The February LUST LIST: Top Picks From Veganuary

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The February LUST LIST: Top Picks From Veganuary


Did you try Veganuary last month? It came up with some fabulous ethical fashion, cruelty free skincare products, and epic plant-based food! Here's the run down of some of the best vegan burgers, backpacks, kind teas and tinctures.

Whether you climbed aboard the vegan wagon, whether you were plant-based to begin with, or whether you're just not into that kind of thing, these eco products are guaranteed to help you with your next ethical purchase.

They are high quality, cool, stylish and sustainable and will see you into February feeling healthy, looking fancy and not supporting the planet.

Phoebe Young

Tue 4 Feb 2020

Eye Cream, Whitfords

Luckily Whitfords, a new, truly 100% plastic-free botanical brand has launched with an eye-saving product: Fruits & Seeds Eye Cream. Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of its name! This little gem is packed with highly effective actives like Natural Ectoin (this wonder ingredient from nature has some amazing research and protects from environmental stressors whilst tackling the appearance of wrinkles!)

Click here to get your exclusive pebble discount on Whitfords skincare products.

woman holding bottle

Reusable Water Bottle, Nought

Keep your cocoa hot and your kombucha cool. Heat can neither escape nor enter the Nought bottle. It has a wide, rounded rim and a high quality grip that makes it simple to sip whilst you’re out on the go. These bottles come with a built-in carrying loop too, so you can keep them close and always have your hot drink handy. 

legs in white tights and dance shoes

Vegan Shoes, Foncene

These beautiful vegan shoes will walk you back to England’s traditional ballet and tap dance past. They are elegant, fun, feminine and totally free from cruelty. The Isobel by Foncène is handcrafted by artisans in their London Atelier. Its classic style will help you stand out and transcend the trends.

bowl of noodles

Jackfruit, Uptons

Jackfruit is jumping to the top of the delicious vegan delicacies list and Uptons are up on this! Their Jackfruit is pre-seasoned, packed with flavour and makes the perfect alternative to pulled pork. Try out the Thai Curry, the Sweet & Smoky, the Bar-B-Que or explore your own exciting flavours with the Unseasoned Original. The meaty texture will confound the most confirmed carnivores.

woman carrying string bag

String Bag, Jungle Vine

Gather your groceries into the greenest bag on Earth! Zero waste, carbon negative and reusable, The Jungle Vine foundation have devised the Nature Bag from a vine that requires no cultivation, irrigation or chemicals. These beautiful vegan string totes, purses and scrubbers are handmade by indigenous Khmu artisans in remote villages in Northern Laos.

Vegan shoes, Aera

They’re helping quality, seasonless design and style to step in line next to sustainability. Aera makes shoes that look like they’ve just walked off a high fashion runway, but these pieces are Peta approved, and planet friendly. Aera’s fully vegan kicks are crafted by small, fairly paid and treated artisanal family run factories in Veneto, Italy.

girl sitting down and looking up

Organic Vegan Clothing, Rozenbroek

Your ‘go to’ for gorgeous organic vegan garments. Rozenbroek make their durable designs to order, to reduce their waste and to relish their relationship with you, the conscious consumer! Every piece of simple stand out mens and womenswear is handmade in Rozenbroek’s very own solar powered factory.

bottles and plants

Vegan Beauty, Love, Beauty And Planet

These products from Love, Beauty and Planet will truly do wonders for your body and hair. They are fully vegan and infused with all natural ingredients and no nasties. Essential oils are used to scent your scalp and skin. Their organic and exotic sources, like Moroccan Mimosa flowers, are sustainably sourced and will boost your health.

lemon and a cup of tea

Herbal Tea, GREK

Brew up some health benefits. The special, hand-selected herbs in GREK tea can only grow in the Greek sunshine. These eco-friendly infusions are made by a family in Maidstone who work closely with their farmers. Whichever flavour you fancy will come free from dairy, gluten and added sugar. 

tub and orange slices

Vegan Deodorant, The Natural Deodorant Co

Free, from absolutely every nasty. The Natural Deodorant company has come up with the sweet smelling, soft on the skin solution to sweat. Vegan friendly and verified cruelty free, this brand has taken all the plastic out of their balms and creams, and created them from 100% natural ingredients.

pile of fruit and sweets

Vegan Vitamins, Nourished

Feel vital this Veganuary. These plastic free, Plant-based Power Stacks by Nourishedwill pull you up to peak wellbeing. They are the world’s first ever 3D printed vitamins, designed especially for vegans and veggies. Subscribe to get a compostable box of sweets delivered to your doorstep each month.

girl sitting down with arms up

Vegan Activewear, Horizon Athletic

Fueling your workouts with plant-based food this Veganuary? Horizon Athletic is helping you get your gym kit as kind as your catering. Their range of fully vegan activewear is formed from recycled fabrics, like old fishing nets, to protect the eco-system and ensure you have an environment to exercise in.

chopping board with sausages on it and dip

Vegan Cocktail Sausages, Gosh!

Try this tasty finger food, read about its ingredients, you’ll say its name out loud: Gosh! Is here to help you glide through Veganuary this year. These vegan cocktail sausages are the ultimate crowd pleaser at a plant-based party. Palm oil plays no part in their ingredients and they’re free from the top 14 allergens too, including gluten, nuts and soy to name a few.

Bottle of oil

Vegan Facial Oil, Sleep Siren

Do you count sheep to help you sleep? Then it makes a lot of sense to use some vegan slumber support. The Dream Dream Dream Facial Oil by Sleep Siren is the sustainable way to help you slip away each night. This beautiful botanical is made from a heady blend of soporific spices from the Silk Road.

coconut bowl full of fruit and smoothie

Coconut Bowls, Cocabana

These 100% natural and organic coconut bowls by Cocabana were created to encourage you to live a healthier more natural life. Enjoying your vibrant, fruit-filled vegan breakfast out of a uniquely shaped shell is sure to get your day off to a great start. Since they are literally crafted from coconuts each bowl will have its own special texture, markings and mouldings.

Two burgers

Vegan Burgers, Oumph!

Planning to see out Veganuary with a fabulous plant-based feast? Give it some Oumph! These barbecue burgers are the 2020 winners of the prestigious Vegan Burger Awards, and for excellent eco reason. As well as being tender and flavourful, they are infinitely environmentally better than beef, not to mention kinder to cows.

Girl wearing backpack with arms up

Vegan Backpacks, Ucon Acrobatics

They’re cool, tailored and cut for an active lifestyle. You can get up to all kinds of antics in these backpacks by Ucon Acrobatics. They have a roll down top and adjustable straps so you can store your sandwiches safely and carry them out and about in eco comfort. They are fully vegan, made from ecological recycled PET fabric, and each one is built from approximately 20 plastic bottles.

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