28 Sustainable Homewares To Update Your Home This Summer

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28 Sustainable Homewares To Update Your Home This Summer


Explore the best sustainable homewares to help a spring clean or a summer refesh. We've rounded up our favourites.

Romally Coverdale

Sun 15 May 2022

Whether you are looking to cultivate you home into a sanctuary, seeking adventure, or just wanting to make some great steps towards greener living, pebble has brought together the best sustainable homeware brands to help you achieve your eco-goals.

From replacing single use plastic with reusables to looking more holistically at creating a healthy home environment, check out 28 of our favourite pieces this summer.

28 Sustainable Homewares To Update Your Home This Summer

1. WaxWrap: the new clingfilm

Wax wraps are the new household saviour for going plastic-free as they are an easy eco-alternative to clingfilm, aluminium foil and single-use plastic.

Humbly made from organic cotton impregnated with beeswax, pine resin and organic jojoba oil to create a breathable, pliable covering, these hidden gems are both flexible and long lasting - with proper care they can last up to a year or more.

Ethical, sustainable, and Vegetarian Society approved, WaxWrap's products are so easy to use that it makes you wonder why we still use the single-use alternatives?

From £12.00. View on WaxWrap or via Planet Organic and Whole Foods Market

variety of fresh produce and WaxWrap products displayed on a counter

2. Homethings: the best washing up liquid

Homethings is all about customers buying products rather than packaging, so their refillable washing up liquid seems like an obvious option.

With their home delivery sachets creating 50ml of washing up liquid, they are trialling the UK’s first powder-to-gel refillable eco washing up liquid.

From diluting the sachet, within 10-15 minutes, you have a powerful, grime-fighting washing-up liquid in a reusable and refillable bottle, making it another win for both buyers and the planet.

From £7.50. Use code PEBBLE20 to get 20% off. View on Homethings.

washing up liquid sachet being poured into bottle

3. If You Care: the best compostable sponge cloth

Amazing for a spring clean, If You Care’s sponge cloths work wonders in the kitchen and bathroom.

Made for effectively cleaning surfaces, these extremely absorbent cloths are made from 100% renewable sources and absorb up to twenty times its own weight in water.

If You Care’s Sponge Cloths are reusable, and washable, which extends their life up to 300 washes. And when the time comes, they are suitable for composting!

5 x sponge cloths for £4.58. Buy on Ethical Superstore.

sponge cloth in packaging against orange background

4. Point Virgule: the best looking reusable spray bottle

Point Virgule’s Boston Glass Bottle with Spray is made from amber coloured glass, and is designed to be used over and over for a wide variety of products.

It is a great vessel for homemade cleaning products, or for those bought in a store.

Once no longer used, the bottle can then be recycled.

Both beautiful and handy, the Boston Glass Bottle elevates any cleaning cupboard.

For £5.00. View on Pangaea Home.

5. Fifth Origins: the best throw

For those looking for comfort, this breathable and luxuriously soft reversible muslin throw blanket by Fifth Origins adds a subtle pop of colour into any area of the house.

Made from 100% Muslin cotton, these charming blankets make for a perfect gift.

Handwoven in Turkey, each blanket is individually crafted with pride and each purchase supports families and centuries of tradition.

Get comfortable for €79. View on Fifth Origins

woman reclining on beanbag with blanket

6. Reswirl: the best toothbrush

Reswirl are known for their infinite toothbrush - their plant-based toothbrushes that have never seen the landfill.

By promoting a circular economy, Reswirl’s toothbrushes can be infinitely recycled making them the world’s first zero waste toothbrush.

Their ‘infinite’ toothbrushes are a must-have edition to any eco-bathroom, available upon subscription and saving the planet from the standard 3.5 billion plastic toothbrushes sold worldwide annually.

From £5.49. View on Reswirl.

Woman holding a Reswirl toothbrush

7. Smol: the choice for eco-friendly laundry

Smol’s vegan and eco-friendly laundry capsules provide wonderful clean laundry. They are the most effective concentrated laundry capsule in the world.

Available in both bio, and non-bio, as well as fragrance-free, all their capsules have proven performance.

Arriving with ease and in style in plastic-free packaging that fits right through the letterbox.

Not sure how you feel? Smol offers a free trial of 9 washes for just the cost of postage!

24 x capsules for £5.30. View on Smol.

cardboard box of smol eco friendly laundry tablets

8. Scentered: the best refillable candle

Love candles but hate waste? Natural and vegan friendly candle brand, Scentered, offers wax refills for your favourite candles.

Choose a Refill Duo or go for the Candle & Refill Gift Set to receive the glass candle holder.

All candles are made with 100% natural wax and essential oils. The refills are packaged in eco boxes made with recycled paper and vegetable inks.

From £30.00. View on Scentered.

Candles and refillable containers

9. Bide: the best eco-cleaning box

Add an eco twist to your cleaning routine with bide’s Ultimate Eco Cleaning Box.

Inside the box, you can find dishwasher powder, washing up liquid concentrate, toilet cleaning bombs and more. All plastic free, zero waste and vegan too.

What’s more, the B Corp and social enterprise creates opportunities for marginalised women to make a living from home.

£22.90. Buy on Bide.

An array of bide products against a green backdrop

10. Common Texture: the best placemat and napkins

Brighten up your dining experience with Common Texture’s pure linen placemat and napkin sets.

Whether it be for special occasions or everyday dinners, the dynamic placements are ideal for both casual and sophisticated settings.

Made from pure flax linen and eco-friendly dye, these durable sets are also machine washable and easy to clean.

Treat yourself and your guests to these handcrafted artisanal accents, made in a fair trade studio in India for your dining room.

For €68,00. View on Common Texture.

placemat and napkin displayed on wooden table with dining set

11. Nookary: the best all-purpose cleaner

Nookary’s Probiotic All-Purpose Cleaner that comes complete with a glass spray bottle and refillable pouches which can be returned to Nookary.

Scented with natural essential oils, the non-toxic formula uses a specially selected live bacteria which safely and effectively cleans around the home.

It will keep your surfaces hygienic and free of germs long after you stop cleaning too.

From £9.50. View on Nookary.

Nookary surface cleaner on a counter, with dappled sunlight and lemons

12. Dip & Doze: the best ethical bedding

Time to upgrade your sheets? Go cosy, organic and Fairtrade with Dip & Doze.

Featuring a luxurious range of bed linen, sheets and more in neutral shades, the homeware brand uses the finest sustainably sourced and ethically produced GOTS certified organic cotton.

The cotton is also free of pesticides, grown using 80% rainwater and has a fully traceable supply chain.

From £35.00. View on Dip & Doze.

Life style photo of bedroom, focus on double bed

13. Pudding Pot Lids: reuse your glass pots

It’s time to stop hoarding disused pudding pots! Pudding Pot Lids encourages the upcycling of disused glass ramekins that come with Gu/Aldi/Lidl desserts.

Made with high quality bamboo and a silicone suction seal, these lids transform the ramekins into storing anything!

Whether storing spices or for snacks on the go, Pudding Pot Lids makes you question - why weren’t there lids in the first place?

From 2 x lids for £4.99. View on Pudding Pot Lids

Hand holding glass ramekin of olives lifting up lid

14. Kin & Kloth: the best towels

What’s nicer in summer, than super soft lightweight towels?

All Kin and Kloth towels are made using ethically sourced GOTS-certified organic cotton and each one is slowly hand-woven on traditional wooden shuttle looms and supports artisan weavers and their families.

These traditional hamman towels dry super quick (so they’re perfect for wild swimming or the beach) and double up as picnic blankets, sarongs and sofa throws.

For £35. View on Kin & Kloth

turkish towels hanging from kin and kloth

15. La Basketry: the choice for a picnic

It’s time to enjoy a picnic in style with La Basketry’s Handwoven Picnic Basket now available for a pre-order.

Handwoven by the artisans in Segal, this picnic basket is designed with space and sturdiness in mind.

Easily carry treats to a field with the strong handle made from ‘ronier’ palm leaves, and available with a green or yellow accent, or a completely natural colouring.

Get closer to nature, family and friends this holiday break.

For £59.99. View on La Basketry

woven basket amongst grass, flowers and picnic foods

16. Lusophile: the handcrafted jug

Lusophile’s Terracotta Spatter Jug is a part of their Casa Cubista collection.

This unique handmade jug features a spatter design, achieved by wheel-throwing paint and being painted by hand.

Made in Portugal, this earthy-toned jug makes an attractive addition for any room in the home - whether it be a vase, or jug for water.

For £30. View on Lusophile

Paint splatted jug against plain background

17. Clean Living: the best eco-friendly mop

Clean Living’s Biological Multi-Mop Cleaning System helps customers achieve a deep and long lasting clean on a range of hard surfaces.

The intensive cleaning system has a wide variety of components in order to provide the best items to combat grime in the home.

Of which includes vegan biological floor cleaners, mop pads and a handy multi-use scrubby.

What’s fantastic about this mop set is that it is fully recyclable, reduces house waste, and is 100% biodegradable.

For £199.99. View on Clean Living

Person spraying the floor with a Clean Living bottle and mop

18. Chalk & Moss: the best wooden shelves

Elevate your room with Chalk & Moss’s Wooden Wall Shelving Components, made from British sycamore, oak, elm, or ash.

Create a customised modern shelving unit by pairing a variety of shelves and brackets, adding a visually dynamic space suitable for any room.

All the components are handcrafted by John Eadon using natural materials from Eadon’s own family farm, and finished with a hardwax oil.

From £40. View on Chalk & Moss.

Shelving with books, planets and other items against a plain wall

19. briiv: the best air purifier

briiv’s air purifier is the best combatant for indoor pollution. Why? Because it uses biodegradable materials to filter the air, unlike traditional purifiers.

Once the filters need to be replaced, the briiv app notifies the user, and the old filters can be popped into the compost.

The air purifier is also incredibly low energy to run.

Their sleek and sustainable design makes briiv’s non toxic air purifier an easy choice.

For £299.00. View on briiv.

man on sofa next to briiv sustainable air purifier

20. Kalinko: the best lamp

The Anita Lamp Shade by Kalinko is a memorable yet modest piece of design.

Made from amber glass for the bass, a 100% natural rattan internal zin frame, and a stunning hand woven lampshade, this lamp is great for large tables or as a ceiling pendant.

Handwoven in Burma’s Pathein region, the lampshade casts gorgeous shadows and adds a visual dynamic to a cosy corner of the house.

For £95. View on Kalinko.

lamp casting lined shadows in a cosy bedroom

21. Beebombs: the choice for the garden

Want to give thanks to the bees and other happy pollinators, or just want to add some colour to your garden for spring?

Beebombs offer handmade, native wildflower Beebombs that contain over 1,000 seeds.

Containing an even mixture of annual and perennial flowers, these seedballs will provide stunning plants for years to come.

With no plastic in the packaging, and the bombs made sustainably, there’s no easier way to make flowers bloom carefree.

From £7.99. View on Beebombs.

beebomb pouch with dried flowers and cushions

22. Panda’s: the best bath mat

Panda’s Bamboo Bath Rug is an easy way to transform the bathroom into a comforting space.

Made with luxuriously soft bamboo and cotton, this rug absorbs an exceptional amount of water without sacrificing longevity or comfort.

Available in four warming tones, Panda’s Bath Rug comes with a one year guarantee and each purchase contributes to social improvement.

For £32.50. View on Wearth London

stack of different coloured towels

23. Kin + Kind: for those with pets

If you have a pet, specifically all the cats and dogs out there, then Kin + Kind’s house cleaners are a must have.

Made from natural and renewable ingredients, their Pee+Stain+Odor Destroyers collection is great at eliminating smells and stains from carpets, hardwood floors and surfaces (with one specific to litter odour for all those kittens out there).

These cleaners are cruelty-free and their ingredients mean that they won't harm pets and people alike.

From $14.99. View on Kin + Kind.

product image of kin and kind's pee and stain and odor destroyer

24. reboxed: to protect your phone

For those seeking a bit more protection for mobile devices, reboxed is the place to go.

Made from moulded plant-based fibres, their phone cases are stylish, simple, and entirely compostable - it’s never been so easy to protect your phone and the planet.

That’s not all: for every phone case purchased, a tree is planted and 1% of every purchase goes to global environmental organisations.

From £20. View on Reboxed

Mint green Reboxed eco-friendly phone case

25. Papertile: the best wall decoration

Papertiles are a fun and creative way to decorate and soundproof a room.

Coming in a variety of shapes and colours, these papertiles are made only from recycled paper that have been collected from local businesses.

Currently available in hexagons, squares, and subtitles, these handmade tiles will be coming in more varieties in the future.

Due to the lightness of paper, these tiles are also incredibly easy to install. See what you can create with Papertile.

For a quote, view on Dear Human.

papertiled wall, collage of hexagons, in a kitchen

26. Grind: the best coffee pods

Grind’s Nespresso Coffee Pods are entirely compostable and delicious.

Their ground breaking products fully decompose within six weeks (faster than grass cuttings), which is drastically faster than traditional coffee pods that take 500 years.

Available upon subscription, Grind coffee offer letterbox-friendly refills for their customisable storage tin.

It is not just the packaging that works wonders; the coffee is Soil Association approved and ethically sourced.

Finally, Grind is carbon-positive, so every purchase helps support the protection of trees!

From £9.95. View on Grind.

grind coffee pods laid out on wooden surface

27. Ticket To The Moon: the best hammock

Hang out in the garden with style, using Ticket To The Moon’s hammocks.

Ethically handcrafted in Indonesia, TTTM hammocks have been loved across the globe since 1996.

With incredible durability, including the ability to withstand extreme weather conditions, they are made with high quality, pesticide-free silk nylon.

Coming in a variety of colours and patterns, these hammocks are great for those wishing to recline in a sunny garden or go on an adventure.

From £59.95. View on Ticket To The Moon

person in hammock by a pool

28. Kate Austin Designs: the best tea towels

Kate Austin Designs’ Home Summer Collection has arrived to brighten up the kitchen.

Their tea towels, which are GOT certified organic cotton, come in a variety of gorgeous patterns and colours created with non-toxic dyes.

These kitchen staples are turned into art by master printers in India, who are employed alongside other local businesses and professionals.

Ethical, sustainable, and stylish, elevate your kitchens with Kate Austin Designs.

3 x tea towels for £47. View on Kate Austin Designs

3 green tea towels hanging against blank background pebble newsletters on tablet and phone

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