Vivobarefoot’s Sustainable School Shoes Review: Let Young Toes Wriggle

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Vivobarefoot’s Sustainable School Shoes Review: Let Young Toes Wriggle


Reimagining footwear that’s good for your sole. pebble reviewed Vivobarefoot's sustainable school shoes to make going back to school more eco-friendly.

Romally Coverdale

Fri 29 Jul 2022

Vivobarefoot was founded 10 years ago by two seventh-generation cobblers, their focus is on shoes that feel as close to nature as possible.

Products are designed to be regenerative to human health by creating a wide, thin, and flexible shoe which strengthens feet and feels much more like being barefoot. This in turn encourages more physical activity.

During term time kids are likely to spend more time wearing school shoes than trainers.

children's shoes worn on carpet with legs

Ill-fitting or poorly designed shoes constrict growing feet as well as all important play. This is why investing in shoes that encourage natural movement and healthy feet is a really good idea.

What makes Vivobarefoot sustainable?

Did you know almost 2 million shoes end up in landfill every week?

Depending on a child’s age, they could easily be getting through two-three pairs of school shoes a year.

A child might go through around 25 or more pairs of shoes by the time they hit age 12.

Vivobarefoot have not scrimped on quality of their kids range meaning that the durability of the shoe should very well outlast the child’s usage.

The range has been designed to be enjoyed by many future owners. To help increase the life of the shoes they have created ReVivo, their refurbishment website where you can buy reconditioned Vivobarefoot products, which will keep them out of landfill for longer.

children's shoes in box
“Did you know almost 2 million shoes end up in landfill every week?”

Unboxing Vivobarefoot’s Primus School II Kids

We received the Primus School II Kids in Obsidian which retails at £70.

To make ordering a little easier the website had a nifty tool which allows you to quickly work out your child's foot size without the guesswork or having to find a shoe shop to do it for you.

This was greatly appreciated as it is one of the reasons I avoid buying children’s shoes online.

For any child who watches YouTube, the unboxing of a product is taken very seriously.

The shoes arrived promptly in a large plastic envelope which was made of 80% recycled material and is also recyclable.

The shoebox and the bits that are put in the shoes to keep them in shape were all made of cardboard and could easily be recycled or composted.

It also comes with a QR code welcoming you to their vivohealth hub, designed to help you get the most out of your purchase and get to know the community.

child hugging children's shoes

Vivobarefoot’s Primus School II Kids review

I have been aware of Vivobarefoot shoes before and was looking forward to seeing if they lived up to the hype.

VivoKids has recently been named Best Kids Footwear Brand by the top fashion industry Drapers Footwear Awards, with judges noting their philanthropy and "real dedication to both children’s and planetary health". Sounds good to me.

First impressions of the shoe were really positive.

They looked good and are made from natural and recyclable materials, a particular favourite was that the material around the ankle was soft, rather than hard leather that always rubs on new shoes.

They were quickly tried on and declared very comfortable and that they would be very happy wearing them to school. (street cred test passed - phew).

As a child, I hated wearing constricting shoes that didn’t allow me a chance for a good toe wriggle and I was very excited to see designs now allow a bit more freedom for feet.

The soles were very flexible, with a good grip on the bottom allowing for a lot more movement in the feet and all important tree climbing and leaf crunching on the way home from school.

children's shoe box - open

Pros: All orders come with a 100 day trial which allows you to change your mind and return them hassle-free. This gives extra peace of mind when ordering online.

Cons: £70 is a lot to pay for a pair of kid's shoes.

I’m not saying that they aren’t worth the cost but buying shoes for ever growing feet is always a bit of a gamble and they could grow out of them in literally weeks.

Currently, they have an offer where you can return any pair of Vivos by the end of August and you get a 20% off Kids voucher to use on the website. They will then refurbish and resell them on ReVivo.

Where to buy Vivobarefoot in the UK?

Vivobarefoot shoes can be bought online or in their in person shops across the UK, they have one in London and one in Glasgow.

Either visit their website and order straight from there, or use their handy store finder to find a shop near you.

schools shoes on their own

How to return Vivobarefoot shoes?

Returning the shoes is easy. Simply go onto, select the region from which you are returning from, and fill out the form provided. Easy!

Note that customers from the UK, US, and Europe can send their Vivos in for free.

In fact, in time for the back-to-school season, Vivobarefoot are offering 20% off a new pair of Kids' Vivos once any pair of Vivos are returned! Find out more here.

PLUS Win Two Pairs Of Vivobarefoot School Shoes Worth Up To £140

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