Plastic Free Skincare: 15 Brands Who Nail It

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Plastic Free Skincare: 15 Brands Who Nail It


These gorgeous plastic free skincare brands in the UK make going sustainable easy and elegant.

Georgina Wilson-Powell

Wed 19 Aug 2020

We're all on board for reducing plastic waste but have you looked in your bathroom, gym or make up bag recently? They can be a catastrophe of single use plastic.

But it's not easy for small, independent skincare brands to get rid of every bit of plastic in their bottles, pots and jars.

Plastic is cheap and accessible, when you're a tiny brand being able to afford all the right packaging can take time to achieve.

With your help though sustainable skincare brands can get even bigger and better.

There are a lot more plastic free skincare options than you might think - from eco-luxe to everyday budget.

Plastic Free Skincare: 15 Brands Who Nail It

We're in love with all of the below plastic free skincare brands, many of them are made in the UK, vegan-friendly and organic.

Get stuck in and make your skincare routine a plastic free one.

1. Alchemy Oils

We're a fan of Alchemy Oils here and these all natural hair remedies have had their own makeover. They now come in travel-suitable 50ml glass bottles and recyclable packaging.

The vegan-friendly oils are inspired by Ayurveda, choose between blends to stimulate hair growth, treat hair loss and promote stronger hair.

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plastic free hair oil bottles

Alchemy Oils soothe and revive tired hair

2. By Sarah

By Sarah promotes itself as a 'transparent skincare company', from upfront labels about its ethically sourced, all natural ingredients to the amber glass bottles and jars. No plastic here.

We love the cult, award-winning, vegan friendly Organic Facial Oil.

Cruelty free and small batch, it uses apricot oil, pumpkin seed, argan and vitamin E for spectacular results.

Is Glass Recyclable? Everything You Need To Know

glass bottles of By Sarah organic skincare

By Sarah is an award-winning sustainable skincare brand

3. MOA

Say hello to the magical Green Fairy.

Eco-friendly, plastic free skincare brand MOA uses Absinthe and yarrow extract as the key ingredients for this duo hand and lip balm.

Organic, vegan-friendly and soothing, it comes in a recyclable steel pot (and won't give you a hangover).

Check out our guide to what makes a skincare brand truly sustainable here.

Tin coming out of cardboard sleeve

MOA is one of our favourite skincare brands for its multiuse products

4. KIND2

KIND2's plastic free packaging is obvious.

These hard bar shampoo and conditioner bars help make not using plastic in your bathroom normal and they've had some amazing results. They come in a simple recycled cardboard box and that's it.

Shampoo and conditioner bars last for ages and are super easy to take on holiday so plastic free haircare has never been simpler.

Read our interview with KIND2 founder: 5 Things I Learnt From Creating A New Solid Shampoo Bar Brand

round zero waste shampoo bars and boxes

Have you tried a plastic free shampoo bar yet?

5. Vanderohe

Vanderohe's No1 Nourishing Face Serum has been one of our favourite discoveries this year. The exceptionally sourced, plant based, face oil comes in a dark glass bottle and is handcrafted in London.

Inside the bottle are food grade, wild harvested, cold-pressed essential oils that will rejuvenate even the tiredest face. A plastic free, travel essential.

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Vanderohe organic face oil in glass bottle

Plant based face oil Vanerohe is good for you and the planet


Ditch the plastic pots, compacts and tubes of foundation.

LUSH's Slap Sticks solid foundation come in 40 shades, are vegan friendly and have plastic free packaging.

They're made from coconut oil (bought in Indonesia and supporting literacy programmes) and argan oil which has been ethically harvested by a women's co-op in Morocco.

black woman brushing face

Lush have created an entire range of plastic packaging free solid make up


BYBI Beauty specialise in vegan-friendly, planet friendly skincare that comes in sugar-cane derived bio-plastic bottles and pots.

We love their Milk Melt Vegan Oat Cleanser to easily get rid of daily grime that can build up. It's made of a unique jelly-to-milk texture designed to deeply cleanse the face by dissolving dirt, residue and makeup.

Combine it with a reusable make up pad rather than disposable face wipes.

pink plastic free bottle

Sugarcane offers a new alternative to oil based plastic

8. Kinkind

Kinkind make zero waste haircare and skincare bars that actually work.

There is a fabulous range of scents across shampoo, conditioners and shower bars and they're sent out in lettterbox friendly cardboard packaging.

You can even set up a rolling subscription or buy sets for the whole family. Each bar saves two bottles of plastic shampoo or shower gel. Result.

Each bar is SLS and paraben free and vegan friendly.

Use the code PEBBLE10 to get 10% off anything you buy instore.

hand holding kinkind plastic free shampoo bar

Plastic free shampoo has never smelt better

9. Jungle Straws

Skincare also means shaving right? Jungle Straws offer up a plastic free razor to save on the billions of disposable razors we get through each year, none of which can be recycled, thanks to the mix of metal and plastic fused to each one.

And unlike disposables, there's no horrid plastic packaging in sight.

Stop throwing your razors away and invest in this gorgeous safety razor, made with steel and bamboo - you replace the double sided blade. You'll want to hang onto this razor for years, it's a thing of beauty.

plastic free razor in a cardboard box

Swap your disposable razor for one you'll treasure for a while

10. Cut Le Crap

London based skincare start up Cut Le Crap go above and beyond to avoid plastic.

Think beautiful glass bottles and aluminium lids and the company is super transparent about its ethical supply chains, the ingredients that go into its really thoughtful skincare range and is open about what they're trying to improve.

This is a plastic free skincare brand on a big mission and best of all, their products are ace too. Try the Cold Press Cacay Face Oil for super rejuvenating wonder.

glass bottle of cut le crap on table

Cut Le Crap want to take on the big issues in skincare

11. Scintilla

Their cleansing products might be soft and gentle, but this plastic free skincare team are strident about their packaging commitments to the planet.

While all the products are handmade, the packaging is glass, metal and recycled cardboard (so they are fully recyclable) plus Scintilla do an annual carbon audit and offset what their emissions.

There are impressive sourcing credentials on their website as well, this is about as ethical as skincare can get.

glass bottle of bath salts with a cork

Scintilla wear their green hearts on their sleeves

12. Anatome

Anatome are a moden take on an apothecary with luxury products across organic skincare, toiletries and vitamins.

They're totally committed to plastic free bathrooms and also make sure their products support organic farming, transparent supply chains and push luxury sustainability forward.

It's new Support & Protect range includes a 60% alcohol based hand sanitiser, essential oils and vitamins.

PLastic free bottle of anatome london cleanser

Luxury apothecary label Anatome are committed to being plastic free

13. Upcircle

Revolutionary beauty brand UpCircle make fantastic skincare products out of surplus food ingredients and most of their products are plastic free as well.

We love their organic facial serum that has a coffee extract from waste grounds, plus there are body scrubs and even soaps made from used chai tea leaves.

Everything is vegan friendly, made in the UK and has no palm oil or parabens, SLS or sulfates.

All of their outer packaging is recycled and recylable and most products come in glass or metal tubes. You can order plastic free refills online and the next products will come dropper less.

Or try making your own coffee scrub from waste coffee: DIY Beauty: Used Coffee Grounds Body Scrub Recipe

glass bottle of upcircle facial serum

UpCircle make skincare from used ingredients like coffee grounds

14. Ksoni

Ksoni have gone straight for delivering shampoo and shower gel in an aluminium can and have skipped the glass or plastic debate all together.

Each can comes with a special cap that's biodegradable so it can sit on the side of your bath without spilling.

This new plastic free skincare brand is vegan friendly and all natural and has a range of three scents including calming lavender. The products are SLS, sulphite and paraben free.

31 Best Vegan Skincare Brands For A Kind And Clean Beauty Routine

ksoni plastic free shampoo in a can being held

Ksoni's revolutionary method is to use the humble can to deliver shampoo

15. Milly & Sissy

Welcome to the world of refillable handwash, shampoo and shower creme - no plastic required.

Milly & Sissy send out home compostable sachets of their skincare line, which you mix with water at home and voila. Job done.

70% of what's in our plastic haircare and skincare is water, which we all have at home, so let's cut the cost, packaging and transport emissions.

Each one is made of 99% naural ingredients which have been ethically sourced and you simply reorder the sachets when you need and they'll be delivered.

We love the glass handpump bottle that you can also buy to get you started.

skincare in sachets and a glass bottle from Milly and Sissy

Milly & Sissy offer refillable shampoo, handwash and shower creme

Want more on sustainable skincare?

Check out pebble's new Sustainable Skincare: Everything You Need To Know In One Handy Free Ebook!

Download, read, enjoy and change the world!

What do you think?

Are your favourite sustainable and plastic free skincare brands here? Let us know if you've tried any of these and what you like (or not) about them!

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