Check In: The Eco-luxe, Living Wall Covered Manhattan Hotel

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Check In: The Eco-luxe, Living Wall Covered Manhattan Hotel


Designed as a ‘shop for nature’ 1Hotels has brought its brand of eco-love and natural decor to Manhattan.

Georgina Wilson-Powell

Sun 27 Nov 2016

Only a few minutes away from Central Park don't miss the living wall covered, former factory turned sustainable hotel, 1Hotels Central Park.

Decorated with tree stumps the creative director found, recycled art and an amazing Harry Potter-worthy door made from twigs, this mid-sized hotel hits all the right natural notes.

The attention to detail is enchanting from the obvious living walls to the more subtle touches such as clothes’ hangers made from recycled cards.

The rooms

Rooms here have the Manhattan warehouse vibe but tempered with all natural or recycled materials.

You’ll find eight types of wood in the shower, superb hemp mattresses and 100% organic cotton linen on the bed - oh and your room key is a wooden disc.

A view of a 1Hotel Central Park bedroom complete with organic linen covered double bed
A cushion covered window seats looks out over Manhattan from 1 Hotels New York

Image Hemp has never been so luxurious, we can confirm the beds here are fabulous

The views

You might be surrounded by nature inside, but outside it’s all Manhattan. The local skyscrapers are best viewed from the cute cushion filled window seat.

The service

Service comes with a New York smile. As in most upscale Manhattan hotels, nothing seems to be too much trouble.

The menu

The hotel hit a home-run when it opened Jams, a farm-to-fork restaurant by Californian food guru Jonathan Waxman.

Plenty of light and the exposed brickwork makes the place homely day or night. Try the seared lamb steak with eggplant caponata and basil pesto and book ahead.

Natural tables and floor to ceiling windows give Jonathan Waxman's Jams restaurant a natural feel

Protein filled power breakfast or quirky seasonal cocktails? Jams works both ends of the day

The bar

Jams has a sit-up bar where seasonal cocktails are served. If you can get a seat, guard it. It’s a great place to people watch.

Can Zero Waste Cocktails Save The World?

The sustainable bit

It’s not all window dressing, the hotel has serious eco-credentials under it’s artsy arbor loving decor.

For example, timber comes from decommissioned local water towers, staff uniforms are made of organic hemp, there’s in-room recycling and the hotel is transparent on what it does to save energy, food and water (take a look here).

The living wall covered exterior of 1 Hotel Central Park

Former factory turned eco-luxury hotel, 1Hotel Central Park wears its sustainable heart on its hemp sleeve

3 reasons to book

It’s New York but not as you know it. Discover a local cycle tours, community farms and public spaces through the keen green staff.

Central Park is on your doorstep. Have lunch at film favourite The Boathouse.

Super comfy beds and a ‘mission driven’ luxury hotel, what’s not to love?

Where is 1Hotels Central Park in New York?

Find it at 1414 6th Avenue (7th Avenue subway stop).

Free Wifi? Yes.
Dog friendly? Yes.
Child friendly? Yes.

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