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Ah Amsterdam. City of lights (some of them red), laissez faire attitudes and recently a growing concern with all things eco and ethical. Conscious Hotels now have four ecohotels around Amsterdam and Conscious Hotel Vondelpark is fab pitstop for big groups or weekend breakers who want to get in, dump bags and get on with exploring the city, without too much fuss. So yes this is an ecohotel but first and foremost, it's a comfy, cool hotel that's perfect for a short stay.

Georgina Wilson-Powell 18 December 2017

So what's Conscious Hotels Vondelpark really like?

The rooms

Conscious Hotel Vondelpark might be an affordable ecohotel but it’s neither too hippy nor too clinical. The rooms are functional, clean and modern with furniture made from recycled compressed plastic (we’re talking yoghurt pots and coffee cup holders) and a bathroom made partially of compressed paper.

All of which is fab to see being used but even better, the bed is really, really comfy.

The views

We’re not going to lie, Overtoom is not the prettiest street in Amsterdam. You can’t see a canal but there’s a pretty roof garden between the two parts of the hotel and the people watching is pretty interesting on the pavement outside. Plus you’re only a short walk from Vondelpark (walk the length of it to get to the Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh Museum) and the tram stop a few minutes away whizzes you straight into the centre.

The service

Smiley, welcoming, T-shirted people greet everyone that come through the door. This is a touch screen, cashless style check in that’s pretty relaxed and the staff furnish you with a how to guide for the hotel, a cool map and other essential info seemingly within one breath.

The menu

As one of Amsterdam’s leading ecohotels, Conscious Hotel Vondelpark puts its money where its mouth is when it comes to food. The breakfast buffet is all organic, has lots of local and vegan options (including granola and different non-dairy mylks) and the coffee’s strong enough to chase away whatever you did last night.

There’s a small menu at the bar for grilled sandwiches if you’re really starving upon check in but there’s lots of cafes, bars and restaurants within a five-ten minute walk from the hotel.

Conscious Hotel Vondelpark6
“There’s a green roof with bees and wildflowers on it, the organic breakfast has a whole slew of local ingredients and the whole hotel is only powered with renewable energy”

The bar

Conscious Hotels Vondelpark has a welcoming (and cashless) bar in the lobby that serves local beers and organic wines, plus snacks, spirits and so on. Pop yourself in front of the living wall, people watch on the pavement or just make use of the free Wi-fi to plan your Dam adventure.

The bar staff are a fountain of local knowledge and can also sell you tram tickets if you don’t want to brave the bikes.

The sustainable bit

The hotel’s philosophy is ‘Eco-friendly but not Eco-fundamentalist’. They say “we are not a "wrestle you to the ground and force feed you lentils if you use an aerosol to spray mousse on your hair" kind of place,’ which works for us. Happily they are still awesomely eco - there’s a green roof with bees and wildflowers on it, the organic breakfast has a whole slew of local ingredients and the whole hotel is only powered with renewable energy.

You can also pick up eco essentials at reception like solar powered phone chargers, reusable water bottles and bamboo toothbrushes for when you forget yours (just us?).

3 reasons to book Conscious Hotels Vondelpark

  • The price. Seriously. Amsterdam isn’t always cheap and Vondelpark is relatively close to the centre of town and near to Overtoom, which is an up and coming area (think vegan cafes and locally sourced coffee).
  • Rent one of the hotel’s new bikes. They’ve partnered with Roetz Bikes who take bikes that have been thrown in canals and tart them up and get them back on the road. They also train people who might not have been in work before to mend bikes - a pretty essential task in Amsterdam.
  • There’s a free wine hour. Yup, that’s right free wine. Pop down to the bar every day at 5pm for free vino and beers and meet your fellow eco-travellers. And the hotel will give you a free drink at seasonal, organic restaurant Moer next door.

Where is Conscious Hotels Vondelpark?

Conscious Hotels Vondelpark is on the Overtoom 519, 1054 LH Amsterdam, around 20 minutes by tram from the Central Station. Take the number 1 tram to get there.

Free Wifi? Yes

Dog friendly? No

Child friendly? Yes

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