Roll up, roll up: our eco-festival guide is yours for free

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Roll up, roll up: our eco-festival guide is yours for free


Clouds of glitter, wild swimming, dancing under the stars and burgers for must be nearly time to throw the festival lever into gear. We’ve been busy beavering away to find 2017’s best festivals, scoping out our favourites in the UK and beyond.

Welcome to our first ever summer festival guide!

Georgina Wilson-Powell

Thu 25 May 2017

The guys we’ve whittled it down to don’t just commit to throwing a party, they commit to clearing it all up with as little carbon emissions as possible and helping some charities while they’re at it.

From small but mighty family run events like The Big Retreat in Wales, to festivals that want to expand your mind, educate your stomach and exercise your dance groove, our eco-festival guide is split into easy to discover sections, with something for everyone.

Obonjan festival camp site

Discover festivals at home and abroad

We’re the only people to highlight the commitments each festival makes to the environment and the initiatives they're implementing to keep the impact as light as possible. 

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Party greener, party smarter and party on.

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