Mother's Day Ethical Gift Guide: 10 Sustainable Present Ideas

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Mother's Day Ethical Gift Guide: 10 Sustainable Present Ideas


After some lovely and ethical Mother's Day gift ideas? Any of these presents will be a special, and sustainable surprise for your mum this March 22nd. Whether she loves a classic piece of eco clothing, or she's always looking to get her bath and beauty routine more green, there will be a gift that will show her she's your top woman.

Phoebe Young

Fri 21 Feb 2020

Why not put a sustainable spin on chocolates, flowers or cookery books this Mother's Day? A Turkish towel for future travels or a beautiful basket for a beach day will bring a smile to herface the eco way. 

Does your mum like you to keep to the classics? Our favourite slow fashion staples and natural beauty products will make the perfect present too.

Maybe she has a cause she especially cares about? Take your Mother's Day pick, based on her principles. Your gift could support a brand who are conscious about their carbon or care about being cruelty free. 

woman wearing grey top

Florence Bell Sleeve Top, Mayamiko, £99

Got a mum with a chic streak and an appreciation for ethical, beautifully made womenswear? The Florence Bell Sleeve Top by Mayamiko is the garment for her. From the 100% linen capsule collection, it's made from natural flax fibre that is strong, anti-bacterial and absorbent. This present will empower the women artisans who made it in Mayamiko’s fair trade workshop in Malawi. Your mum will feel fresh, eco-friendly and fashionable wearing this limited edition piece, available in oatmeal or grey. 

Woman drinking tea and wearing shawl

Travel Throw, Arc Lore, £72

Is your mum partial to a low impact trip? Arc Lore has a gift for her next adventure. This Travel Throw has been carefully crafted from quality, 100% GOTS organic cotton. It is splendid for sensitive skin and is as soft as it is sustainable. This lovely, versatile piece has been handwoven by artisans in Turkey on traditional looms. It'll let your mum look stylish on a sandy beach or keep her cosy after a hot bath at home. This chic shawl will show her you care and be a present for the planet this Mother's Day.

Arc Lore is offering 20% off on selected products up to 1st April.

Box of products

Mother's Day Gift Set, LowToxBox, £24.95

Do you wish you could just wrap up a moment of calm to give to your hard working mum? This lovely Mother’s Day Gift Set by LowToxBox® will give her the break she deserves. All the planet-friendly products, like the Aromatherapy Unwind Soy-Wax Candle and the Natural Stress Relief Bath Salts, have been caringly curated for some rejuvenating and relaxing respite. A tree is planted for every box purchased, so this gift is as good for the earth as it is for your mum.

LowToxBox is offering pebble readers 10% off everything in the LowToxShop, including all gift sets. Just use code MOTHER10 at checkout. 

Box with bottles in it

MOA Facial Gift Set, Appletree & Avalon, £49.99

After an ethical gift that shows you care and has a low carbon footprint? This Facial Gift Set by MOA, available from Appletree & Avalon, is the magical Mother’s Day present your mum will prize. It’ll help her enjoy her beauty rituals holistically, thanks to its hot bamboo cloth cleansing kit and eco-friendly Aphrodite Facial Oil. The gorgeous Green Balm comes in a recyclable glass pot and both products are built from blends of natural ingredients. The rosehip and moisturising marshmallow will help your mum melt into luxury this March.

block of wax on white table

Luscious Wax Melts, Cottonwick Candle Co, £12.00

If you’re after a classic Mother’s Day gift with an eco-friendly flourish, then Cottonwick Candle Co have got you covered. Artisanal and elegant, your mum will love their Luscious Wax Melts. They're a present for the planet too, since they're hand poured from sustainable, locally sourced rapeseed wax and sprinkled with radiant rose petals and lavender buds. The beautiful bars also come in plastic free packaging. They’ll arrive in 100% recyclable and biodegradable glassine paper, sealed with pretty pink wax. 

The Cottonwick Candle Co is offering pebble readers 10% off orders over £20. Just use code PEBBLE10 at checkout.

bag with tassles

SKETI Fringe Beach Bag, The Basket Room, £95.00

The artisanal weaving techniques used to build this SKETI Fringe Beach Bag by the Basket Room have been passed from grandmothers to granddaughters, and now you can pass the eco-friendly fruits to your mum this Mother's Day. If she loves preventing animal cruelty as well as looking cool, they are the perfect present. They are versatile, 100% vegan and made from 100% natural and sustainable sisal. Free from plastic as well as leather they’re the elegant, ethical gift for a conscious mum.

gold necklaces

Necklaces, Oranda Stone, £70.00 - £180

If your mum likes a little sustainable sparkle, then these eco friendly necklaces by Oranda Stone will hit the spot. The London based luxury jewellery brand is as conscious as it is creative. The beautiful, durable designs will help your mum jazz up her look with ethically sourced gemstones and recycled metals. While they are a luxury ethical gift, the necklaces make for elegant, excellent everyday wear as well. Your mum will cherish this precious present this Mother’s Day.

Tub of loose leaf tea and cookies on table

Green Yerba Mate, Eteaket, £2.50 – £15.95

Do you and your mum love to connect over a cuppa? This eco-friendly herbal infusion is a warming Mother’s Day gift she’ll really welcome. The Green Yerba Mate will take her energy and health up a notch naturally. It’s sourced from the South American Holly Tree, renowned for it’s gentle, herbal high. This smokey and sustainable formula is full of deep flavour and can be enjoyed hot or cold. Everything about this tea is 100% plastic free. Show your mum some loose leaf love with a Mate this March.

bath products on table

Apricot Facial Scrub, FAIR SQUARED, £7.45

Need a zero waste gift for your top woman? If your mum likes to keep her beauty routine nourishing, natural and clean, then this Apricot Facial Scrub from FAIR SQUARED will be her eco-friendly friend. The Fairtrade apricot kernel oil and green tea in this tincture will smooth her skin and seal it with some anti-aging agents as well. Fair by name, and fair by nature, this brand is organic, palm oil free and, most importantly, plastic free.

Black tank top

Invisible Tank Top, Organic Basics, £32

Sometimes when you’re choosing a gift, it’s best to go back to basics. Your mum will treasure this Invisible Tank Top by Organic Basics for a few Mother's Days to come. It may be simple, but it is an absolute sustainable staple. Formed from premium Italian nylon, this piece is minimal in style and minimal in planetary impact. Conserve water, carbon and keep your mum comfy with one of these beautifully tasteful tops. 

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