5 Ways To Change Your Fast Fashion Habits Today

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5 Ways To Change Your Fast Fashion Habits Today


We can all make a difference. Here’s how to make more of an impact via your wardrobe by changing your fast fashion habits.

Romally Coverdale

Tue 25 Jan 2022

As much as we hate to admit it, fast fashion habits are hard to break. From payday treats to impulse buys and ‘I’ll just pop in after work…’ shopping for clothes is convenient and easy.

Whatever reason lures us in, fast fashion is one of the most polluting industries for the planet - and also one of the most exploitative.

The only way to make an impact is to demand change from the industry by ditching fast fashion for a slower, fairer and more sustainable version.

5 Ways To Change Your Fast Fashion Habits Today

1. Buy less and buy better

It may be tempting to buy three tops for £15 each but consider whether they’re a worthy investment that will last.

Cheap clothing tends to be short-lived and poorly made meaning more waste when inevitable wear and tear starts to appear.

Consider buying fewer items made from better quality and eco-friendly materials.

You may end up paying more but ethical fashion’s higher prices reflect the true cost of fair wages, sustainable materials and eco-credentials.

Find out more about the cosy of cheap clothing: What’s Wrong With Fast Fashion?

2. Take the 30 wear pledge

Give yourself a new shopping rule. Before you buy anything, ask yourself if you’re likely to wear it at least 30 times. If the answer is no, back on the rack it goes.

Coined by Livia Firth, founder of Eco-Age, the #30Wears pledge helps you slow down and break up with the fast fashion mentality of constantly buying and only wearing a handful of times.

Instead, you’re giving your clothes the lifespan they deserve.

3. Learn your most common shopping triggers

Sometimes we shop because we get the itch. Or maybe it’s to fill a void, make us happy or fix feelings of insecurity and boredom etc…

Look at the clothes in your wardrobe that you’ve only worn once or twice and ask yourself why that is.

Is it the fabric, colour or shape?

Or is it something about you?

Then interrogate your shopping urges and the needs you’re trying to fulfil.

Reduce temptation as much as you can by unsubscribing from brand newsletters and deleting shopping and buy now pay later apps from your phone.

Understanding your triggers will help you resist those quick fix purchases and cut down on your fast fashion habits.

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4. Have a clear out

Most people wear 20% of their wardrobe 80% of the time and one way to beat fast fashion is to get to know your wardrobe inside out.

Dig through the clothes you hardly wear so you know exactly what you need and what you don’t.

You may find some forgotten gems or ones that need a speedy exit to the charity shop.

Try your clothes on too.

You might come across outfits you’ve never thought of.

Then, keep clothes tidy and in good condition to make them easier to find. There’s nothing worse than rummaging through stained and rumpled clothes to find that one top...

5. Go secondhand first

Need something in particular or want to add more pieces to your wardrobe?

Instead of buying new, go secondhand first.

Browse vintage and resale shops online, swing by your local charity shop or veto buying for renting clothes instead - a handy one if you’ve got a special event lined up and you know you’re not going to wear that outfit again.

You could even ask a friend to do a clothes swap. You get a new wardrobe update whilst keeping a lid on your fast fashion habits. It's a win-win!

The more we buy secondhand instead of new, there’s less demand for new manufacture and less waste goes to landfill.

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Check out our sustainable fashion guidebook.

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