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Sustainable stocking filler guide: 9 Christmas gifts that anyone will love

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Sustainable stocking filler guide: 9 Christmas gifts that anyone will love


There’s nothing we love more than a good stocking on Christmas morning. Ditch the high street and embrace a world of wonderful ethical and sustainable gifts from independent brands putting purpose before profit.

Georgina Wilson-Powell

Thu 1 Dec 2016

A grey herringbone ethically made scarf hanging on a wall

Ash and Rose’s herringbone patterned snuggly wool wrap doubles as a blanket and a scarf and is subtle enough to throw on over anything. Made in India it’s created by fairly paid artisans and sourced by Dolma, a California company who work with women in South East Asia to support their communities.

Bamford candle in a glass jar

Get all hygge with a couple of gorgeous candles. Bamford’s moss candle smells like forests in winter with a soft smoky scent tinged with herbs. Boutique brand Bamford’s organic products are sustainably sourced and made with luxurious materials.

A tube of Buckler's miracle chapped skin cream

Retro looking Buckler’s chapped skin remedy is an award-winning miracle in a tube. Manly enough to tackle anyone’s cracked paws (including hikers and snowboarders), the cream is rich, soft and non-oily. Made with chamomile, calendula, aloe juice and Shea butter – with no nasties like paraben or petroleum, it'll soon be a winter essential.

Two Denik notebooks laid out on a wooden bench

New year, new journal right? Who can resist these gorgeous notebooks from Denik. This small brand get artists and designers to send in artwork which is then printed on the notebooks, with a percentage of profits going to building schools and supporting the artists.

A curled up Slider belt from Elvis and Kresse

Hold your hose. Elvis & Kresse turn decommissioned fire hoses into super cool belts (and wallets and bags), with 50% of the profits going back to the Fire Fighters Charity. The slider belt features a cool antique brass buckle and will leave a fire in your heart.

A bottle of Fair vodka on a kitchen counter

Christmas isn’t Christmas without booze, right? Fair vodka uses Andean quinoa bought at a fair price from farmers which is then distilled in France. It might seem like peak hipster but Fair is gluten free, award-winning and is sourced ethically and sustainably. Cheers!

A box containing a stainless steel Give Me Tap water bottle

Never be thirsty again with this sleek stainless steel water bottle from Give Me Tap. Brandish the bottle at hundreds of outlets across cities in the UK and US and they’ll fill you up. Plus each one bought gives a person in Ghana five years of clean water. Better still it’s for sale on the Big Issue Shop which sells a range of social enterprise’s products.

Two of ila's festive crackers containing organic skincare

Being green and being pampered can go hand in hand. British organic spa brand ila’s two Blessing Crackers are perfect stocking gifts. Choose from rewarding your face or body and get energising and rejuvenating skincare miniatures that are bang on for nature lovers.

A handwoven colourful camera strap on a hessian sack

Inspired by the wonderfully colourful weaving found in Guatemala, Ixchel works with women-lead co-ops in the country and uses their handmade weavings across all sorts of bags from totes to backpacks and these colourful camera straps. They’re a fab find for the budding photographer in your life.

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