Clean Living Partners With Born Free Foundation

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Clean Living Partners With Born Free Foundation


Eco-friendly cleaning brand, Clean Living, has partnered with the Born Free Foundation to inspire consumers to make greener everyday choices.

Francesca Brooking

Wed 18 Aug 2021

Eco-friendly cleaning brand Clean Living has announced its brand new partnership with the wildlife charity Born Free Foundation to raise awareness of the impact our everyday choices have on animals and the environment.

Focusing on the importance of conscious consumerism, their partnership is all about helping shoppers understand that their choices matter and encouraging us to buy more earth-friendly essentials.

What we buy can help animals and the environment across the globe; from the UK to Africa.

Now is the time to put our consumer power to use.

Clean living reusable cleaning botles

Clean Living and Born Free want to raise awareness of our spending habits

From cleaning to wildlife conservation

Clean Living will donate 1% of revenue to Born Free to contribute to the vital work they carry out in protecting a wide variety of animals and their habitats.

They will also be making a guest appearance on the Born Free blog where they will be offering top tips, advice, information and the latest news about living a more sustainable lifestyle.

You’ll be able to find Clean Livings’s eco-friendly cleaning products on Born Free’s Products with Purpose directory.

This brand new digital hub has been curated by the charity to help conscious consumers who want to make more sustainable lifestyle choices.

Founder and CEO of Clean Living International, Helen Bee, commented: “We’re delighted to announce our collaboration with Born Free Foundation; a well-respected organisation which has carried out vital work to protect wildlife around the world for many years.”

“Their ethos and mission has similarities to ours. We hope the partnership will raise awareness of the devastating effect humans can have on biodiversity, whether that’s in the UK or Africa, and how some small and simple switches to our everyday lives can make a big difference.”

Clean living reusable cleaning botles

Clean Living is a refillable eco-friendly cleaning brand

How Clean Living helps with conscious consumerism

Clean Living makes everyday household cleaning products effective and eco-friendly.

Its range of non-toxic and biodegradable products offers a safe and environmentally conscious alternative to other standard cleaning brands.

Each product has a vegan and natural formula that’s packed with live, healthy microbes which are safe for aquatic life, pH neutral and highly effective.

They’re also pet and child friendly so you can use them with confidence around the home.

Clean Living uses aluminium spray dispensers instead of plastic bottles.

They’re refillable with a concentrated refill sachet.

Not only does this reduce household waste but it substantially lowers your carbon footprint too.

refillable cleaning bottles by a sink

Clean Living's products are a safe and effective alternative to standard versions

All of Clean Living’s products champion the brand’s mission to ‘clean with a conscience©’ which is why its collaboration with Born Free is such a natural fit.

Hitesh Patel, Head of Sustainable Partnerships for Born Free, said: “Conscious consumerism is an important element to our organisation, so it’s fantastic to partner with such a like-minded company.

It’s not just about the impact our choices have on wildlife here in the UK, but the knock-on effect every purchase or decision we make has on biodiversity around the world.”

For more information about the partnership, visit Clean Living or the Born Free Foundation.