Menstrual Health Day: WUKA Launches New Adjustable Period Pants

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Menstrual Health Day: WUKA Launches New Adjustable Period Pants


Sustainable period wear brand, WUKA has launched the world's first adjustable period pants to help tackle taboos and challenges around menstruation.

Here's what you need to know.

Gabrielle Westhead

Fri 27 May 2022

This article is sponsored by WUKA

Leak-proof, soft and sustainable period underwear

Menstruating is a natural biological process, a basic fact of existence.

Despite this, millions of women, girls and people who menstruate are still discriminated against and stigmatised around the world.

Such period stigma can lead to lack of education, social exclusion, limited access to period products and basic services (like toilets) and poor menstrual hygiene, thus causing menstrual health needs to go unmet and life choices (including school attendance) to be missed.

WUKA is on a mission to bust the stigmas surrounding menstruation

What is Menstrual Health Day?

Menstrual Health Day, also known as MH Day, is an annual awareness day held on 28th May initiated by Berlin-based non-profit WASH United.

It is a global platform aimed at encouraging conversation and action, breaking the silence on period stigma and highlighting the importance of menstrual care, for non-profits, media, government agencies and individuals alike.

Interestingly, MH Day is observed on 28th May because menstrual cycles, on average, are 28 days in length and people menstruate an average of five days each month – and May is the fifth month of the year.

Since its first celebration in 2014, the MH Day movement continues to grow.

The theme of Menstrual Health Day 2022 is: making menstruation a normal fact of life by 2030.

In the face of a global climate crisis, the environmental impact of single-use, disposable menstrual products has never been more important to recognise and act upon too.

“MH Day is a chance to reflect on the importance of enabling people who menstruate to manage menstrual health with dignity”

Who is WUKA?

Founded in 2017, WUKA created the first reusable and leak-proof period pants in the UK for these exact reasons.

It was and still is WUKA’s mission to ensure that sustainable period pants can be accessible to all, completely replacing the need for pads and tampons.

Since then, they have innovated period pants for different flows (from light flow to super heavy), different styles (from thong to boxer shorts) and different lifestyles (from period leggings to period swimsuit) – each product certified as vegan-friendly, cruelty-free and sustainable.

The menstrual cup has long been a solution for travelling and being on the go.

Granted, menstrual cups are sustainable, mostly lasting up to 10 years with proper care, but they can be fiddly and sometimes require patience to make them work.

As an eco-friendly alternative, reusable period pants are famed for letting you go about your life without worrying about plastic waste or leaking on your period.

Despite period pants being a sustainable period product, the UK Government abolished VAT applied to women’s menstrual products but failed to put period pants in this category.

To make it easier for consumers to financially access period pants, Ruby Raut, CEO and co-founder of WUKA, has made it her further mission to lobby the government to axe period pants tax to end period poverty and make period products accessible to anyone.

WUKA's period underwear makes menstruation easier and more eco-friendly

WUKA Flex has landed – and it’s a period game changer

To mark Menstrual Health Day 2022, WUKA is going a step further.

Their newest launch is WUKA Flex, the world’s first adjustable period pants.

WUKA Flex is your go-to comfy, adjustable and detachable period pants for periods on the go – so you can focus on living your best life whoever and wherever you are.

If you’re always on the move, caught up in meetings or busy at school, then you know that being on your period in the middle of everything can bring some challenges.

How many pads and tampons to pack, how much room you have to change them, not much time – all commonplace challenges with disposable period products.

Perhaps you’ve tried period pants and can’t seem to find the right size? Then, you will know that size is a key aspect of period pants to benefit from their leak-free technology.

“WUKA Flex is your go-to comfy, adjustable and detachable period pants for periods on the go”

The solution to many period product problems

The brand new WUKA Flex period pants are the solution to many period product problems: accessibility, leaking, menstrual hygiene, size, space, sustainable solution, growing bodies and mobility limitations.

WUKA Flex represents a new frontier in modern period products, enabling women and people who menstruate the freedom to have a better period with confidence – and at an affordable price too.

In short, they are convenient and sustainable.

Ruby Raut shares how: "We’ve been racking our brains to think about the different pain points for people who menstruate, including accessibility, not having the space to change period pants and not finding the right size.

"From this, WUKA Flex was born – the world’s first adjustable period pants Plus, they’re detachable too.

"It’s a period pant for anyone who menstruates, so you can flex your flow your way."

The new Period Flex pants are convenient, accessible and sustainable

Made for everyone – for you and your friend

Many people know what it’s like to lend a pad or tampon to someone who needs one.

One pair of WUKA Flex can fit up to 4 sizes, so if your friend forgets their period product while you’re away or out and about, you’ve got the perfect solution.

Staying true to their sustainable goal, a pair of WUKA Flex is made of soft BCI Cotton with a trusted, ultra-absorbent gusset.

The fabric for the gusset isn’t bulky but thick enough to comfortably absorb period blood without that wet feeling.

WUKA Flex, with its ease of adjusting and changing, aims to help people feel clean, confident and capable during their period – a necessity that will hopefully bring the world one step closer to eradicating period stigma and another step closer to celebrating periods as a regular part of life.

MH Day is a chance to reflect on the importance of enabling girls, women and people who menstruate to manage menstrual health and hygiene with dignity, and go further – to take action.

WUKA’s period underwear can be bought online, and can be found in major supermarkets around the UK.

Learn more about MH Day, how it generates impact for menstrual health and how you can get involved here.

This article is sponsored by WUKA

Leak-proof, soft and sustainable period underwear

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