12 Most Sustainable And Ethical Luxury British Fashion Brands

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12 Most Sustainable And Ethical Luxury British Fashion Brands


From designer bags to gorgeous dresses, discover the most ethical and sustainable luxury fashion brands in the UK.

Romally Coverdale

Tue 25 Jan 2022

Luxury fashion can mean something different to different people. For some, it could be the craftsmanship behind the clothing. For others, it could be the high price point or simply the affiliation with the brand.

What’s always the same, however, is luxury fashion is not synonymous with sustainable fashion. It can actually be just as damaging as fast fashion due to the materials used and the extra effort it takes to make the products.

Then, of course, some luxury fashion brands have been known to destroy unsold stock which is a huge waste of resources.

Sadly, workers’ rights are no different either. It’s typically assumed that clothes with labels bearing the words “made in Europe” come from higher ethical standards. Unfortunately, it’s not the case.

An investigation by Clean Clothes Campaign found that luxury brands such as Armani and Dolce & Gabanna were paying garment workers in European countries less than they need to live a decent life.

This means the high price point you pay for luxury clothes doesn’t translate to higher wages.

The good news is luxury fashion can be sustainable and there are brands out there leading the charge. The pebble team have rounded up 12 of the best ethical and sustainable luxury brands in the UK.

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12 Luxury British Ethical Fashion Brands

Model hanging up garments on washing line

1. Mirla Beane

Champions of luxury clothing at a good value price point, Mirla Beane support local makers.

Think contemporary and stylish wallet-friendly pieces, bold patterns and comfortable hero collections for your wardrobe.

All clothes are British designed and made to celebrate local talent and cut down on carbon emissions in transport.

All factories are Mirla Beane use are accredited and all fabrics are natural, organic or recycled, proving that luxury fashion can have a conscience.

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Red haired woman in a colourful polka dot top from Mirla Beane

2. Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney is one of the most recognisable names when it comes to luxury sustainable brands and there is a good reason for it.

Using sustainable materials such as organic cotton and Econyl regenerated nylons, her clothing treats the earth as much as it does you.

Stella has been strong in the sustainable game for decades now and is a pioneer in reselling, circular design and more.

3. Teatum Jones

Teatum Jones produce top quality fashion in conjunction with supporting our planet.

Their clothing is both animal friendly and sustainable, supports transparency and traditional skills and we love their body confident approach to high fashion.

Bright, bold and beautiful!

Break up with fast fashion in this step by step guide.

Woman wearing a long blue floral dress

4. Tengri

Luxurious coats, jackets, accessories, sweaters and blankets are all made from natural materials from remote areas of the world, championing craftsmanship and heritage.

With a deep passion for supporting and protecting the livelihoods of indigenous communities threatened by industrialisation, Tengri produces clothing that's more than just a product, it’s keeping heritage skills alive.

Read more about Tengri’s support of Mongolia here.

Tengri sustainable fashion noble yarns in Mongolia

5. Gung Ho London

Gung Ho London is one of our favourite luxury brands that create beautiful, body-positive fashion but also campaigns about the issues such as Climate Change to Plastic Oceans.

Their designs are inspired by these themes and integrated into the products - meaning you wearing more than just a piece of clothing, it's the message.

Gung Ho Food for thought collection

6. Beaumont Organic

Producing clothing for mature women from eco materials with their own signature style, Beaumont Organic is about investing in pieces you’ll love forever.

We love their lambswool knits and plaid dresses.

Woman sitting on the rocks wearing a mustard yellow dress

7. Olivia Rose The Label

This label is a slow fashion brand meaning each product is handmade and designed just for you, so there’s zero waste and your purchase is personal and of the highest quality.

With a choice of retro-inspired dresses and tops, Olivia Rose is a real wardrobe treat.

Blonde woman wearing a purple dress

8. Mother Of Pearl

Mother Of Pearl are one of the most responsible slow fashion brands in London.

They are eager to lower their environmental footprint whilst producing luxury items and retain a sense of cutting edge style.

We love the fact they use deadstock to create limited-edition lines and their floaty Tencel dresses are things to treasure.

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Mother of Pearl's sustainable fashion collection No Frills

9. SEP Jordan

A brand truly like no other, SEP Jordan empowers refugees by providing them with skills and opportunities, so your purchases mean so much more than you think.

Scarves, dresses and accessories made of linen and cashmere are designed in London and then embellished by refugees.

Each garment you buy comes with its own unique story.

Embroidered linen towel

10. Ninety Percent

Ninety Percent proves clothes can be luxurious and sustainable.

These are everyday essentials like classic T-shirts and jumpsuits made beautifully in London that support the makers properly.

90% of your purchase’s profits also get distributed between five chosen charities and people behind the scenes making the clothes, all you have to do is the easy part - invest in quality products.

Why buy sustainable over fast fashion? Read our guide.

11. Dai

Creating empowering silhouettes, B Corp Dai creates luxurious womenswear with strong sustainable principles.

We love their UK made jeans, gorgeous knitwear and super smart blazers.

They also have a repair and donation scheme which gives you the chance to extend the life of your products.

Woman wearing tailored clothing from DAI

12. Nearly New Cashmere

Nearly New Cashmere Co. restores and recycles discarded 100% pure cashmere from their Yorkshire Dales base.

Available online, the serendipitous collection includes an under £45 range which features both womenswear and menswear.

Shop for staples and showstoppers this winter – quality knitwear made affordable.

Read more about sustainable wool: Is Wool Biodegradable? Bristol Cloth Is Pioneering A Regenerative Approach

woman in lambswool jumper and beanie hat

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