New App Shows You Which Companies Pay The Living Wage

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New App Shows You Which Companies Pay The Living Wage


Want to know your hard earnt money really is doing good? New app Cogo tells you when you spend with Living Wage businesses and connects you to businesses that share your values.

Georgina Wilson-Powell

Mon 18 Nov 2019

While it's easy to want to make sure your money is working hard for the planet, when you're out and about everyday, it's hard to know which brand to choose, which cafe to frequent or where to spend your lunch money.

Cogo enables you to shop your values effortlessly, allowing you to switch brands who support the same ethical standards you do. There are over 25,000 companies already registered on Cogo.

As a first step, the app talks seamlessly to your bank and alerts you when you spend money with companies that have signed up to the Living Wage. 

Cogo will tell you what percentage of your money you spend each month with Living Wage businesses and will roll out this data insight across other ethical badges. Want to increase that spend? It will suggest other Living Wage accredited companies in the UK. 

two women having coffee in a cafe discussing cogo app

Get notifications of when your coffee or pint is bought from a Living Wage company

CEO, Ben Gleisner says: "Launching with the  Living Wage Foundation was a given for us. In striving for a more ethical and sustainable planet it is crucial to start on the ethics of the workers at the heart of businesses. We know it can be challenging for people to feel that they can have a real impact and that’s why CoGo is built to help users on their journey as conscious consumers from their morning coffee to lights out."

Making the most of new Financial Conduct Authority approved 'Open Banking' technology, Cogo's Living Wage notfications will eventually be joined by 11 other ethical values. You identify the ones most important to you, whether that's vegan brands, social enterprises or companies that are carbon neutral or positive.

You can also find businesses that are doing good through the app, searching for independent and sustainable businesses near you, in line with your ethical values.

Be one of the first to go give Cogo a go, by downloading the app here. It works on both iOS and Android.

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