9 Sustainable Denim Brands For Ethical Jeans

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9 Sustainable Denim Brands For Ethical Jeans


Looking for ethical jeans? Discover pebble's 9 favourite sustainable denim brands for every style and shape.

Romally Coverdale

Thu 31 Mar 2022

Everyone has their favourite pair of jeans, but do you ever think about how they’re made and the toxic chemicals that go into them?

Denim has a huge environmental impact due to:

  • Toxic chemicals used in their dyes leading to pollution of waterways.
  • The huge amount of water needed to create denim which works out to about 9,500 litres per pair of jeans.

There’s also a reliance on unsustainably grown cotton which causes desertification and needs harsh pesticides and chemicals.

Studies by scientists today are showing that millions of tiny pieces of blue jeans are flooding into the Arctic and will continue to spread if we don’t make a change.

Don't worry, you don't need to ditch the jeans yet. The good news is there are plenty of denim brands that do good and make their clothes responsibly.

Scroll down to discover the best sustainable denim brands that make shopping for eco-friendly jeans a breeze!

model leaning back in denim dress, in front of a pond

Bending over backwards looking for for ethical denim? These brands can help!

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9 Sustainable Denim Brands For Ethical Jeans

1. Arkdefo

Arkdefo understands denim’s harsh impacts on our environment and reduces it by using recycled denim.

You can even #donatedenim to them and they’ll turn them into reformed pieces.

model wearing long denim coat, walking through highland fields

2. Nudie Jeans

One of pebble's favourite sustainable denim brands, the Swedish Nudie Jeans not only sells 100% organic cotton jeans that are fully eco-friendly but offers repair services for them as well.

After you’ve worn them enough, recycle them through their website and they’ll use the scrap fabrics for trendy bucket hats!

model in flared jeans with leg up in an underpass

3. Boyish

Boyish is solving the number one harmful effect of the denim process: toxic dyes.

Their solution is the plant-based dyes that go into the making of their stylish and ethical jeans.


Zero waste denim is the goal of E.L.V DENIM’s completely sustainable and upcycled jeans.

Each pair of jeans is made from an old pair and so on, to never waste denim while recreating new loved and unique pieces.

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5. DL1961

DL1961 combats environmental issues within its premium sustainable jeans in numerous ways, starting by shredding old jeans and post-consumer waste (plastic bottles) into their own friendly yarn.

They use waterless laser and ozone tech to construct their famous high rise vintage style jeans and any water that is used gets treated and recycled in-house with their treatment plant.

Model against plain background in denim boiler suit

6. MUD Jeans

Focused on a circular economy, MUD jeans use 40% post consumer recycled cotton alongside organic cotton, making them one of the best sustainable denim brands.

They encourage recycling your old jeans through their ‘take back’ scheme which aims to reduce waste.

Saving water is done through their recycling plants and to top it all off, MUD jeans are carbon neutral by using low energy production techniques.

Read more about MUD: Meet the brand who want you to lease their jeans

7. Organics Basics

The clue might be in the name but Organic Basics only uses a mixture of natural, recycled, biodegradable, low impact and renewable materials to make its timeless denim.

They combine this with responsible technologies to ensure their products are sustainable and to lower their environmental footprint.

Model standing in corridor, hands in pockets

8. Kuyichi

Kuyichi are another Dutch brand making a range of sustainable jeans with longevity in mind.

They use recycled cotton, polyester and denim alongside organic cotton and Tencel.

Using processes such as low impact washes and environmentally friendly dyes, they contribute to a cleaner denim footprint.

someone's back, demonstrating their denim jacket and jeans

9. Baukjen

Baukjen is a London based B-Corp that sells ethical jeans as part of their collection.

They make most of their clothes in Europe, are carbon neutral, ensure fair living standards are met, use low impact dyes and sustainable materials.

Choose from a range of styles (boyfriend, girlfriend, flares) for under £100.

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