The March LUST LIST: The Best Sustainable Products This Month

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The March LUST LIST: The Best Sustainable Products This Month


Every month we rate and review our favourite eco products. This list was first published in March 2017.

Jessie Dodd

Wed 12 Aug 2020

Teas to trendy satchels, March's LUST LIST is sure to get your retail juices flowing.

Everything featured is ethically made and fairly sourced and we'll think you'll agree any of these would be a worthy addition to your home or day. Let us know your favourites in the comments below.

The March LUST LIST: The Best Sustainable Products This Month

A man carrying an Ono cork satchel

Ono Creations

Ethical and elegant, Ono Creations' gorgeous satchels are made from organic cork, wood pulp and bamboo and prove sustainable is seriously stylish. Everything is made fairly and there are clutches and totes too. We love!

MOA cleansing ritual on a wooden table


MOA’s Daily Cleansing Ritual is soft, simple and sustainable. Its cult Green Balm includes organic yarrow to soothe and heal, tea tree oil, beeswax and sweet almond - and comes with a bamboo face cloth that’s naturally anti-bacterial. It’s a ritual we can get behind.

A pretty canister of Niche tea

Niche tea

Upgrade your teatime with these gorgeous tea caddies and all organic, ethically sourced teas from Niche. Different blends are designed to help you glow from the inside, carefully balanced to taste great and work hard. Choose from Mind (which includes lime leaves,yerba and lemongrass), Body, Cleanse and Sleep and let the herbs handle it.

A close up of CMMNTY tshirt


CMMNTY are a spirited lot. This collection of artists are making one off T-shirts that can be worn or hung as art with the profits going to support homeless people through Emmaus. Everything is ethically produced, artists get their work out there and the money funds great projects. Three reasons to expand your wardrobe.

A close up of a Vertue beauty box

Vertue Box

Treat yourself to a bi-monthly beauty box that's packed with green, clean and cruelty free must-haves. Vertue make short work of cleaning up your beauty regime with up and coming and established green certified brands.Mini boxes start at just £18 (or you can get a box as a one off gift) and 10% of profits goes back into environmental charities.

Two African women farmers holding a bar of Divine chocolate

Divine chocolate

Our favourite chocolatiers Divine have created a women's empowerment bar that highlights the growing role women farmers play in creating Fairtrade chocolate. It's still the only chocolate company owned directly by the growers and farmers.

Hemp clutch bags from Eliza Eliza

Eliza Eliza

Eliza Eliza’s cute clutches are made from organic hemp and cotton, with linings and zips that pop with colour. They’ll perk up a wardrobe that’s emerging from winter and the outer hemp means they’re super long lasting. Different sizes can hold everything from make-up to iPads.

A close up of an orange blanket


We're in love with these Luks linen blankets which come in gorgeous shades for spring. They're ethically produced by a family company who guarantee them for 20 years with free fixing thrown in. Buying less but not sacrificing on style has never been easier and it's the ethos of online store Buy Me Once (where you can buy Luks).

A woman in a howies waterproof jacket


Welsh outdoors guys howies have gone 100% PFC and PTFE free. What’s it mean? That all harmful PFC chemicals (perfluorochemicals) have been banished from their activewear, something that’s not as common as you’d think. Greenpeace recently named and shamed some of the biggest outdoor brands for continuing to include them and the US and Canada are currently studying their long term effects on humans.

A bottle of Olverum by the bath


Get ready for 'bath nirvana'. Luxe bath oil Olverum has been using a concentrated mix of essential oils from 10 plants since the 1930s but has been repackaged for a modern audience. It's been a cult buy for years, now it's your turn.

Obeo box on a work top


The war on food waste continues. Obeo is a breathable fibre box that will hold up to two kilos of food waste without leaking or smelling, making it super easy for you to recycle food scraps without having to deal with stinky bins.

A woman doing tree pose in an Asquith top


British athleisure brand Asquith's new spring collection has us feeling blue - in a good way. It's all made with organic bamboo and cotton, and produced in a family owned factory in Turkey (who also work with Jean Paul Gaultier).


Orama's pretty bracelets pack a punch. 10% of the profits go to Opportunity International, a micro-finance firm that lends small amounts of money to disadvantaged women so they can expand their farms, shops or community projects. Two delicate collections means there's something for everyone.

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