Organic Magic Coconut Oil, is now available to buy in the UK. Made on the family's own coconut grove in Sri Lanka with whole kernels, this is a rich, buttery oil that's as good for DIY and clean skincare recipes as it is for stir fries and smoothies.

Beeswax wraps at Bee Bee Wraps

Beeswax wraps, Bee Bee Wraps

Free yourself from clingfilm with BeeBee Wraps, different sized beeswax wraps that can be reused and do the same job. Made from local beeswax, organic cotton and jojoba oil, this one year old brand has already helped avoid 1231800 uses of single use plastic.

Body yogurt, The Body Shop

Body yogurt, The Body Shop

Heard of body yogurt? The Body Shop's new range of body moisturiser is billed as a lightweight, non greasy yogurt and we're loving it. Vegan friendly, it's enriched with this summer's must have herb, moringa - from Rwanda and Community Trade organic almond milk from Spain. 

Ethical handbag designer From Belo

Handbag, From Belo

The only handbag designer to be in the global 2018 Handbag Designer Awards, From Belo is making waves around the world with its clever handbags that are made in Brazil, supporting artisans and giving back to the local communities over there. We love the Sao Paulo bag which can be worn a variety of ways. 

Vanderohe organic face oil in glass bottle

Face serum, Vanderohe

Cult beauty buy Vanderohe is packed full of the purest form of plants to make the last face serum you'll ever need. A glass bottle contains the highest grade, cold pressed organic essential oils. Fast absorbed and super hydrating, if you're looking to simplify your morning routine or travel kit, this is the way to do it. Now available at Net-A-Porter.

Socks, Critically Endangered Socks

Make your socks work harder. Critically Endangered Socks works with different wildlife charities to help save our most vulnerable species. This limited edition Amur Leopard pair, is as rare as the animals - only 1,000 were made. 20% of the total sale price of each pair goes to the charities.

Eco-glitter for summer

Eco-glitter, Boho Dust

Festival season is upon us, don't despair at the amount of plastic waste, the party's not over yet. Boho Dust is a biodegradable form of glitter. It's made from sustainably sourced, biodegradable film which breaks down. Boho Dust sell refill packs too, so keep the pot, reuse and rave on.

Batch Organics frozen smoothies

Smoothies, Batch Organics

Organic smoothies just got a lot easier. Choose your favourite organic ingredients for your morning booster at Batch Organics and they'll send you from six to 12 cups of different blends, flash frozen - just add a liquid and whizz. Choose from combos like Matcha & Kale or Cherry & Charcoal. Less food waste means frozen is the new black.

Craft beer food waste snacks

Snacks, Barmies

We love it when craft beer and food waste come together! Enter Barmies, a new baked snack made from 'beer barm' which is a fermented by-product of beer-making which is then folded into dough and baked. Each flavour is made with a particular beer from the Midlands and handmade in Nottinghamshire.

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