Plastic-Free Summer Skincare And Haircare Essentials: 5 Of The Best

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Plastic-Free Summer Skincare And Haircare Essentials: 5 Of The Best


Find out about the best skincare and haircare products for you and the planet this summer.

Romally Coverdale

Wed 15 Jun 2022

Whether it’s for plastic-free July, or for a permanent change, the editors at pebble have collated the best plastic-free products to integrate into your beauty routine.

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5 Of The Best Plastic-Free Summer Skincare And Haircare Essential

1. Best plastic free beauty oil: Hairy Jayne

Hairy Jayne’s Natural Beauty Oil is an essential for those wishing to swim this summer.

This multi-purpose oil is suitable for skin but it also works wonders on the hair. Powered by plants, this is a handmade natural remedy made from 100% natural ingredients and is fully biodegradable.

Hairy Jayne recommends adding this miracle oil before dipping in the sea or pool as it waterproofs the hair, leaving it protected from chemicals and salt.

Incredibly hydrating and nourishing, the oil is made from a blend of jojoba, argan, avocado and other super ingredients. It is also fragrance free, but the plum kernel oil may leave a slight almond-like scent.

Available with a pipette or as a refill, this pocket-sized protector is a staple this summer.

From £17.00 for 50ml. View on Hairy Jayne.

Hairy Jayne's hair oil against a colourful backdrop

2. Best plastic free shower bars: Weleda

Designed to elevate the shower experience with skin softening ingredients and luscious fragrances, Weleda’s vegan Shower Bars are an essential for a plastic-free shower routine.

Coming in four indulgent scents, all the shower bars are entirely biodegradable, and formulated with hydrating organic shea butter.

Weleda also go the extra mile with respect to sustainable practices, as they are ever striving to make their brand greener - having recently pledged to #SaveEarthsSkin with respect to soil health.

In addition to all ingredients being ethically sourced, all the packaging is made from at least 55% recycled raw materials.

Whether seeking a soothing shower fragranced with lavender and vetiver, or an invigorating wake-up with ginger and petitgrain, the shower bars are an excellent way to start, or end, your day.

For £4.95. View on Weleda.

hand holding shower bar and packaging against foliage

3. Best plastic free shampoo: An’Du

An’Du’s vegan shampoo bar ‘Back To Basics’ is a fantastic plastic-free shampoo for normal hair.

The brand was the first in the UK to develop a shampoo bar with bio-surfactants, which are ultra-mild cleansers that are made without chemicals.

Instead of harsh and damaging sulphates, the bio-surfactants gently nourish and protect both the hair and the scalp - leaving the hair soft, smooth, and shining.

Refreshing and neutral in fragrance, the shampoo bar helps save 750ml of water and three plastic bottles from being wasted.

With compostable packaging and cruelty free formula, An’du provides sustainable and ethical solutions for healthy hair.

For £13.50. View on An’Du.

An'du shampoo bar next to box on a counter top

4. Best plastic free sunscreen: UpCircle

UpCircle is the UK’s number one by-product beauty brand and pioneer of the ‘by-product beauty’ trend.

Their latest release of their vegan SPF 25 Mineral Sunscreen is a one-of-a-kind, plastic-free and refillable mineral sunscreen that protects the skin against harmful UVA and UVB rays and pollution.

Formulated with the highest quality of zinc oxide and vitamin E, the handmade sunscreen blends seamlessly into the skin and is suitable for everyone above the age of three months.

That’s not all as UpCircle offers a ‘Return, Refill, Reuse’ scheme which offers 20% off RRP, meaning that no product or packaging goes to waste.

Incredibly hydrating, fuelled by antioxidants, the SPF 25 Mineral Sunscreen helps protect and improve skin health making it a must have this summer.

For £24.99 for 60ml. View on UpCircle.

UpCircle Spf packaging in hand

5. Best plastic free lip balm: Neal’s Yard Remedies

While chapped lips are often associated with winter, leaving lips unprotected and dehydrated in the summer sun is also a big mistake.

This is why pebble is recommending Neal’s Yard Remedies’ Bee Lovely Beautiful Lips, with its incredibly hydrating cocoa butter, beeswax and fair trade honey balm.

Made with 99.9% organic ingredients, the formula is gentle enough to be used by those aged three and over.

As well as nourishing lips, Bee Lovely Beautiful Lips also actively supports bees as 3% of the sales go to charities that protect the vital insect.

£6.50 for 15g. View on Neal’s Yard Remedies.

person applying lip balm while looking in the mirror pebble newsletters on tablet and phone

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