Check in: The Omani Eco-luxe Resort Hidden By Mountains

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Check in: The Omani Eco-luxe Resort Hidden By Mountains


Georgina Wilson-Powell

Tue 25 Oct 2016

Oman is fast becoming a must-visit destination for eco-conscious travellers, thanks to its commitment to slow tourism, a focus on developing sensitive streams of activities and cherishing its distinctive heritage.

Sandwiched between the UAE and Yemen on the Arabian Peninsula, Oman actually also owns a far flung tip of land on the other side of Dubai, called Musandam, it’s here you’ll find Six Senses Zighy Bay.

A villa at Six Senses Zighy Bay - Luxury eco resort in Oman

The rooms

Free standing open plan villas have been designed as modern interpretations of Omani houses, with shaded pillow-filled corners in the courtyard and slate lined infinity pools. Freestanding baths are big enough for a couple of adults and the decor is rugged rustic luxury.

The views

Straight out to sea. You might catch a glimpse of A-listers arriving by boat for uber-private holidays or watch the paragliders circling high above - they literally run off the craggy mountain that hides this luxe resort.

Oman's luxury resort from the air
A villa at Six Senses Zighy Bay - Luxury eco resort in Oman

Image Six Senses Zighy Bay's houses are influenced by traditional Omani barasti huts

The service

Each villa comes with a private butler who arrives by bike or electric buggy with anything you fancy.

The menu

The emphasis is on ‘fresh and healthy’ across six dining locations, including a traditional Arabic restaurant.

Don’t miss Sense on the Edge, fine dining at the top of the resort’s mountain under the stars. Five or seven course menus mix Middle Eastern and European influences.

The bar

Happily the happy hour lasts three hours every night in cool and casual Zighy Bar, but the best spot is in your own floodlit pool at night with a bottle of ice cold rose from room service.

Hotel restaurant Sense on the Edge from the air

Dine under the stars on the resort's own mountain top

The spa

Six Senses are known for their organic, holistic spas. This one doesn’t disappoint. Omani inspired courtyards mean you can bathe or be treated outside privately, while the traditional dried palm fronds add a shaded, simple feel. With physical and spiritual therapies on the menu you could be here a while.

The sustainable bit

Sustainability at Six Senses is a key pillar of its success.

As well as helping build local schools and give back to the immediate area, the hotel has a number of marine protection and irrigation projects on the go as well as investing in organic kitchen gardens.

3 reasons to book

If you’re after an antidote to the skyscrapers and schmoozing of nearby Dubai, this is it.

The hotel is insanely private. You might not even see another guest for days.

Oman’s a vastly underrated country - visit this remote tip and discover turtles, wadis and a totally different way of life.

People doing yoga at Six Senses Zighy Bay
A goat at Six Senses Zighy Bay
The organic garden at Six Senses Zighy Bay

Image Slow it down - the resort works on 'Zighy time'

Where is Six Senses Zighy Bay?

Around a two and a half hour drive from Dubai, just over the border into Oman’s Musandam peninsula.

Free Wifi? Yes.
Dog friendly? No.
Child friendly? Yes.

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