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Meet The Team

Meet team pebble

We’re small but mighty… meet the passionate team causing ripples with pebble.

Georgina Wilson-Powell, Founder

I spent 16 years launching and running magazines for Lonely Planet Traveller, BBC Good Food, Morrisons, Time Out and many more. After living in Dubai and flying all over the world for work, I couldn’t go on carrying around the carbon and plastic waste guilt with me all the time, I wanted to live differently.

But it was hard (back in 2016) to find out how to do this, without sacrificing everything I loved about my life. Which lead me to founding pebble.

Now, I’m on a mission to use my career and skills as a force for good, to tackle society’s overconsumption, of well, everything!

Over the last three years running pebble, I’ve been amazed at how much us normal folk need to know to really be informed about the plastic pollution issue, greenwashing in fashion and so on.

We can be less wasteful, live greener, be more innovative and support more local and ethical businesses - but often we just need the inspiration and a bit of info to get started.

Life’s complicated, time’s short and you want to make the most eco decision. That’s not always easy.

pebble’s here to help.

pebble has connected me to so much good and positivity in the world. There are millions of people trying to make the future better.

I haven’t bought fast fashion for three years, I’ve cut my flights down to one a year (from 20+ when I was a travel editor) and this year I’m working on getting more active in my community and making a real difference locally.

Since 2016, I’ve been interviewed on a LOT of podcasts and vlogs, have spoken at many festivals and conferences and hosted a lot of offline and online events.

My first book, Is It Really Green? Everyday Eco Dilemmas Answered is out now with DK Books.

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Alex Traska, Creative Director

I have been pebble's creative director since 2018, and run an award-winning creative agency in Nottingham since 2011 with clients including DHL, Experian and a variety of brands developing sustainable and eco-friendly products, communities and events.

I work with organisations looking to tackle commercial and human challenges, and bring about positive change by engaging "design thinking" processes on all projects; understanding the stories behind brands and the motivation of the people behind them, and how best to communicate that through their digital strategies, and creative marketing campaigns.

I've also worked in the field of internet streaming technology since 2005, experience in which has found renewed importance in 2020.

I've been leading projects with a number of international organisations on re-imagining how their physical events can be delivered online in exciting and cost-effective ways, that reach new audiences, improve accessibility and ensure the health and safety of attendees.

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Francesca Brooking, Features Editor

I’m a lifestyle journalist and Features Editor at pebble magazine and I cover topics ranging from ethical fashion to sustainable travel. The best part of my job is connecting with small businesses and projects that are making a real, positive difference. Being part of a community like pebble allows me to share their stories.

I’m an avid travel and nature enthusiast which led me to start a sustainable travel blog in 2018. I believe that if done responsibly, eco-friendly travel can have a profound positive impact both on the traveller and the destinations they visit. I’m passionate about making sustainability accessible, affordable and easy.

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Sarah Lazell, Community Manager

I have come from a social media and digital marketing background, working freelance for various companies. It has been very exciting for me to join the pebble team as I now get to combine my job with my passion and discuss sustainability with like-minded people.

Any enthusiasm you see from me in the community discussions is very much genuine. The pebble network is my new happy place!

When I am not chatting to everyone online I am usually in the kitchen tinkering, concocting, fermenting or dehydrating.

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Jess Pollard, Designer

I am a designer supporting pebble on creative digital outputs, from the website UI design to building the weekly newsletters.

Since working with pebble I have learnt a lot about sustainability and living a more ethical life, something I am trying to do gradually.

I love getting to work with businesses like pebble that really care and do good things in the world!

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