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Can't sew on a button? Help is at hand

Do you want to upcycle or mend your clothes but don't know where to start? A new sewing service could become your secret weapon in the fight against fast fashion

Alice Pritchard 14 August 2018

There aren't many industries left to be 'disrupted' but surely the mending and alternations market is one of them. 

What has been a skill and service for thousands of years isn't as easy to access as it once was. Do you know where your nearest tailor is? Do you takes your clothes to be mended or altered, or do you just chuck them?

Changing the sewing game and making it easier for us to mend, upcycle and fix our clothes to help them last longer, is the Clothes Doctor.

Clothes Doctor is the first online, on-demand seamstress service in the UK that can turn ready to wear into custom made and rescue your favourite pieces from landfill.

The brand uses Facetime to help with fittings and will be launching an at home service for Londoners soon. Once the alteration has been discussed your clothes are picked up and dropped back door to door for London clients and by local delivery nationwide. 

Clothes Doctor don't use any plastic packaging and the brand's aim is to get our wardrobes lasting longer and working harder by rescuing the pieces we no longer wear because they need mending or altering.

If you're lacking in the sewing skills department (like us, shamefully), Clothes Doctor starts with as little as £5 to sew on a button or £7 to pick up a dropped hem right through to mending coat linings and altering shirts and trousers.

What's in your wardrobe that could use a little tailoring TLC?

Alice Pritchard 14 August 2018

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