Are The Best Vegan Sausages Now In Tescos?

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Are The Best Vegan Sausages Now In Tescos?


Whether you're newly vegan and craving the satisfying pop of a sausage or whether you're trying to reduce your meat intake to help the planet, or just curious, Beyond Meat's new sausage range is about to take the UK by storm.

Georgina Wilson-Powell

Fri 4 Oct 2019

Last week, Beyond Meat launched it's Beyond Sausages into Tescos across the UK. Having worked on the recipe for years, the company has come up with the first plant-based banger that looks, tastes and sizzles just like a meat one, thanks to traces of beet for colour and coconut oil for juiceness.

While pork sizzlers aren't just very good for you, or the planet, the Beyond Sausage has 38% less saturated fat and less sodium. 

Having been lucky enough to be one of the first to try it as a hot dog at vegan-burger chain, Neat Burger, I can confirm it's almost impossible to tell it's not meat. Satisfying, succulent and juicy it made a vegan hot dog a delight rather than a disappointment.

While that can be offputting for vegans, it's a missing link for flexitarians who are eating less meat but crave the texture of a sizzling sausage.

Trio of burger buns with vegan sausages and toppings on them

Would you try Beyond Sausage's vegan hot dog?

So what's in the vegan-friendly Beyond Sausage? It's made from peas, fava beans, brown rice, along with the coconut oil (yes really) and wrapped in a 100% plant-based casing that's derived from algae. There is no soy or gluten and no GMOs anywhere in sight.

“I am thrilled to be able to bring Beyond Sausage to the UK on the heels of our successful Beyond Burger launch. We have felt such enthusiasm from the UK consumer not only for the Beyond brand but importantly for the motivating factors, including environmental considerations, that are fuelling the current movement toward plant-based eating. We are
grateful and excited to serve the UK consumer and to be in dialogue with them as we continue to bring new products to market." said Ethan Brown, Founder and CEO of Beyond Meat. 

Where can I find Beyond Sausage?

The vegan sausages are now in over 450 stores of Tescos and are available at Neat Burger, off Regent Street in London.

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