Can you do a 'dehaul' video this Fashion Revolution Week?

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Can you do a 'dehaul' video this Fashion Revolution Week?


Forget the 'haul', this Fashion Revolution Week, it's all about the 'dehaul'. This is how you can get involved in #LoveNotLandfill's latest campaign to recycle our clothes.

Georgina Wilson-Powell

Mon 22 Apr 2019

Kicking off Fashion Revolution Week is the new #LoveNotLandfill campaign, all about the 'dehaul'. 

Working to combat the worrying rise in YouTube videos that focus on big fast fashion hauls and encourage mindless, ever more consumerism, the recycling campaign is calling for people to film themselves 'dehauling'.

To give you a sense of the size of the fast fashion timebomb sitting in our wardrobes, there are £30 billion worth of unworn clothes, lurking in the back of the UK's cupboards - all of which took time, energy, resources and often unethical labour to produce.

300,000 tonnes of unwanted clothes go into landfill or get incinerated every year.

How to make a dehaul video for #LoveNotLandfill this Fashion Revolution Week

How many clothes with tags on lurk in your wardrobe?

“We need to change how we think about fashion. A dehaul is like a detox for your wardrobe; pull out everything you haven’t worn for 12 months and think about why you bought it and whether you will ever wear it again. 

If the answer is no, give it to someone else or recycle it. And next time, before hitting the high street, check out vintage and charity shops; shopping is fun, but it shouldn’t cost the earth.” Hannah Carter, #LoveNotLandfill.

What's a dehaul video?

It's simple. Film yourself thinning out your wardrobe and taking those clothes to a recycling bin.

This year's #LoveNotLandfill dehaul campaign is being supported by eco fashionistas, Adeola Patronne, Venetia Falconer and Paloma in Disguise. 

For Fashion Revolution Week (22-28 May 2019), join other dehaulers at at #LoveNotLandfill’s limited edition textile clothes bank designed by street artist Bambi, in Spitalfields Market on Friday 26 April (11.30am-1.30pm), along with Adeola and Venetia - you'll get to have a good old clothes swap before unwanted items go into the recycling bin.

Scroll down to find where your nearest clothing bank is in the UK.

Love Not Landfill clothing bank designed by Bambi

Street artist Bambi has decorated a series of clothing banks across London for #LoveNotLandfill

Want to get involved? 

How to make a dehaul video

  • Film yourself clearing out and bagging up old fashion items you don’t wear so you can take them to a clothes bank
  • Tell your followers and friends why you’re getting rid of those clothes
  • Tag #LoveNotLandfill and #dehaul in your posts
  • Remember old knickers, bras, stained or torn clothes and broken shoes, bags etc can all go in a bank – don’t bin it!

Tag us in using #EverydayActivism as well and we'll share!

Watch Venetia Falconer's #LoveNotLandfill #DeHaul film

Image Venetia Falconer

How to recycle your clothing in the UK

Here is a map of all Love Not Landfill’s Clothes Banks in London for those who can’t make it to Spitalfields during the week. All clothes are collected by LM Barry textile recyclers who recycle everything.

TRAID has 1,500 clothing banks across the UK which you can search for your nearest one here.

YMCA has this searchable clothing bank map for England and Wales.

The Salvation Army also has a network of clothing banks. Find your nearest recycling clothing bank here.