Suitcase Swaps: 13 Ways To Pack For A Greener Holiday

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Suitcase Swaps: 13 Ways To Pack For A Greener Holiday


Is it just us, or is it time to go on holiday? But here's how to do it a more eco-friendly way.

Georgina Wilson-Powell

Thu 1 Jun 2017

Here at pebble, we are packing experts and we've come up with 13 easy swaps to replace your holiday essentials with ethical or eco versions.

We think they all work harder than their high street cousins.

You look good, they do good. Holiday chic has gone green. Bon voyage.

Sunnies, Mosevic

Double up that denim with these awesome recycled shades from Mosevic. Each pair is handmade in Cornwall from old jeans bought from local charity shops. Layers of pre-used denim are steeped in resin until it becomes a solid, composite material perfect for sunglasses. Pick up your pair at Ethical.Market.

Salty Folk Supply eco friendly ocean friendly gifts

Towel, Salty Folk Supply

"A towel is the most important item a Hitchhiker can carry." We've always taken the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy's advice seriously. This fab Baja towel from Salty Folk Supply is made from 100% recycled materials, it's perfect for yoga or the beach and it folds down to practically nothing.

Canvas tote, Ethical.Market

Not all holiday bags need to scream jaunty. We love this unisex and down to earth recycled canvas tote from Ethical.Market. It's ex-military material (meaning it won't break the moment you overload it with holiday books) and the subtle army green goes with everything.

Scarf, Where Does It Come From?

Everything at Where Does It Come From? can be ethically traced - good news for fans of this elephant scarf. It's hand spin and block-printed on khadi, a traditional soft cotton Indian fabric (Gandhi was a fan). The natural fibre will keep you cool in the sun and warm in the evenings.

woman on top of a cliff in a blue jumpsuit

Jumpsuit, Milo + Nicki

New fashion brand Milo + Nicki has hit the holiday jumpsuit jackpot. The fact that's it's hand-loomed, hand-dyed silk mixed with certified organic cotton is a bonus. We want to live in this. Permanently.

MOA cleansing ritual on a wooden table

All purpose balm, MOA

Organic skincare brand MOA's little green balm pot should go into every away bag. Cleanser, moisturiser and healing balm for any cuts, stings or rashes it uses tea tree and yarrow to solve pretty much any skincare disaster. It'll even soothe spontaneous tattoos. We swear by it here at pebble.

Parker Clay use artisans in Ethiopia to create amazing leather goods

Weekend bag, Parker Clay

You can't go away on your eco-travels without the right bag, right? Parker Clay creates high quality leather goods in Ethiopia to help artisan women find economic independence. But aside from all that, these weekend bags are the kind you'll treasure forever and the more battered it gets the more proud of it you'll be. Invest in a bag that's about style not trends.

Everlane's 100% Human T-shirts donate to ACLU

T-shirt, Everlane

Let's face it, airports could always do with another reminder that we're human beings not cattle when it comes to security checks. Sustainable-fashion pioneers, Everlane's unisex 100% Human T-shirt is made in LA and $5 from every purchase goes to the ACLU.

This Yuhme water bottle might just be the most eco in the world

Water bottle, Yuhme

Ditch anything plastic for this gorgeous reusable bottle made from sugarcane. Yuhme reckons it's the most eco-friendly water bottle in the world and each one also buys six months of clean water for people in need in the Central African Republic. Plus, it adds a touch of Scandi-cool to any bag.

What's Finisterre's recycled wash bag made from?

Wash bag, Finisterre

You don't need to be a camper, surfer or hiker to love Cornish brand Finisterre's handy wash bag. It's made from leftover material from their outwear jackets so it's waterproof and pretty indestructible. There's lots of pockets and even a handy hook.

Is Bare Republic the most eco suncream out there?

Suncream, Bare Republic

California suncream brand Bare Republic is what suncream haters have been waiting for. It's not sticky, it doesn't sting your eyes and there are no chemical actives or parabens. It's mineral based and applies smoothly and fuss free. The brand has special face creams and SPF lipbalms as well.

Juta Shoes make eco leather espadrilles in London

Espadrilles, Juta Shoes

Everyone needs holiday shoes and Juta makes gorgeous leather espadrilles from men and women from their workshop in London. Even better it trains up disadvantaged women to make them, pays them the London Living Wage and uses leather offcuts destined for landfill. 

Bikini, Liar The Label

Aussie brand Liar the Label are all about making ethical, sustainable fashion cool and changing the way people perceive it. Bikinis are made from recycled bottles and fishing nets which is then spun into fabric. There's a range of neutral tones and bright summery patterns.

Want more? Do you know how to carbon offset your flights? Here's our guide to 5 simple ways to carbon offset your emissions.

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