The March Must Haves: This Month's LUST LIST

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The March Must Haves: This Month's LUST LIST


This month's LUST LIST showcases the latest pieces of slow fashion to see you through these final freezing weeks and a few that look forward to, dare we say it...? Spring! Check out some amazing waterproof sneakers and recycled raincoats and lust over some lovely summer linen.

Phoebe Young

Thu 5 Mar 2020

If you want to welcome in the new month with an eco-friendly fresh slate, then why not invest in some ethical cleaning products or organic candles to get yourself set up for the sun to come? Stock up on some delicious healthy vegan snacks and drinks to keep up your natural high as you look forward to that blue sky. 

Check out our March LUST LUST below.

woman leaning hugging man and holding box

Hair And Beauty, The Conscious Beauty Co,

Want to get rid of single use plastic in your shower but not a hard bar fan? The Conscious Beauty Co is the London start up working on a Reuse, Refill and Recycle model. You’re sent aluminium bottles to reuse and then pouches you refill and return (for free) so they can be recycled. The unisex, vegan hair and body range has been created with lemongrass, coconut and pomelo for a fresh take on personal care. 

Their New Year No Waste Box is only £30 - a massive 40% off. If you want to try Conscious Beauty Co out, pebble readers also get an extra 10% off. Click here to get the discount.

woman wearing yellow co-ord

Linen Clothing, Mayamiko

Versatile, cooling, made from natural fibres and just gorgeous to wear, we’re loving ethical fashion label Mayamiko’s spring pure linen capsule collection. It’s slow fashion and super sustainable, thanks to flax being one of the hardiest plants on the planet. Invest in a wrap tie top or dress or a laid back singlet and shorts for a relaxed beach look (summer is round the corner right?). 

Get 10% off the linen range at Mayamiko. Click here to get the discount.

can and coffee beans

Coffee Kombucha, Equinox

Specially crafted from a unique starter culture, this Espresso Coffee Kombucha by Equinox will give you a truly healthy kind of high. You’ll experience a wholesome heady hit of antioxidants and naturally occurring acids that will leave you feeling recharged. You’ll energise the earth as well as yourself when you enjoy Equinox, because this drink comes in 250ml fully-recyclable cans. 100% organic, raw, vegan and gluten-free, making it kind to creatures as well as your gut.

Woman wearing dress

Womenswear, Twenty-Seven Names

Attention to detail in name, attention to detail in nature. Twenty-Seven Names think about the impact of every inch of material they use to make their unique pieces. They like to use their favourite method of recycling as often as they can when crafting these iconic creations: saving and savouring surplus production stock material. Their bold and signature yet wearable womenswear also bolsters the small businesses they work with. 

Woman wearing trainers

Women's Sneakers, Timberland

Walk into an eco-friendly February wearing these women’s Emerald Bay sneakers by Timberland. When you prance around in this fine footwear you will be protecting the earth you’re exploring. They are made out of 100% recyclable material which is built from recycled bottles. You can lope and lunge securely, since their laces are 100% recycled PET and their midsole is shock absorbent thanks to its all-day, eco cushioning EVA. 

Person carrying bag with bananas on it

Shoulder Bags, Kind Bag

Bold designs made out of plastic bottles! Kind Bag take these terrible polluters, and turn them into soft and strong RPET fabric. Their pretty and practical bags are built to be even more waste-free, since they are made from a single piece of material. They come in 12 creative prints, so you can personalise your plastic free shop with anything from bananas to palm leaves to boobs!

feet standing on rock

Vegan Sneakers, Komrads

Step into sustainable current culture with cult shoe brand Komrads. The APL is a vegan sneaker that looks stylish and once tasted sweet...Amazingly, it is made from apples! The upper is formed from waste apple skins and cores. It has been crafted into a new, durable raw material that is a kind and high quality alternative to leather. Breathable, ergonomic and eco, they are the earth’s Komrads as well as yours.

girl with hand in her hair

Dresses, Christy Dawn

Give your next party outfit an ethical upgrade with a planet friendly dress from Christy Dawn. You’ll feel fantastic as you fight fast fashion in these multi-occasion, covetable creations. The frocks are forged from deadstock fabric. So, rather than buying new material, each piece is patiently and sustainably brought back to life by skilled artisans. 

woman wearing necklace

Jewellery, Yago

Statement jewellery, straight from the streets of London, literally. Yago pieces are built from LDPE plastic that is collected from the capital’s community, where the accessories are crafted. They are transformed into fashionable earrings, necklaces, key-rings and cufflinks in the heart of the smoky city whose pollution they are purging. Spark imagination and create change with this colourful eco-friendly invention.

wicker bag

Bags, KAYU

Natural and organic, the straw used to weave this delightful Daisy bag by KAYU is strong rather than synthetic. These bags come in a range of rustic, yet smart styles and sizes. Any scraps are used to fuel the KAYU factories or form new accessories. Woven by women cooperatives in the Philippines, whose craft has been passed down through generations, these pieces are packed with artisanal culture as well as your possessions. 

Bottle standing next to bathroom sink

Liquid Soap, Dr Bronner's

Cleanse, shave, shampoo, soak and swill with this single, sustainable miracle from Dr Bronner’s. It sounds impossible, but the Pure-Castile Liquid Soap exists, does all this and it is a sustainable life saver. These doctors have devised a planet-friendly, fully vegan formula that you can do everything with, from washing your hair to cleaning your teeth. 

Ditch the disposables: 9 ways to create a plastic free bathroom

bottle and slices of mango

Kombucha, Humm Kombucha

Organic, low in sugar and bursting with probiotics: forget the caffeine kick and go for a fermented and totally natural high with Humm Kombucha! This vegan booch is the best, because it not only boosts your health but keeps your taste buds happy too. Available in six exciting flavours, from Lemon Ginger to Coconut Lime, it’ll get you feeling alive. 

Pile of shampoo bars

Shampoo Melts, Conscious House

The power to keep your hair, your health and your earth clean, all packed into one little bar. These Green Clean Shampoo Melts by Conscious House show us how to shower better. They use an eco friendly, vegan and waterless formula that forms a soft silky lather once you’ve wet your head. Their rich plant extracts and essential oils nourish, protect and promote hair growth so well that you won’t need to condition afterwards. 

Man in a snow storm

Ski Jackets, Picture Organic Clothing

Summoning all sustainable snowboarders and skiers: The Harvest Jacket by Picture Organic Clothing is your cool eco ticket to a sustainable snowy escape. It is built from a bio-based membrane created from castor oil, rather than polluting petroleum based materials. That means this outdoor wear is leaving some seriously impressive tracks on the renewable technology slopes. 

Eco Skiing: How To Hit The Slopes Sustainably This Winter

Girl wearing dungarees in skate park

Denim Wear, United Change Makers

Got a fear of falling out of fashion? United Change Makers have the Capsule Denim Collection to keep you cool for years to come. The timeless designs of these beautiful dungarees and jeans are making a sustainable dent in the disposable industry. They are soft, 100% organic and have adjustable knot tie shoulder straps for your eco ease. And UCM are also in our The Best Ethical Clothing Brands - 20 for 2020 - who else is in there?

bag of coffee beans and cup of coffee

Coffee, Yallah

That morning caffeine kick. When you crave it, you need a bag of beans that are robust, reliable and as eco as they are energising. Introducing Yallah’s Trust El Recuerdo Coffee.  Yallah is from a far flung corner of Columbia, crafted by a co-op of women who work to support their community. Their coffee factory is run with renewable energy and the coffee kept fresh in degradable packaging.

cloth and bottles on marbletop table

Cleaning Products, Clean Living

Keep the planet as spotless as your surfaces with the Clean Living Range. You won't find any horrible hazard warning signs on this brand's reusable aluminium bottles, because they trust that nature knows best. This range achieves its radical results with healthy bacteria, super effective enzymes and a sparklingly sustainable cycle. 

Organic Candles, Skar Organics

Skar Organics are sparking an eco-friendly flame with their Organic Orange Spice Candle. It is the first in the UK to be fully organic! The FSC certified wick is naturally processed, and the ingredients include a blend of organic beeswax, coconut and essential oils. This candle boasts aromatherapy benefits along with a beautiful standout style. 

cereal bars and coffee

Vegan Nutrition Bars, Human Food

Yes, they’re vegan but they are far from rabbit food. These brilliant Human Food bars have been specially designed to support people on plant-based diets. On top of being tasty, they are built with the ideal formula of bioavailable wholefood extracts, to help us humans achieve optimum natural nutrition. 

Man leaning on bunch of flowers

Puffa Jackets, PANGAIA

You need some planet-friendly padding to get you through the chilly months, and PANGAIA has the sustainable solution. They have produced an incredible, biodegradable puffer jacket. With their awesome oversized style, and a hood to keep extra heat in, it is made from a fabric that includes natural wildflowers, which contribute to a healthy habitat and help conserve local butterflies. 

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