5 Of The Best UK Eco Spas You Need To Visit

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5 Of The Best UK Eco Spas You Need To Visit


From ethos to action, these eco-friendly spas are some of the best in the UK. Explore the UK's eco-spa scene with us. It's time to relax.

Romally Coverdale

Wed 15 Jun 2022

What’s better than relaxing at a spa knowing that the planet is benefitting as much as you are?

Here are pebble's best loved eco-spas around, that give you that luxurious getaway and indulgence but also help to restore the world too.

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5 of the Best Eco-Friendly Spas in the UK

Woman in an infinite pool looking out towards the sea

1. Cloud Twelve

Cloud Twelve presents the best resort island experience in central London.

Away from the chaos of everyday chores and polluted city fumes is an outstanding and relaxing experience.

Inspired by Japanese spa culture, they believe that the spa experience should be a part of the weekly routine no matter your age.

Cloud Twelve is a combination of lifestyle and wellness clubs.

With over three floors dedicated to bringing together individuals, including both adults and children, their aim is to build a community.

There are areas of play and learning for children, luxurious salons, spas and wellness clinics alongside a brasserie.

Cloud Twelve does more than bring people together. It encourages a sense of mindfulness of the natural world.

Organic, natural and sustainable solutions are a part of their philosophy and this is reflected in the cultivated environment.

lit candles

With respect to spa treatments, they offer an expansive range from facials to pre/post natal treatments.

They also offer indulgent wellness programmes and packages that include spa treatments as well as healthy dishes from the brasserie to carry on the pampering.

Cloud Twelve offers sustainably sourced herbal remedies that can be bought, made by founder and herbalist Jenya Di Pierro - including remedies suitable for children.

In terms of sustainability, all the resources are crafted from natural, sustainable and biodegradable materials; they also aim to be 99% paperless in the near future to reduce the carbon footprint.

They also actively support PETA and Children International, making a social as well as sustainable impact.

pebble’s verdict

Pros: Donates to charities | uses sustainable materials | actively reducing carbon footprint | activities for children | eco-friendly sourcing | hosts events | spa can be used by non-members

Cons: Doesn’t say where sustainable materials are sourced | doesn’t mention what “all the resources” are | could implement green energy | no overnight stay

From £85, see Cloud Twelve

Man having a spa treatment facial

Treat yourself to a soothing facial at Cloud Twelve

2. Titanic Spa

The UK’s first eco-friendly spa, Titanic Spa, is located in the heart of Yorkshire.

Experience this multi-award-winning destination with equal emphasis on caring for guests and the environment.

Whether a day visit or an overnight stay, Titanic Spa, provides customers with a welcomed break.

With an impressive commitment to sustainability, Titanic Spa is built on a natural spring which supplies the entire building. They have photovoltaic solar panels to capture sunlight all year round and strive to be energy efficient.

They also ensure that all skincare companies they use aim to be carbon neutral, sustainable and ethical.

Titanic Spa reduces waste as much as possible through recycling and printing of brochures to be kept to a minimum (they themselves are made of recycled paper and vegetable ink).

camera focused on candle with massage in background

The spa also makes and cleans the towels used onsite, through sustainable measures - reducing the carbon footprint of transportation.

Likewise, all the food is sourced from local, organic and fairtrade farms.

The overnight spa package includes three meals, access to experiences, bar, leisure club, and areas of the spa.

A day package, on the other hand, gives the guest a complimentary use of robes, towels and slippers and a light lunch.

Titanic Spa partnered with Skcin, a skin cancer charity, in 2019 to help staff spot early signs of skin cancer.

They've also collaborated with Born Free Foundation to raise money for endangered wildlife around the world.

pebble's verdict

Pros: Green energy | transparent | aiming to be carbon neutral | sustainable suppliers | overnight stay | energy efficient buildings | natural water source | onsite cleaning and making | actively reducing waste and recycling | award-winning | Charity partnerships

Cons: No area for children

From £35, see Titanic Spa.

A lioness sleeping in the shade

Titanic Spa has partnered with the Born Free Foundation

3. The Scarlet

On the breathtaking coast in Cornwall, overlooking the beach The Scarlet finds its place. With a rooftop garden and gardens around the land, it makes an ecological and aesthetic addition to the beach.

Customers can visit the clifftop wooden sauna, with small windows gazing out to the coastline, or the indoor pool heated by solar systems and surrounded windows letting in natural light.

The Scarlet offers wellbeing classes alongside the luxury treatments, steam rooms, pools and sauna.

At the end of treatments, customers are invited to spend time in the deep relaxation room’s suspended cocoon pods.

If customers wanted to get closer to nature, the outdoor pool is amongst the garden and naturally cleaned with reeds and algae.

The building itself is built with materials that are repurposed and recyclable.

a countertop with soap, candle and ointments

The energy of the entire spa is taken into consideration, using 100% renewable sources and extra measures to minimise energy consumption and waste.

The sea breeze helps regulate and refresh the spa, and the biomass boilers heat the buildings.

The Scarlet offers overnight stays and supplies its guests with locally made soaps to be taken home.

To save waste, the water from showers and baths are used to flush the toilet and they provide a 24/7 tea and coffee service to their guests.

pebble’s verdict

Pros: Can stay overnight | eco-friendly | encourages local wildlife | building built to be recycled | 100% sustainable energy | support local businesses | support local charities

Cons: Only those aged 18 and over

From £30 in addition to hotel booking, see The Scarlet

A natural swimming pool overlooking a cliff in Cornwall

The Scarlet has a gorgeous outdoor pool

4. Herb House at Lime Wood

The Herb House in Hampshire is known for its herb garden on the roof, where customers have the opportunity to do yoga, and the gorgeous forest views.

Whether it be from the sauna or double treatment, guests can enjoy the forest landscape.

They are also known for their 100% natural mud baths, which have authentic detoxifying properties combined with gentle steam to make a relaxing experience.

Working with companies all over the UK, Herb House, offers its guests treatments made from natural ingredients, and an onsite boutique supporting like minded businesses.

One of the companies, VOYA, has led the way for organic skincare worldwide, and at Herb House they offer their seaweed based skincare range handpicked from Ireland.

They are also partnered with Belu water to reduce the amount of plastic and packaging used, to minimise their environmental impact.

Belu is proud of their 100% carbon neutral status, and partnership with WaterAid giving 100% of profits to end water poverty.

Feel-good and healthy food and drink are provided at the spa, which is sourced locally and is packaged in recycled or fully biodegradable materials.

Limewood's wooden sauna with forest view

There is also an opportunity to exercise at the onsite gym, and outdoor studio space fit for training with their personal trainers either solo or with friends.

Guests can end their trip browning in their curated Spa Shop, filled with the ethically and sustainably sourced products from around the British Isles.

pebble’s verdict

Pros: Overnight stay | charity work | partnered with small businesses | encourages local biodiversity

Cons: Over 18s only

From £30, see Herb House

Herb garden on roof

Look at this thriving rooftop garden!

5. Coworth Park Spa

Visit the luxury getaway of Coworth Park Spa, on the Ascot estate in Berkshire. Surrounded by the park’s woods, it is ideal for a quiet retreat.

Offering nail care to full body experiences, there are many professional treatments available.

With an onsite pool, gym, parlour, and rooftop gardens filled with lavender, chamomile, and thyme, everything about this escape feeds the senses.

exterior shot of the spa

Designed with sustainability in mind, the spa is orientated to the sun’s path to maximise light and heat, and made from carbon negative materials, like lime hemp, to minimise the building’s footprint.

With a biomass boiler and groundwater heat transfer system, the spa operates at the lowest emission rate.

For wellbeing, relaxation and enjoyment, the spa is composed of eight treatment rooms to provide a private and peaceful experience.

pebble’s verdict

Pros: Built sustainably | energy conservation | roof garden adding to ecosystem | hotel onsite

Cons: No mention of charity work or eco-positive partnerships

From £85, see Coworth Park

A sauna in an eco spa

Coworths has eight treatment rooms for comfort and peace

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