This new app makes finding ethical brands even easier

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This new app makes finding ethical brands even easier


New shopping app, CoGo, makes ethical shopping even easier and it's just signed up its first major supermarket.

Georgina Wilson-Powell

Wed 13 Mar 2019

CoGo - standing for 'connecting good' - wants to make even easier for you to shop from ethical brands. Download the app to any phone and tell it which issues you care most about - from supporting vegan businesses to plastic free packaging and it will connect you to the stores that align with your values. It helps independent, sustainabel businesses find new customers and makes it easy for you to spend your hard earned money with people who care about the planet.

Having launched in 2015 in New Zealand, the app launched in the UK earlier this year and has many of pebble's favourite brands and physical stores listed from Elvis & Kresse to Beyond Retro.

“Our app is the first of its kind to help people find businesses nearby that are taking action on issues they care about. Whether you’re looking for a quick vegan bite, a cup of fairtrade coffee or a new hairdresser, you can search for an ethical alternative on CoGo – and feel good about the decision you’ve made," says CEO Ben Gleisner.

As of March, CoGo has signed up the Co-op. 286 London Co-op stores will feature on the CoGo app connecting with consumers on the issues they care about and to position the community retailer as a champion of ethical trade.

phone in hand using cogo in the supermarket

Image CoGo

Ali Jones, Customer Director at Co-op said: “At Co-op we’ve been taking action on what matters most for decades. We listen to our members and customers to shape our policies and energise our work. The products we sell impact millions of people, communities around the world, as well as the planet and that’s why we work hard to make our products different, we always have done. To make them good for our customers, and the planet we share. Joining up with CoGo is a natural fit for Co-op and we are passionate about taking action on the issues our customers and members care about.”

So what makes Co-op an ethical partner for CoGo?

Last year Co-op launched its ‘Future of Food’, a hard-hitting ethical and sustainable strategy to 2030. Co-op is actively taking action on plastics, with all packaging being recyclable by 2023, the retailer backs British farmers with 100% of its fresh meat being sourced from British farms, it is the UK’s largest convenience seller of Fairtrade products and is committed to continuing its work to reduce the environmental impact of the products it sells.

Download Co-Go here.

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