November LUST LIST: 17 Brands For A Sustainable Season

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November LUST LIST: 17 Brands For A Sustainable Season


Now we're into November there's a nip in the air. You need to make sure you are fully kitted out with eco-friendly, slow-fashion essentials for these moody winter months.

Our November LUST LIST is full of recycled coats, cosy drinks and eco candles to help you stay snug and sustainable. As Christmas starts to raise its festive head, there are some great ethical gift ideas in this list too.

If you are not ready to give into the wet and windy weather yet, read on regardless. You'll find handmade hair clips, vegan cheese and organic jeans that have nothing to do with the chilly changing seasons.

Phoebe Young

Mon 4 Nov 2019

two bottles of Bio laundry liquid and a laundry basket

Laundry Liquid, Bio-D

Confused about what's right for your wash when it comes to looking after the planet? Let us introduce you to Bio-D. It's the UK’s leading manufacturer of environmentally responsible, ethically sound, vegan, hypoallergenic cleaning products. Bio-D creates products that don’t cost the earth in any sense, using only natural ingredients that are kind to skin. Concentrated for lasting use, they can also be used at low temperatures and on delicate fabrics. Add a little calm to your washing with Bio-D’s lavender scented laundry liquid and fabric conditioner.

Cream cheese bagel

Vegan Cheese, Kinda Co

Trying to chisel down your cheesy needs, or ditch the dairy altogether? Vegan cheese company Kinda Co have got you covered. Earlier this year, they made a huge acheesment. They were named as The Seed Fund’s 2019 champion, and for good reason. They have honed the texture, taste and aroma of their pleasingly pungent products to make them satisfying for dairy devotees. Their range includes a devilishly smokey Nacho dip, a Greek style cubed creation and (personal favourite) a luxurious Faux Lox spread. They’re nut-based, they feel naughty but they are the Kinda way to satisfy your kaso cravings.

Candles and skull

Tequila Cocktail, Altos Tequila

Celebrate this season in style with Altos Tequila’s Sunset Hummingbird cocktail recipe. They are putting a modern twist on traditional Mexican craft and helping us honour the holidays in a fun and eco friendly fashion. Their Altos Resposado 100% agave Tequila is completely zero-waste. Chanel the sustainable spirit and set up a en eco-friendly fiesta for your friends this November.

Bottle of oil and hanging banner

Argan Oil, Arganic

Arganic are introducing the ancient health aid, Argan oil, into the modern day with their award-winning product. This vegan, ethical and eco-friendly formula is sourced through farming partnerships with the local Berber women who originally harnessed the health benefits of Argan oil. They are supported with employment and fair wages, and the oil is kept consistently high in quality and completely traceable. This magical mixture has anti-aging attributes, it combats dry skin, fine lines and wrinkles, softens out stretch marks and scars and eases eczema and psoriasis.

Candle on table

Vegan Candles, Cocochi

Bespoke scents based on stories and memories. Cocochi candles are constructed with cotton wicks and carefully crafted to not pollute when they burn, since they are paraben-free, vegan and cruelty-free. Following the losses both founders experienced, these fragrances are formulated to evoke emotions and commemorate precious moments. Made from the highest quality natural soy wax and imbued with essential oils, these IFRA approved pieces are gently blazing a path towards a better future. Cocochi regularly give back to the Widowed and Young foundation as well as keeping the fragrances eco-friendly.

Man wearing jeans and boots

Organic Denim, Lee Jeans

The capsule collection by Lee Jeans features a range of fresh jackets, jeans and organic tees. These are sure to tease out your inner eco fashionista. The Candiani mill is the most sustainable in the world. They produce ‘Better Cotton’ and it's this that capsule is crafted from. Lee now use nitrogen based n-denim which uses less water, eats up less energy and requires fewer chemicals. Their iconic back patch is now produced from lovely vegetable leather too. Lees are growing a greener future, one pair of blue jeans at a time.

Hand holding small bottle

Sleep Oil, Lily & Mortimer

Moringa and Lavender is the lovely combination that makes Lily & Mortimer’s No. 8 sleep oil so soothing and soporific. This magic stuff is non-greasy and multi-use, so you can add a few drops to your bedtime bath or even use it for a facial massage. Filled with antioxidants and vitamins, it will add vitality to skin and hair by fighting fine lines and dryness. It's amazing antibacterial and anti-fungal properties will soothe sleep-inhibiting irritations like eczema and psoriasis too.

pens, pencils, paper

Pens And Pencils, STABILO

STABILO, icons of colour and creativity, are highlighting the need for us all to get our day to day greener. Their new GREEN range includes the brand’s signature highlighters, which are now refillable and made from 83% recycled plastic. Their colouring pencils are crafted from 100% FSC-certified wood as well. Triangular in shape, they help kids to grip the correct way whilst they colour.a This brand is underlining that our stationary needs to be more sustainable. Create consciously and help the planet by picking these pens for your pencil case.

two cans

Canned Water, CanO

CanO water was born out of a bid to help save our oceans from single use plastic. However diligent we are about drinking from reusable bottles, we are bound to forget and find ourselves thirsty sometimes. CanO water are made for those moments. These cans are composed of aluminium and are fully recyclable. This makes them the most eco-friendly alternative on the market. Picking a CanO water over another 'pieceO plastic' will mean fewer polluting products and more healthy marine life. 

Girl wearing big hair clips

Hair Clips, Wolf and Moon

Inspired by architecture, art and design, Wolf & Moon have a new range of simple sleek hair clips. It’s not only your style that will stand out when you sport these accessories. You will be wearing a sustainable statement as well, since these wolves use recycled wood. Hand painted in their East London studio, these cool conscious clips will keep your hair in place regardless of how wild the weather is. The clips come in pairs, look perfect worn together and epitomise the Wolf & Moon style that combines playful geometric shapes with bold colour and materials. 

Watch on table with plants

Vegan Watches, Votch

Introducing cruelty free time keeping. Votch have made a unisex vegan watch that comes in a variety of subtle and sustainable styles and colours. They look like leather, but have not hurt anyone. In fact, a portion of their profits goes to the Tiny Hooves Charity, who rescue and rehabilitate farm animals in need. Their eco-friendly faces vary in size and their straps are made from a range of different leather alternatives such as Pinatex, a product made from pineapple fibres. These watches will make a wonderful Christmas gift as they come delivered in a gift-wrapped beauty box. 

Small bottle and box with raspberries

Face Serum, UpCircle

UpCircle have got their sustainable beauty cycle sorted with their organic face serum crafted from coffee oil. Simply buy a plastic-free bottle of it and don’t ditch the dropper when it’s empty. Recycle the cap and get a refill. Jojoba, Sea Buckthorn and Rosehip oils all help bolster the collagen boost you’ll get from this formula. It is certified organic, suitable for all skin types, vegan and cruelty free. Suitable to be used as part of your morning or nighttime routine, rub it into your hair or beard too for an all over vitamin and antioxidant rich refresher. 

Woman wearing red raincoat

Raincoats, Nomads

Fairtrade and 100% ethically made from natural fibres. Nomads may have been born in the Indian heat, but they have a new range of raincoats to see you through the wet windy months in waterproof warmth. The exotic roots and colour of these beautiful breathable coats will brighten up any rainy day, without hurting the earth. The coats are completely plastic free and built from 90% biodegradable materials. Their outer is crafted from sturdy organic cotton canvas, their lining is made from soft viscose. 

Packet with plants

Organic Latte, Pukka

Send yourself into a sweet, spiced slumber with Pukka’s new Night Time Organic Latte. It’s velevetty, malty and infused with herbs that will help you relax into a restful reverie. Nutmeg, lavender, Chamomile and Ashwagandha are all muddled into this mix. People, plants and planet are all on the positive receiving end of this fully organic product too. It is certified Fair for Life: the gold standard in ethical trading. Plus, their packaging is degradable so your inner eco warrior can relax as well.

Girl's face and shoulder with woven earring

Jewellery, Caralarga Jewellery

Raw cotton threads and textile offcuts combine to create Caralarga Jewellery. This brand sees the discarded debris not as waste, but as opportunity. Made from materials, like the fibres from the mysterious sansevieria plant, Caralarga crafts contemporary pieces that revere, rather than meddle with mother nature. Artisanal skill is celebrated in these simple pieces. From textile jewellery to raw cotton clothing to interior design, Caralarga believe that simplicity and sustainability go together to make durable beautiful design that does not hurt the earth. 

Girl wearing sunglasses and black top

Eyewear, REGRIND

Eyewear for eyewear. REGRIND refuses to turn a blind eye to the fact that millions of glasses go into landfill each year. They have created a complete recycling loop for the eyewear industry. Old glasses are gathered together and then some ingenious engineering, and mind-boggling scientific magic is performed to produce their pioneering products. The old glasses are (re)ground down into the raw material, acetate. 98% of it is recycled, and it is combined with recycled Swedish steel to create brand new spectacular spectacles. 

Leopard Print fur coat, from back

Winter Coats, Culthread

Conscious creativity, threaded through stand-out sustainable style. Vegan outwear brand Culthread have two exciting new editions: Hampstead and Camden. These coats will get you covered in the warm, yet chic, winter wardrobe department. These versatile, staple items are made almost entirely from recycled plastics with a 100% recycled polyester outer and insulated with 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. Designed for women, by women, this brand has embraced the boss-lady style. They are perfect for passionate animal and planet protectors who also dress to impress. 

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