Which vodka reckons it has nothing to hide - including under clothes?

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Which vodka reckons it has nothing to hide - including under clothes?


Absolut’s new campaign, ‘Nothing to Hide’ which shouts about its locally focused, CO2 neutral vodka distillery in Ahus, Sweden leaves little to the imagination.

Georgina Wilson-Powell

Wed 7 Feb 2018

28 Swedish employees are the stars of the new initiative that highlight the wheat based vodka follows a zero miles and no waste policy. The wheat and water comes from this little town in Sweden, Absolut know the suppliers by name and their staff all live in the town and cycle to work. The leftover mash goes back to nearby farms to feed pigs.

Like these Swedish workers, Absolut reckons it has nothing to hide

However whether you can take all that in as you watch men thrust about in fields, undertake quality control in their Swedish vodka factory and even do handstands - all in the nude, is another thing. 

It’s definitely worth a few watches (it's already on loop in our office).

Whether you’re a vodka drinker or not, the fact that Absolut wants to build its reputation on the fact that it turns out 600,000 recyclable glass bottles a day, without creating any emissions (until its bottles leave…) shows just how much consumer demand has changed and how much our ethical expectations are pushing companies to think about their entire manufacturing process.

For those companies who have been sustainable all along, now’s the time to fly the green flag (clothing optional). 

Let’s welcome a future where we expect nothing less than all companies to run like the one in Absolut’s video.